These were SEO Service Selection in the past C0vid Time 2020

Schieler Mew 👑
Times are hard right now. We all need help and I know that the financial situation for some of us has been impacted due to COVID
In general, we do not allow the promotion of services in Google SEO mastermind unless you are a trusted resource by the administration team.
Because of the circumstances that some of the freelancers and SEO's in this group are facing, we decided to allow you to post your service, gig or company on this single thread.
Requirements for posting:
Please provide a through description of your services
Price points must be included (ranges are acceptable) to prevent "Inbox Me"
Experience or length of time in the industry must also be listed in description
You must also recommend another service that you have used that you believe can benefit people in this group (give and take model)
No double posts, edit and add to your original
Drop them below!
Note: anyone who does not follow the rules above, will have their post removed.
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Joshua McAdams
I recommend getting a Technical Audit from Schieler Mew
. It's probably worth $500. 👍🏽3
Phil Drinkwater
Seo, Content, ux / cro, visual design, brand & strategy. Algorithm penalty recovery strategy. My approach is more marketing and ROI and aligning with business goals than pure rankings.
I’ve worked on large sites and on complex problems.
Typically £75-£100ph, depending, although I usually price by project.
20 years in Seo. 10 in cro. 5 in design.
I recommend jumpshare for online vids and comms with clients! 👍🏽5
Schieler Mew 👑✍️
Hey there,
For this service and gig below, me or SEO's designated by me will visit your website and help you align your headings for the best results in Google.
If you do not want us logging into your website, we will provide you with an outline for your headings per page, as provided in the Gig.
The price range varies from $20 for two pages, up to $110 for 15 pages (ecom sites and so forth)
Me and the people below me have been in the SEO industry for a minimum of 6 years, with my experience coming in at right around 12 years.
I recommend looking into Marty Marion
's services if you need help positioning your brand or company! In addition I recommend Robert Portillo
if you need a comprehensive CRO audit! If you're into advanced SEO, I recommend following Phil Drinkwater
! If you want the other side of SEO that counters my personal approach, I recommend getting into Steven Kang
's group!
Our team also offers Technical SEO Audits for $40 – $110 at the following location:
viictorymedia : I will align your headings properly for SEO for $20 on 👍🏽💟🤯7

Phil Drinkwater » Schieler Mew
thanks for the mention 🙂
Marty Marion » Schieler Mew
, thank you for the mention and very kind words! 👍🏽1
Panatda Catlin
Definitely, saving these services! Will reach out when I get a new client. 🙂

Bill Jefferson
Kickass and affordable, high-quality writing service.
12+ years of writing web content, product descriptions, blog posts and reviews.
Prices range from $4 per 100 words to $5 per 100 words.
Discounts on bulk purchases upwards of 10k words.
I’d recommend Sakhet Wahi for link building. Not sure if he’s here on the group.
Professional Copywriting Services 👍🏽2

Amos Cee Emmaseen » Bill Jefferson
nice, I think am down with this. Your down for a consumer electronics e-commerce?
Mike Cavallo » Bill Jefferson
looking for new writers can you pm me
Lazar Adzic
Do you write amazon affiliate articles? 👍🏽1
Adele EC
Hi Bill, I am sending you a message 👍🏽1
Bill Jefferson
Lazar Adzic sure, I've written loads of amazon affiliate articles. PM me what you need and I'll take it from there.
Bill Jefferson
Adele Eliseo Coates I just responded 🙂
Bill Jefferson
Mike Cavallo Sure Mike I just PM'ed you.


