Thinking That Blogging Is So Futile, Pointless, Oversaturated, a Waste of Time


How do you do it?

I've been trying to start a serious writing blog for a few years and every time I do, I don't get past the first few posts.

Blogging, or any social media, feels so futile and pointless.

The internet is so completely oversaturated with stuff that it seems like a waste of time.

How is anyone going to find my blog?

And, if they do, why would they give a crap about my opinions?

How do you cope with that feeling and keep pushing on?

EDIT: Also, do you have a preferred site for blogging?
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It's normal to feel that way. Bloggers are writers and writers always encounter situations like this. Something tells me you need to get back at the root of it all.

So I need to ask:
• Why are you starting a blog?
• Are you doing a blog because you're interested and passionate about creating one, or are you just doing it for potential income?

The internet will always be a saturated place. It's been that way ever since social media platforms have cropped up and everyone is suddenly considered a microblogger. It doesn't really matter. Besides, having a blog where engagement is nonexistent is normal because you're starting out and no one knows who you are yet.
• To succeed at having a blogging site, you need to invest in some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics and you need to become a social media butterfly.
• Write what you're passionate about
• Include valuable keywords in your content for search engine indexing
• Promote your blog on social media like crazy
Side note: You need an attractive website too, but that can come later when you have a bigger budget to spend on your blog and profit off of it.
• When you have your own blog site, do some guest posting on sites of your similar interest so your blog gets more exposure and your Domain Authority increases. The higher the Domain Authority (DA), the more visibility you get.

That's the basic gist of it. You need to do a lot of external writing as well as internal for things to pick up at a quicker pace than just writing and leaving it there.

And stop worrying about whether people will give a crap or not. If they don't, then just keep on writing — especially if that's what you love doing. Besides, if people do care, you'll know because it's those people who will leave comments and chime in with their own two cents.

Believe me, I used to think like you did in this post. I operate more on creative writing, and it took years for people to notice my stories and give a s**t about them. It's the same for blogging; granted, I'd say bloggers have more promotional tools at their disposal than incognito fictional writers like myself. It's incognito, for a reason, after all. And my audience is narrower.

Just know that for anybody who's starting out, it's going to be rough. Just keep writing, improving, and promoting. Attention will come slowly but surely (and so will income), but it's worth it.
I don't know what your niche is, but with mine (arts and crafts) I try to put stuff out there that I've had trouble finding before, or that I haven't seen a lot of. I can't remember what it is now, but a while ago I was looking for something on Google and couldn't find anything about it. So I just did trial and error until I figured it out and then posted about it. Now there's something on Google about it. That helps me a bit when I'm feeling inconsequential. I'm not sure how to translate this idea to other topics but maybe with some creative thinking you can come up with a "modus operandi" like that that will help boost your confidence.
I have started blogging in <year> and during that period, blogging was not a famous thing. But in these 4 – 5 years, many people have started blogging and of course, you are correct that, the Internet is almost saturated and you are asking how can I grow?

The answer is simple:

Even if you have gold, you should find a market place, install a store and showcase your ornaments in front of the people for marketing. But, will you think that there are many jewelers out there on the market and what are we gonna do among them? A unique marketing strategy with unique designs you can easily outrank them.

Similarly, if you have a blog even with the same concept, you are still having a place and volume of the audience to follow you and read your blog. You too can follow a unique marketing strategy and rank your blog. Write your own views about the subject in the way that people like to read.

Finally, what am I saying is, starting writing the same concept based on your own experience or from your own point of view. Then, perform a unique marketing strategy and explore yourself to create a strong network to rank your blog. That's all.

a serious writing blog I'm not sure what you mean by this, but I started my blog ten years ago because I'd always fancied myself as a writer, and I wanted to give myself an incentive to write because there were distractions (rock climbing, mountain biking) that always seemed to take precedence. I agree that blogging does seem to have changed in the past few years. My blog has changed too, although not in response to external pressures. I used to write a lot of opinion pieces, but although I do still write the occasional polemic, most of what I post now is reportage. My recommendation is that you persevere. I recently uploaded my 500th post, and I think of these 500 posts as my mark on the world. I hope that my descendants are able to read them in years to come. Everyone else is welcome to read them too, of course.

You have to get to the point at which your belief that you have valuable information and insights to offer outweighs your sense that there's too much competition and you shouldn't bother making the effort. You've got to be clear about your interests and motivation.

You also have to write enough to develop confidence in your ability to communicate your message directly and effectively, in a way that will engage even jaded readers.

As for questions about how readers will find your blog, that's addresses technical and logistic considerations. You can learn to address that stuff, and there's plenty of help available to help you figure out how to go about it.

You MUST believe in yourself enough to see that your goal will be worth the work. You also have to be realistic about starting from nothing — everybody goes through that, and it's generally part of the process. A willingness on your part to improve your skills and learn new ones is also critical.

Nobody starts off knowing everything…
For every 9 people that give up too soon 1 persists and eventually achives some resultes and maybe earnings too. It's about the long game so it sounds like you need to pick a niche you are 100% interested in and passionate about otherwise you migth not be able to force yourself through the initial burst of excitement, enusiasm and content writing.

Focus on the long-game Put the time in Test different strategies for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing channels and double down on what bears fruit.

I hope you give it another shot and put in the work to put out something that's truly valuable and in depth. Good luck.


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