The Best Way to do marketing for a Computer or Laptop Repair Business is to Offer a drop-off Pick up Service

Whats the best way to go about marketing a computer/laptop repair business?
My client just moved 12km away from the city because of the high rent and is now struggling to find clients. He used another SEO guy who didn't know what he was doing, they spend 1000$ on crappy ads on Facebook & Google ads and got zero results. Also my client just spend 14k on paid mail fliers and got zero results as well.
Hes about to close his business because hes not sure he'll be able to pay his rent this month after all these useless marketing expenses. Also the website that the last guy made him was with GoDaddy builder and there was very little text on each page.
What a disaster … I thought people wouldn't mind driving 10km from the city to repair their laptops, the business is very specialized and there isn't that much competition, this new location isn't even that far but his business has slowed down drastically.


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Ugh… this sounds like a mess. I feel for your client.
I would start with repairing his GMB.
Then if it was me I would probably build a website for this guy on WordPress with anything better than what GoDaddy builder go back to the way back machine and find his old site or sites. Recycle the content, fix to match links, get them indexed again then run searches for his business to find old links make 301 redirects or create pages with that link since Google still has them and do it for free until he becomes profitable. Tell him to pay what he can but you'll charge when he gets things back on the 📈
I've done this for several clients that have been burned, restored faith in marketing and websites and they paid me alot more with referrals, $$ and loyalty for a monthly plan around 350 a month. After a year it pays for itself.

Ivy » Carda
I love this! Properly optimizing Google My Business (GMB) is a great start. The rest as a good faith effort proves that not all agencies/freelancers are crap.

Honestly, sounds like it's time to start over and try a different business model/product/service. Have never used a PC repairman, if this were the 90s am sure his business would be thriving but idk anyone who's ever needed repairs for their computers at least in the last ten years.

Avilov ✍️ » Jesse
I broke my laptop twice in the past few years.. just afew weeks ago I dropped it by accident and needed his repair service. Also modifications are common for me, like when I wanted to add a 2nd memory drive to my laptop. So I see him about 3x – 4x/year.
I don't know how other people use their laptops.
Yamil 🎓🎩 » Jesse
I have 6 computers in my house and had to repair almost all of them at some point during the last 12 months. Either because one of my daughters messed them up or because I needed to upgrade them. I would drive anywhere for my repairman.😂
Jesse » Yamil
Ah that's a very good point about the kiddos, already mine is posing a threat to laptops lifespan lol. Idk why I didn't picture physical damage, I was thinking of a guy who just removes viruses. Finding cliental for this niche seems exceptionally hard though!
Yamil 🎓🎩 » Jesse
He already has clients, he needs to make sure they know where he is at now. Most small business do not collect email addresses for their clients so this will most likely be a manual process. But I don't think it's hard to find clients for his niche at all, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) won't be fast enough to keep him from closing his shop so he needs to think outside the box.

That's a thing also. You could have the best website in the world, but if clients don't need your services, little favor would do to your business.
Drive 10 km is a lot to repair a laptop and in the US, best buy and others sell subscription services that do the same thing I think. I bought my laptop in best buy very cheap because they assume costumers will agree the monthly subscription and sell with a loss to earn money via subscriptions.

Avilov ✍️ » Garcia
Monthly subscriptions to what?
I may be biased because I work with my laptop everyday so I'm always using it which is why I need his services 3x – 4x / year for troubleshooting/repairs or upgrades. I don't know what kinda services other people use.

Also, hard drives never fail recently, but in the 90, that was an issue. All other components are more reliable also, so less repairs than ever are needed. Maybe Mac repairs are a possibility, there are much more expensive to repair and with 1 service you earn much more.

Avilov ✍️ » Garcia
Umm I broke my laptop twice in the past few years.. just a few weeks ago I dropped it by accident and needed his repair service. Also modifications are common for me. But I'm always using it.. I don't know what other people do with their computers or how they use it.
Carda » Garcia
I understand why you would say that however based on personal experience I can say ANY HDD and SSD can fail. Cheap companies making cheap stuff. Repair companies for laptops is big business. You may shop and do things differently however for those people over 35 they like getting it repaired or upgrading components. They also are not afraid to spend more and build a relationship with their laptop/PC repair company or man.
Best buy also sub contracts some of their repairs to companies and Mobile repair men or women.
I think you need to do a little more research before stating that kind of opinion.
Screens, sticky keys, upgrade ram, software and device conflicts, also just file clean up.
Most older people will pay for all those services and repairs. Warranties expire, geek squad sucks, your local repair guy will always have a place.