Nathan Olsen
I offer GMB SEO, Organic, and website design. With over 14 years of experience, I own several marketing agencies including Pricing starts at $499 and I have some clients paying over 10k but they are large multi-location businesses. I believe in providing honest, affordable, SEO that works, however, I take a marketing approach vs pure SEO (rankings aren't my only focus) my end goal is increased business and revenue. I started off white-labelling my services and had great success on the WF back in the day. I believe in changing how people view SEO one business at a time. P.S. I know my website needs to be redesigned, it's in the works.
SEO In Utah – Get To The Top Without Spending A Lot – NDO SEO 👍🏽1
Bharath Balakrishnan
Very thoughtful post. I'm in the hunt for someone to create a content strategy for my site since the site is being revamped. Someone how has moved the needle for other clients and know impact of seo, content, ux, content design, persona research, kw research, title etc…not looking for someone to do it all. But someone who knows it all and done it for others. 👍🏽1

Phil Drinkwater » Bharath Balakrishnan
i might be able to help? See my post above..
Ps my website really needs a refresh .. like all marketers lol! Never seem to find the time though 🙂 👍🏽1
Bharath Balakrishnan » Phil Drinkwater
No worries. Will PM. I'm working on revamping my site too. 👍🏽1
Phil Drinkwater » Bharath Balakrishnan
it’s a never ending job .. that never gets started haha! 👍🏽1
Donna Blackwood » Phil Drinkwater
do you need assistance with your website revamp? 😉
Phil Drinkwater » Donna Blackwood
haha well played! Right now .. probably not. I may have a chance to get onto it in about a month as a large project will be calming down.
If not .. maybe 🙂 🤭1
Jason Dolman » Bharath Balakrishnan
, I have sent you a friend request.
If you accept it, you can check out the last few niche research blueprint posts I've made that cover pretty much everything that you're looking for.
If you're impressed by what you find, send me a message with some more information about your website and we can discuss what I'd suggest as the content strategy for your website. 👍🏽1
Bharath Balakrishnan » Jason Dolman
Accepted your invite your connect and looked at a couple of posts. Most seem to be in identification of niche right?
Jason Dolman » Bharath Balakrishnan
yes, the discovery of the niche is one of the main points behind those posts, but after the niche has been found, the subsequent keyword research, niche research, target audience research, SERP analysis, competitor analysis, etc. is used to better understand the underlying needs, wants, desires, issues, concerns and problems motivating the target audience to search and develop a content marketing and SEO optimization strategy for the website meant to rank for them. 👍🏽1
Bharath Balakrishnan » Jason Dolman
sent a PM.but stepping away. Let's chat in a short while once I'm back. Thanks. 👍🏽1


Rafi Khan
sabacitation : I will do 7000 google maps citations for ranking gmb and local business SEO for $5 on
Wanjiru Kirigo
Hey guys, I hope you're keeping safe! I'm a content writer and copywriter with 3 years of experience. I charge $30 for 1000 words of quality content. I recommend using Yoast Premium for on page SEO. I recently started my content creation website. Here is a link
Home – Content Baskets

Adele EC
Hi Wanjiru Kirigo
– sending you a dm 👍🏽1
Donna Blackwood
sending you a DM 👍🏽1
Wanjiru Kirigo » Adele Eliseo Coates
hey, I have sent you a message back please check 😊.
Wanjiru Kirigo » Donna Blackwood
Hello, I've not found your message yet. Please confirm whether you actually hit the send button 😊.
Rienzi Mosqueda
+1 for Wanjiru Kirigo here. Very professional working with me.
Wanjiru Kirigo » Rienzi Mosqueda
, Thanks for the recommendation! You're one of the coolest clients I've worked with. Very helpful and I've learned a lot from you. 🤔1
Rienzi Mosqueda » Wanjiru Kirigo
pleasure is mine and always, pay it forward.
Wanjiru Kirigo » Rienzi Mosqueda
lol payment is always in the form of submitting quality content for
SEO Audit Training, Tutorial & Guide For Beginners | Rienzi SEO

