Thoughts On “Why Did You Start Doing SEO?” | Search Engine Optimization

Experience 2: Thoughts On “Why Did You Start Doing SEO?” | Search Engine Optimization
Mew 👑
What got you into search engine optimization (SEO)? What it your "why" for starting? Did it stop and end at SEO? I would love to hear, if you have the time.
For me, I didn't begin my journey in SEO but it is where I ended.
When I was in my early 20's I was a stay at home father with a little girl. Me and her mother could not afford day-care, and honestly her mother's current skill set made more money, as the bread-winner.
Over time, my heart hurt more and more for her. Expenses were going up but her pay was not. She would work all day, come home and get up and go to work again at a second job in the evening because of ongoing inflation. Because of this, I knew I had to do something to help. But what?
Exhausted and completely without hope I sat down at my laptop one night. Back then I could barley get it to turn on and when it did, sometimes it took hours to boot up. I began searching the internet for ideas on how to start your own business. Something I could do while my daughter was at home during the day that would take the ongoing stress and pressure off her mother.
I eventually ran across the suggestion "web design" and remembered back to my high-school classes where I was able to easily pickup HTML. I knew nothing about CSS, PHP, or even what a host was…. but I was determined.
Because of this determination I reached out to a major YouTube influencer at the time and asked them if they would be interested in a rebuild of their website for free, to which they agreed. I had no idea what I was doing, where to start or what direction to even head in – but I was determined.
I stumbled across and saw for $16 I could purchase an entire "template", mind you this was a lot of money to me at the time, and I called up a friend to ask if they could spare me the extra cash and I would repay them some-how, one day. They did.
I began working on a 40 page website with a friend (who was also interested in design) for this particular influencer (they had a lot of videos they wanted embedded and some other features) and honestly it took me and my friend 600 hours to get exactly the way they wanted. We used the HTML theme and I forced myself to learn how to re-arrange div block, stylize CSS, create new classes/ID's, read and piece PHP together, set up hosting, learn about DNS canonicalization and so much more.
All of these hours later, I had one heck of a website. Over the next two years, I used this example to land more clients.Most were very low paying, some were high, some were for free. At one point, I stumbled across a man in a store fixing phones locally who wanted a website. He had been fixing phones in the local starbucks but wanted something more.
I agreed to build him a website at very low cost. In addition to the website however he wanted to come up on Google for tons of terms and search phrases. I had no idea what SEO really was at the time, but I was determined. I spent another 600 hours on this individuals website and learned the complete ins and outs of what I now have a very in-depth understanding of today, and because I was determined back then, he now ranks #1 in our local city for every search related to phone repair and sales.
Fast forward a few years later and I ran into someone who was a great mentor to me at the time. He was working for himself when we met and had a deal with Uber to receive money for every activation someone used under his promotional codes.
I still didn't truly understand SEO completely at the time…but we were determined and I had a pretty good understanding. After about another 2,000 hours of work, multiple failures, and trying to rank a search term of 500,000 queries per month, we started landing page one for our terms. We made a lot of money on activation's, and eventually Uber and all the other startups we had managed to procure activation codes from decided they were bringing their SEO marketing in-house, and our business model fell apart.
After that, the individual who I had helped with his SEO for phone related keywords in our city came to me and let me know that he was working with another company. I did not mind and I was happy for him. He introduced me to the owner of the company any in short time, because of my determination and dedication I became the director of marketing for CS Design Studios, to which I now have been with for almost two years!
It has been a long progression of circumstances for me that started in web design and has broken off into multiple realms of digital marketing, but there's one thing I have learned from it all….determination, dedication and perseverance wins. There is no shortcut for experience or knowledge and sometimes you have no idea where you will end up, but as long as you continue to expect the most out of yourself it can and will be a favorable place.
It's been a great journey with all of the people I mentioned above and I am proud to say that some of them are in this group. Thank you guys, for enduring this path with me.
To this day, while I am unable to see my daughter – her mother and her will always be my why and I will never forget their support throughout a good portion of those years.
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thoughts on why did you start doing seo

That's so inspiring!
Thanks for taking the time to share this 👍🏽1

Mew 👑✍️
Absolutely! I think reminding ourselves of why is very important sometimes; especially when our websites fall in rank, we lose clients or unpredictable circumstances come to fruition.
The "why" can set us back on track.
Peter » Mew
Yes! So true.
I've actually made a list of my "Whys" in a my tasks' Trello board so I can always be reminded why I'm doing what I'm doing. 💟1

