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Hi all,
I have a potential new client who has had a website built with Wix by a local web agency, the SEO is terrible, it does not appear in the 1st 100 for any local searches, also the loading time is around 25 seconds.
The web agency has said only they can do the SEO work, although over the last 6 months they haven't seemed interested in helping him until now. ps, I mainly use WordPress for my projects.
Please advise the best way forward.
Many Thanks, Chris
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Google confirmed Wix has amazing tools that can help you improve your website's visibility. So Google knows what's up, and Wix users triumph in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Yet, some people are still asking: is Wix SEO friendly? As a matter of fact, Wix has the best SEO capabilities for your website.
It takes time, like everything revolving around Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it has to be done right.
When using WIX, Weebly and such – people don't tend to care to some degree as they want a "good looking" paperweight.

can i have the link of that confirmation by google? I am just free to read anything like that..
Levi » Faiz…/05/wix-SEO-google-instant-indexing/
Your Wix Website Can Be on Google in Seconds!
Levi i think it is more about the indexing of sites.. However, I am still amazed wix use WordPress for their official blog..
I swear Wix pays people to post this stuff. It's almost comical.
Levi » Faiz
I so agree lol… Don't get me wrong, I do not use, like wix or weebly. I have personally seen some things done that ranked Wix really fast and really well.
Faiz » Andrew
Can't say about SEO.. but doing their best for marketing wix. 😛
Levi » Andrew
It's comical because they are getting better and no one believes it. We all have our "preferences" and opinions.
IF I could get paid what I used to get paid, I would go back to writing code – using my own Content Management System (cms) and not having to worry about a thousand updates.
You must be on the same salary as this guy.
wix to WordPress: Please develop a plugin so that we can hide our page source 😛
Chris » Faiz
I don't wish to get involved with Wix to be honest l, but I'm comfortable with WordPress.
Chris Don't even take the risk with that.. or we will gonna see someone else posting the same post for the same client even after years.
Chris » Faiz
Solution then in your opinion please?
Aaron » Chris
Rebuild the site on WP
Faiz » Chris
Switch the Platform of course..
Chris » Faiz
And keep current domain name , content and images.
Chris » Faiz
The thing is the client can't get the login details from the web agency as I think it shows multiple websites that they manage. This is why they won't give him the login and have said it's a specially built site that only they can do they'll SEO work for!
Andrew » Chris
That is complete bullshit. If a client pays for a website, they own it. Tell them to demand the logins right away from the agency.
Chris » Aaron
Exactly that mate, at least if the can do this hand it over to me, I can see where to go with it for them, or at least get them away from them.
Chris what! 🙄🙄
Chris » Faiz
I'm not joking, I spoke to the client this morning.
Aaron » Chris
Scrape the site for copy and images; the client should have the originals any ways, if they are stock photos, then rebuy the rights, and f*ck the other company.
Chris » Aaron
I get that but then the client is £2.5k down from there original purchase of the website and will have to of course pay me, I feel for the client!
👆 You can still get original images from your client and scrape the content using Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds..
Andrew » Chris
Any agency that withholds web logins is a a massive fraud. Mind spilling their name?
Chris » Aaron
Yes mate so basically, I put it to the customer that you've been ripped off and we need to go with WordPress from scratch?
yeah. and make sure you tell them that they own whatever you build them.
Chris » Andrew
I will do if the client doesn't get his login details mate.
Chris » Aaron
I already have done.
sounds like you know what to do then. no use working with Wix or another company trying to hold this client hostage.
Levi » Chris
The client should be able to get everything pertaining to their website.
Aaron » Levi
My guess is that the "site" they built was a shared template with other clients they have under 1 account. routing domain names to a shared IP. they can't turn it over without giving away access to the other ones, bc they ripped them off to begin with.
Aaron IF they did that, Then they have to hand over a back up of the site. They cannot hold a site "hostage". Well I guess they could but business 101 and ethics say that's a stupid idea..
ALSO I could potentially get all the content for the site in about 15 minutes…
I am curious where everyone is located involved..
Chris » Levi
Aaron » Levi
A backup would be pretty useless, bc it's a wix DB backup. no guarantee you would be able to load it anywhere but wix.


Sherman » Chris
I feel for you. Sucky situation for your client to suffer with a dumbass service provider. But good upsides for you, depending on how you approach it.
I've read all the comments above, solid points.
Here's a few insights from my Point of View (POV), and how I'd approach a prospect in this situation.
Insight #1: I share with all my clients there are 2 items they always need to own in their own name and account, their (a) domain name, and their (b) hosting account. ("If I get hit by a bus, which I hope doesn't happen, I don't want to hold you hostage with all your important business assets, including your business website.") And I'd share with them owning access to their website is no different.
Insight #2: I share the Wix vs WP comparison, in an analogy they'd understand, eg if they're a chiropractor having a Wix site "is like a buddy hugging me from behind with my arms crossed in front me and lifting and squeezing me to crack my back" (😜) vs seeing a pro like them. They'll get it real quick.
If they like their site/don't want to budget for a new site yet, I'll have them understand I'll invest good effort into it but won't be able to do my best work. As long as they agree to the handicapping, it's all good.
Frankly, I've come across Wix & Weebly sites that have ranked well in the SERPs. In fact, I was speaking to an electrologists who ranked #1 in Maps and #3 in Local for a "keyword – City" (this City has 1M population). (In fact, I tipped this client to modify their meta title and H1 on their home page and they moved the needle to #3 from #4 in 24-hours, on a Weebly site.)
I have had a chiropractor and physiotherapist switch to WP (from Wix) with me after I've worked with them a few months on their Google My Business (GMB) SEO. And another massage therapist client this week who will retain me for SEO+GMB and we'll switch out their Weebly site too.
Angle/Approach: Chris, if you value this client and the retainer is solid, and it's a win-win situation, then I'd be willing to "comp/bonus" the WP Design & Development (informing them it's normally billed at $3K) on a separate host, then point their domain to the new DNS after it's done, IF they retain you this week for SEO for a 12-month Agreement. Then you'd go about creating the WP site, and copying/pasting the content from the old Wix site. Honestly, it's fast/quick, without that conversion plugin, and I don't suppose their Wix site is a monster site anyway.
This is what I'd do for a win-win, if you like them, the retainer is worth your while, and they're good people to work with for the long term, and you know you can crush your deliverables 👍

That's great, thank you!


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