Unimke Abana
I offer WordPress and Elementor web design services.
With over 5 years using WordPress and 3+ years using Elementor, I can help you create unique landing pages for your business.
My price starts at $500 for a 5 pages website with $50 per additional page.
$1500 for for E-commerce and other functional websites like Real Estate, Job portal, Business Directories.
What I offer are:
On page SEO
Functionalities setup
I am also available to work as VA or web maintenance manager at a price of $250 per Month. On this role, I will provide on page SEO, site back up, plugin and theme update.
Darshan Jain
SEO services
1. Complete SEO service starts from $100 / Month
2. We create manual high quality backlinks like Microsoft, SAP, Amazon and realted backlinks starts from $10
3. Lead Management – How to collect lead and Hooks to collect lead
4. I have a freelancer team which work as a freelancer for anything related to Online ( Like data entry, wordpress post content, content for blogs, image editing, video editing etc) 👍🏽1
David Johnson » Schieler
does your audit give an action plan too? 👍🏽1
Donna Blackwood
I predominantly do WordPress web design. However can also update/edit Drupal, Magento.
I have 12 years experience in digital marketing, including web design/maintenance, digital project management, onsite & offsite SEO, PPC, content writing.
I create clean responsive sites from basic to ecomm, membership, LMS, Directory sites.
My price range starts from $600 for a basic site. I'm currently working on a large $25k project in collaboration with another dev.
I also offer hosting & site management from $25pm.
All prices are AUD.
I've purchased Schieler site audit 🙂
Manage My Marketing | Digital Marketing Agency 👍🏽1
Jason Dolman
Niche research, keyword research, keyword content mapping, content audits, content marketing plans, and conversion-focused, SEO-optimized content that ranks and banks.
Prices ranging from $500 to $2,500+ depending on the requirements of your project. 💟2

Noor Ul Haq Qureshi
+1 for Jason. 👍🏽1
Jason Dolman
Thanks for the vote of confidence Noor Ul Haq Qureshi, it is much appreciated.


Sudip Mazumdar
If your on-page is upto the mark after proper auditing and fixing recommended by above SEO masters and you are still not getting the proper rank, I AM HERE with my link building offers. I know SAKET is a reputed guy in this field, even I have also used his PBN and niche edit services, but after all he plays the game with PBN. You know it’s a total risky game in long run.
As I am an author of entrepreneur myself, I know the value of a proper link from a niche relevant link from an original website. And obviously with my 6 years of experience in this field, I know the power of guest posting and niche edit from proper website.
I have a lots of websites in my database(not obviously the bullshit ones) which I can offer you for guest posting and niche edits. Price starts from $30 to $6k (as I provide the publication in premium sites like forbes, entrepreneur, jpost, readersdigest…)
So, if you think, I can help you…feel free to knock me..
By the way…here is my entrepreneur profile
Sudip Mazumdar » Loveneet Singh Malhi
I won't say to avail my Seo services as I don't have time nor I do freelancing. But yes we provide WordPress security and malware removal service alongwith other maintainece services too. You can have a look at it here Dm me for info
WordPress Malware Removal Service $89 – WP Hacked Help
Jordan D. Harrison
My specialty is tech, media, and consulting. My projects range from $500 (in and out one page combined, maybe even quick branding in this economy) to $5k (media site with lots of customization). Consulting services focus on things like federal contracting (bidding/awarding), media and coms for NPs, and lots of compliance, like CAN SPAM, and FEC regulations. While I generally tend to put larger sites into WordPress, I've also recently started coding out smaller sites by hand and it's been a much better process with hosting long term and maintenance. No plugins, no back doors, no holes, no leaks. Just stateless containers that scale up and down (even to zero!).
One obvious service I'm going to recommend is Google. From Cloud to Pixel, I use their infrastructure for everything I do. Learning more about Google's products and really diving into the nuances (especially cloud) has taught me an endless amount about development on and off the web. For hosting, I'll wager that Google's Cloud infrastructure is unmatched. Nobody else has such a rich ecosystem for truly managing a digital presence. I also offer managed hosting on Google Cloud.
I've been passionate about creating things since I was a kid. It started with a camera, then photoshop, then ebay flipping for neighbors and family. I completed my first site 5 years ago when I landed an internship for digital communications. I've done (legit) six figure email sends, placed TV ads across multiple states, and served as the voice for elected officials on the web.
Rienzi Mosqueda – If anyone needing free audit feel free to sign up. Definitely not Schieler Mew level audit but it should be enough for you to get started. 🙂
SEO Audit Training, Tutorial & Guide For Beginners | Rienzi SEO 👍🏽1

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