Ten Tips for Getting a Plumbing Business on GMB in the 3-Pack Locally

Any tips for getting a Plumbing business's Google My Business (GMB) in the 3 pack locally? They just opened a new location and I am looking for some suggestions.
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Mew 👑
Hey Brian,
Welcome to the group first and foremost. Glad to have you here!
We've worked with multiple plumbers and do well in the map pack. This is about after a month of really trying.
At any rate, it's business as usual for plumbers and every other service Google My Business (GMB).
1. Make sure the GMB address is a real, client facing office that can be visited.
2. Use the business name, no keywords.
3. Optimize from the top down and fill out all of their services with keywords based around plumbing service entities.
4. Write a lengthy post following Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles for the first keywords you plan to tackle.
5. Always be getting reviews. Please ask reviewers to mention the service type they received and the location if there are multiple service areas.
7. Upload before and after images and use EXIF data to tag them with Geo-cordinates for where the job was completed.
8. Add schema to the website and iframe in the GMB if possible or at least link to it somewhere on the website. the iframe will cause a crawl loop. Crawler to iframe, iframe to Google My Business (GMB), gmb back to website. You can also use other Google stacks this way if you would like. Note, make sure to use geoRadius schema.
9. Get the usual citations. Yext has a free list. Do them manually and aggregate the date FROM Google not TO.
10. If you want to call track the clients GMB start the second that thing is live so the number doesn't have to be changed later.
ten tips for getting a plumbing business on gmb in the 3-pack locally

Jonathan » Mew
Great answer, very comprehensive 👍
Naqvi » Mew
Can we use business name and location like business name – location in multi location business
Mew 👑 » Naqvi – If it's in different cities, why would you need to? The address shows the location
Naqvi » Mew
Yeah but some business are using this and they are ranking good in GMB pack.
Mew 👑 » Naqvi – It's also against Google's terms of service. A GMB name is only suppose to contain your business name. If you want to risk it, it may work for a while but it could also get flagged somewhere down the road.
Alix » Mew
Awesome answer and super insightful for a new starter.
In the UK, certain companies can add service and city in their titles, only very few though but I have seen more and more people doing it.
Also, I have a gmb related question that has me puzzled and wondering if a competitor is tagging our brand name as a keyword in their optimisations, I'll drop it in the group.
What I'm most impressed with here is the fact no one has said "Diret Message (DM") yet 😂 the people are listening
I have a home office and I have trusted clients come here but I don't want walk in traffic, for obvious reasons. A lot of my sales can come from my phone. I also sell sometimes from my vehicle which does not stay in one location. I am just beginning to read about Google My Business (GMB), and there is also a provision for service businesses like plumbing businesses that operate out of a home office to "not" to list the address, but instead to list the "service" areas.
Mew have you ever tried doing GMB like this for a small or new or home based business? How successful was it?
Also, I am copying your steps, and #6 is missing. Is that a typo in numbers or is there a #6 we need. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS POST… ABSOLUTELY AWESOME INFO! MUCH APPRECIATED!
Mew 👑 » Sherry – 6 is only available in the paid group 😉 just joking – I was tired when I wrote this lol.
Service area businesses can do really well if they optimize their GMB correctly. Location businesses by default usually so better because the address is available for Google to pull a geo placement on but this doesn't mean it's impossible to get good results with a service area based traveling businesses.
The Post Office gave me a "physical" address to use for boxes, etc, because some shipping places require a physical address to ship. Do you recommend using that address or is that the HUGE snafoo I did? I did a GMB before studying… oopsie. I'm learning a lot here, thanks. I learn fast… lol
SO My GMB was just taken down.
Mew 👑 » Sherry
As specified in Googles terms, it must be an address where someone is physically available to greet clients on the companies behalf. No PO Boxes, virtual offices etc etc unfortunately
Krystal Crowe 🎓 » Mew
Where do these screenshots you share get generated?
Mew 👑 » Krystal Crowe – This one is LocalViking, but we also use Local Falcon
Krystal Crowe 🎓 » Mew
Brian ✍️ » Mew
Thank you. 8 and 9 are the ones that I'm not as familiar with. I have done the Yext data syncing but I am currently manually adding the business to local and industry relevant directories. Any advice on that aspect or things I should be aware of?
For 8 – I am not sure what iframe and schema are. Do you have an online post somewhere that I can learn how to apply this?
BTW: I also use LocalVk.


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