Micha 🎓🎩
Computer repair relies on foot traffic. Moving out of town was not a smart business move. No matter how good your SEO is, you will always get dominated by that company who is next to. Big box store.
Avilov ✍️
At first glance, I assumed that this business is similar to a car repair shop. Those garage mechanics make a fortune from their customers, you always need a car repairman, similarly, everyone has a laptop/PC, therefore, you would always need someone to repair it.
Never thought that a PC repair business wouldn't be needed, especially now that there are more PCs then ever.
He told me he can do mobile repairs as well but just never had the time to get into it since he's been focusing on PCs. Maybe getting into mobile repair would be a good move…


Could he also set up a very low effort post pickup / drop off service to extend is reach and minimize the obstacle to access the service? If a new site and the content do a great job at building trust, I would think most people would consider using him if he is good at what he does.
A strong social presence would go along way of he can demonstrate his process, value and ease of use for service.
Just have to think about why people would hesitate to use a repair service and also entrust their information and content with someone.
Good luck! Sounds like you are either going to through him a lifeboat or he will decide it's all too much.

Avilov ✍️ » Josh
The issue with laptops is that you need to diagnose a problem first before giving an estimate… so with a free estimation, I doubt hes willing to drive 15km there and back and not make any money at all if the client refuses to pay for the fix.
Josh » Avilov
Yes that is true. Are we not talking about computer / laptop repairs? not just laptops? – I get the diagnosis of problems can be a needle in a haystack – clients never understand the full extent of their issues unless its a simple solution such as backup, transfer data, add new hardware or other straight forward solutions. At the end of the day, the challenge remains – how do you encourage clients to want to use your businesses service if it's still relevant? Know thy audience, market to that audience and ensure your service offering meets the current needs of your market.
Avilov ✍️ » Josh
I guess the computer repair business isn't as prevalent as I thought. If people aren't working on it everyday like myself then they don't often need to repair/upgrade it. Similarly to a low mileage driver.
I'm thinking maybe contacting/targeting businesses instead of consumers may be the way to go.

Is this a new business?
He needs to contact all his old clients/contacts and tell them he's moved and explain he can still help them.
Most of his customers are going to be older, less tech savvy people. Work out how to market to them.
Offer a covid/contact-less free collect and drop off repair service.
Join local business club/bureau (whatever they call it where you are). Join WhatsApp and Facebook business referral and social exchange biz groups for city.
Push out relevant content on Facebook.
Build decent website. Good luck!
Yamil 🎓🎩
I have a relationship with my computer repair guy 😂 6 computers with 3 kids at home . He needs to make sure to communicate with his old clients and let them know where he is at. Also make sure to add some kind of signage at the old location so that when someone pops up there get the new info. In my country they say "lo barato sale caro"… .which means "saving money is going to cost you".
Avilov ✍️
I recently posted some free classified local ads for computer repair.. really no views or traffic to the ad, its still on the 1st page after some days, meaning there isn't much competition but also very little clicks. Very surprising.
people do mind driving, what I recommend is doing classified ads / Facebook marketplace ads and offer home service. go to client home, pick up there laptop, go home / shop, fix it and deliver at their home. I promise they are more than happy to pay you than your competitor.

Avilov ✍️ » Thakkar
So my client needs to leave his store.. go pickup the laptop and then drop it back.. this would probably take 1 hour of driving there and back.. and this is just to give a free estimate? This is not feasible nor would I recommend this myself. Are people really that lazy now-a-days? My client is not some 18 year old kid working in his basement, he's paying for rent and has expenses, here's his office.
the best way to do marketing for a computer or laptop repair business is to offer a drop off pick up service

Garcia » Avilov
You could Pay a driver, but Will be somewhat costly.
I think that this is the way to go. Clients Will love that kind of service.

Change the model. Pick up the laptop to repair it. If he has nothing going on, or send an uber. Shouldn't be hard to rank. Or go nationwide with a YouTube channel…send a box and ship it to him.
With a store that large, he should also be buying and selling PCs. He could advertise the computers on Craigslist, fb marketplace and Google my business, as well as his services. Those local listing ads will bring in traffic, and will naturally bring in potential related clientele. Computer repairs AND SALES.

Avilov ✍️ » Sherry
Hes already advertising his services on those platforms

Offer a drop off pick up service. My PC guy does that and he also has a FB group where he sells PC's, gaming PC's etc that he builds when he is in a slow patch. He gets lots of parts etc.


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