The Following Article Was Written by OpenAI Artificial Intelligence (AI)

I have been playing around with OpenAI lately. I have been training it to write short articles.
What do you think 👇👇👇 The following article written by AI.🔥🔥
So, how do you find the right social media manager for your business?
Here are the four most important things you should look for in a social media manager.
1. Experience
2. Results
3. References
4. References
Now, I know this is really important and I know that I'm going to say the same things over and over again, but I can't stress this enough. You need to read their references!
You can ask for references from clients, you can ask for their LinkedIn or Facebook page and you can ask to see their work.
Sometimes social media managers won't have a website, or if they do, it might just be a blog or a portfolio.
But you need to ask for references from them and the best way to find out if they're going to be a good fit for your business is to look at their work.
Look for an example of a social media strategy that they have created for a client. Don't be afraid to read through the details of their references.
If you're trying to find a social media manager on LinkedIn, then click on their profile and scroll down to the section called "Recommendations."
It's a good idea to look at their LinkedIn recommendations as well as look at their blog and see if they have a portfolio showing their work.
Now, you don't have to do all of this research. A social media manager will most likely have already done this research for you.
You'll most likely be able to find their portfolio, detailed references and ideas on how to grow your business on their social media profiles.
You should also find out what their process is! How do they go about their social media marketing strategy?
You need to know how they work and you need to be able to trust them!
How can I save money with a social media manager?
You can save money in a lot of ways, and I'll tell you how you can save money with your social media manager.
First of all, you're hiring a professional to do the job for you. That's one way that you can save yourself money.
It's important that you trust your social media manager to do their job. If you're not confident in their skills or that they are going to do a good job, then you're not going to save any money.
A social media manager is going to know how to advertise, how to market and how to budget, they are going to be a social media expert so it's important that you trust them so you can save some money.
Saving time
You can save time for your business by hiring a social media manager. A social media manager is going to be able to create engaging content, post it at the right time, schedule your content and respond to your audience.
A social media manager is going to be able to do everything for your business, allowing you to focus on running your business and do everything else that needs to be done.
How much will a social media manager cost me?
The short answer is, it depends.
It depends on how much time they're going to save you, how much engagement and activity they're going to get for you, how often you want them to work, how many different social media platforms you want them to manage and your budget.
The average price is between $1,000 – $5,000 per month, but that is only a rough average.
Most social media managers will tell you that you get what you pay for. If you want quality content, time saving, engaging strategies and a well-oiled social media machine, then you will have to invest in it.
It might not sound like much, but if you're a small business, it might be a lot for you and your business. It will depend on your business and your budget, but the best advice I can give you is to think long-term.
If you're not willing to invest in your business, then you might as well not invest in your business at all.
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For the training I gave it 3 articles I had already written, I think the output is pretty clean.
What software do you use?

Jason » George
This was made using the OpenAI API and some custom training.

Could you share the link to OpenAI project used?

Jason » Rohra
Gday mate, its just me using the OpenAI API and having a play. No major project.
Rohra » Jason
Ok..thanks! Where can I find the API? The OpenAI website wasnt very helpful.
Unfortunately its in beta and you need to apply for access sorry.
It took me a few months to get access.
Hada » Jason
I did apply for the access couple of months back still haven't heard from them. Good to know you got the access.
Jason » Hada
Worth the wait 😀
Hada » Jason
Yeah. I hope I'll get it soon. 😁
Jason » Hada
Hopefully mate!

Which algorithm did you choose on gpt3?

Jason » Stephane
I used the davinci engine, no presets. Temp was .6 Freq penalty was 0.2 Presence Penalty was 0.2
Trained it with 3 sources of text.
Stephane » Jason
Ok. I also received my access last weekend but I haven't tried it yet.
Jason » Stephane
Awesome man, it's a heap of fun!

that is future SEO, in few years it will replace people…sadly

Jason » Johny
Yeah I was pretty impressed to be honest.
A lot better than spinners
so it is a spinner but more advanced?
Jason » Johny
Nah it's unique content generated by an AI.
Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT)-3
how does it work? Can it write something about yoga and how will that rank?

(I built a gpt 2 based article spinner for Autoblogging.)
Generating scratch content out of the blue requires proofreading at the moment. Also, the niche needs to be broad.
If you are training data, maybe build something like scraping content from top 10 search results > train data > average word count output.
I applied for gpt 3 api but haven't heard from them yet.

Jason » Sharda
That's pretty much what I'm working on.
Scrape results, get ranking data and write content
Sharda » Jason

Wow. Not sure how Google would rank it. I guess they wont be able to tell if its generated by AI.


This may satisfy you: Generative Pretrained Transformer GPT-3 | Content from GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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