The method of posting in GMB that affects ranking | Keyword Research, Content-Type

Can someone share the method of posting in Google My Business (GMB) that really effects in ranking. Like do we research for keywords, what type of content should we place, what should be the best post type etc.


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Thr is none, the only thing that has worked for me is sharing GMB post via other channels and getting traffic to GMB which moves the needle.

Ketty » Gupta
How do you post via other channels? And what channels are they? I'd like to try that.
Gupta » Ketty
You could email, text message offers and updates posted on GMB posts to existing clients.
Another thing that we did was use GMB posts as a Landing Page.
The idea was to get traffic to posts any way possible.

Here my top tips:
– Audit what the top 3 spots are doing ( not only at Google My Business (GMB) level but onsite as well) . Google is pulling out relevance between the content posts on your GMB and your website. In my opinion, the ranking weight will move towards domain authority rather than mere keyword and CTR manipulation!
– Boost CTR, not only using CTR boosters. You can embed your GMB post to most highly trafficked pages of your site to boost engagement signals through your GMB funnel.
-Create QR code images of your Google posts/offers, invite people to discover the "hidden offer" to enhance engagement metrics and behavioral signals.
– Grab the right cluster of GMB categories. We've seen that Google is rewarding a certain order of categories ( primary and additional). In some niche just having the main category seems driving better results.
-Products/Services: be sure that your GMB products and services section are "mirroring" your website. If your business has a lot of products to be imported you can use special online services like Pointy to automate the process.
-Publishing frequency: Audit the GMB publishing frequency of the top #3 and double down your post strategy.
-Advance interlinking: Interlinking every single urls of your GMB listings, be creative and create an interlinking structure that involves every single urls available. Use advance crawling to spot hidden urls inside your GMB.

Good Advice, I would add to encourage reviews with your customers or in this case your customer's customer. A lot of weight is applied to good reviews. Length of business (opening date) has some influence too. Post as many images as you have and then get more and post them too. Do not use stock images as Google will read "EXIF" data. Don't try to trick or fool Google. If the listing is new then post more often. Sometimes I post twice a day with an account that is new or behind a competitor. I have had less success with video in posts but added to the photo section may help a lot. Video is the future of the web… not yet of course but it is coming.
Matteo » Jeff
Great suggestions, thank you for the contributions


1) Basic details: Add business Name, address and phone number (NAP) with accurate details.
2) Description: Write an impressive and unique description of your business in such a way that it creates a compelling impact on the customer to look forward to your business offerings of products and/or services.
3) Categories: Make sure to select categories that are as specific as possible.
4) Attributes: Though optional, it's better to add all attributes relevant to your business as they showcase what additional features are on offer.
5) Website: Add website address if you have one or create one for free using Google My Business (GMB) account. Preferably, do associate a website with your GMB profile as this helps in ranking. How? Create blog posts on the website for relevant topics related to your products and/or services, and link them back to your GMB profile.
6) Business hours: Make sure to specify correct regular business hours for a typical week of operation.
7) Verification: Verification is very, very, important; without verification your GMB profile is not eligible for ranking.
😎 Photos: Very important, do add relevant photos. You can add three types of photos: a logo, cover photo and additional photos.
9) Videos: Like photos, videos help in better showcasing the products and services of the business, and it's activities. Add and update the profile with high quality videos which help customers to engage and look forward to your business.
10) Reviews and ratings: Reviews and ratings are another very important factor that help in ranking as they provide useful information about your business to other customers. The total number of reviews and ratings are considered while showing a business profile in search results. Hence, as they help to stand out from other businesses on Google, ask customers to provide feedback reviews and ratings, and make sure to respond to them.
11) Questions and Answers: As with other elements that help in engaging customers with the business profile, questions and answers too help in interacting with customers by clearing any doubts they may have. This is another excellent section to help prospective customers to attract to your business.
12) Profile information update: Google likes and recommends correct and up to date information of the GMB profiles in search results. So, keep updating it as relevant and ASAP.
13) Publish posts: Posts help to connect the business with existing and prospective clients with the happenings surrounding it. The more information you provide, the better is the customer equipped with the products and/or services information that result in better ranking. Posts can be of three types: text, photos and videos.
14) Citations: Citations help strengthen the business profile's trustworthiness factor by mentioning about the business information on other established websites.
15) Chat: Chat is another factor that influence the ranking, though in an indirect way. So, be courteous in chat and respond within short time. How will this help in ranking? Well, a happy customer spreads the word be it in the real world or on the Internet. The more positive news spreads about your business, the more prominence your profile gains and better is it's ranking.
16) Blogs: Support your GMB profile to rank better by regularly posting blogs with unique and informative content. Link the business profile from the blog posts and share blogs through posts from the Google My Business (GMB) profile. This two way link and post strategy helps a great deal in ranking.
17) Backlinks: Backlinks play a vital role in ranking your GMB profile. But, do not employ black hat techniques to support your profile as this will result in negative ranking. Rather, seek for genuine and strong backlinks to support your GMB profile. Concentrate on quality of backlink sources instead of quantity. Few strong backlinks from genuine sources are better compared to hundreds of backlinks from shoddy sources.
18) Advertisements: Advertisements (ads) help boost the business profile's visibility with quick presence in top results. You may leverage such quick result to gain customers attention and impress with your profile.
Remember: The more current, informative and engaging information you have on your business profile, the better impactful impression it has on the customers. And, when the customer is impressed, [s/he] would reflect it on reviews and ratings, and help in spreading the word – both in real world as well as in digital world. The more popular your profile is, the better is it's ranking!
1) Address: Do not provide incorrect address information. Any deviation from exact business address location will lead to suspension. So, be very careful. Do not enter P.O. boxes or mailboxes located at remote locations as they are not acceptable by Google. Service-area businesses should not display address.
2) Keyword stuffing: Avoid keyword stuffing in business name, description and text posts: offers, promotion etc…
3) Personal information: In chat or messaging, avoid sharing or asking personal information with or from customers, respectively, as this could dent business reputation(bad spread of word of mouth to other customers) and call for an action from Google which may lead to suspension.
4) Call centre phone number: Avoid providing call centre phone number in your business profile. Instead, provide a direct contact number of the business be it storefront or SAB.
5) Sharing phone number: For service-area businesses, avoid use of same phone number for multiple locations. Rather, use separate contact numbers for each location.
6) Sharing web page: For service-area businesses, avoid use of same landing page for multiple locations on the website. Instead, create a unique page for each location, preferably with pictures.
7) Delay responses: Avoid delay in responding to customer queries through any medium(phone calls, chat, reviews-good or bad, question, answers section etc…).
😎 Questions and Answers: Do not ignore questions posted by the customers and provide answers in courteous manner. Remember, questions posted are public and unanswered questions have negative impression.
9) Junk information: Do not fill any information just for the sake of filling a column. Avoid providing repetitive details.
10) Frequent profile updates: Refrain from making frequent updates to profile information as it may lead to suspension.

Asif ✍️ » Sannidhi
That's great. Thanks for sharing detailed information. These are really useful..

that really mattered in few past months but now Google giving more importance to reviews add keywords in reviews or ask your customers when they leave to mention there service name in reviews. nowadays really important thing for the local ranking factor. rather than posting. yes around posting you can use keywords in the heading but should make sense and as well as use in content.


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