Thanks for showing us a bit of who you are and your why!! Keep grinding brother! 👍🏽💟3

Mew 👑✍️
Doing my best, my friend! I haven't forgotten about you either. I'll probably throw together a rudimentary site audit for you when I can and you can just shoot me any questions you might have.
Like I said above…the "why" will keep us coming back if we let it, and never forget it. 👍🏽1

Thanks for sharing mate. For me, I started as a freelance web dev until client asked if I did SEO. At that time, had no idea and started researching about it. Coming from a computer science background, I quickly understood the logic behind the concept and started applying the knowledge on my test site. Soon, it started working and been continuously doing it since then. Although I just started last year, I spent at least 5 hrs a day doing this and never get bored once. The fact that's it's so challenging and after seeing the websites ranking on the first page, knowing that now everybody in the world will see my sites is so rewarding and kept me going 😁 that's why I love SEO so much. Just a personal passion though. 👍🏽💟6

Mew 👑✍️
I think that's an awesome "why"! It really drives your own self motivational need to get better and stay on top of information that comes out as well. While you may have just started last year, the great thing about SEO is that you truly can learn as fast or as slow as you want to. I hope to learn more about you and see your projects over time in group come to fruition! 👍🏽2
Jackie » Mew
sure, most of the things I've been doing and testing on my site. I haven't taken on any client until mid November last year, because I just wanted to be sure that I can deliver the results. Been working on a few project since then, on a very low price and sometimes for free. This year, my plan is to focus more on working with clients and gain more experience along the way. 👍🏽💟2


Ever since I remember I had always achieved good grades since my elementary years. This pattern kept going until I graduated from University in Electrical Engineering. I remember a chat I had with a friend who challenged me to take a class with one of the most feared professors in the engineering department, Dr. Ramchandani, a professor of electrical transmission systems. I can laugh now, but back then I was struggling with fear to fail this class. It was this fear that drove me to master the textbook and his teachings. Someone told me, “put attention to the questions he asks in class” if no one knows the answer, that is an exam question. This inside info saved my life as I passed the class with flying colors.
I did manage to get a job right after graduation and worked in the field for several years. I had a mentality to not just work for someone but to start my own business. Someone at the engineering company introduced me to Amway. It was something new I had never heard of. I decided to give it a shot, but I wasn’t advancing. I said to myself, I need to overcome the personal relationship barrier that was limiting me to recruit others into the network. Although I didn’t reach the top, I did manage to make profits and get a network of more than 50 people. This network business was much harder than engineering, but in the end I decided it wasn’t worth the effort to overcome the negativity most people have against the company.
I kept working as an engineer for several years until I became ill with a chronic disease that didn’t let me function normally, let alone drive to the office. I was limited to my own house.
I have never accepted my reality and so, I decided to browse the internet looking for something I could do while I stayed at home. I watched countless videos and read many websites about starting a business. Although I came across several business models, the one I zeroed in was in website design as I could do it completely from home. It took me several weeks and hours to finally understand all the moving parts of the business. I didn’t really want to learn to code, so I chose to work with just WordPress sites.
It wasn’t until recently that I saw the need to learn coding to allow me to make some customizations. I am still learning new things today, but at least I can defend myself when confronted with a dead end and always look a way out.
My detailed-oriented mind has helped me learn various parts of the digital business model. SEO has been the latest barrier I have learned and keep learning. I am also delving into copywriting along with other digital marketing strategies.
It has been a challenging journey, but now I am truly enjoying what I do as I get rewarded by getting results for others and for my own digital assets. 👍🏽💟6

Mew 👑✍️
I think it's amazing that you are and have been turning a less than ideal situation into something that can work for you from home, long term.
Like you, I also started in web design and SEO was a huge hurdle, later followed by conversion rate optimization (CRO) and copy-writing. In my opinion it is one of the most complicated targets to hit because it is always moving and changing nut based on your story adaption and change seems like one of your major strengths.
I feel very fortunate to have you in group Martin and if there is anything I can ever do to help you along the way personally, please reach out.
We're all in this together – one algorithm change at a time! 👍🏽💟4
Martin » Mew
I sincerely appreciate your generosity brother. I especially like "We're all in this together" It's definitely a T.E.A.M. effort 👍🏽3

Thank you for sharing your story my friend. I hope you get to see more of your daughter. 👍🏽💟2
I pray that you be able to see your daughter soon❤️ 👍🏽💟3
Thanks for sharing this man. Its another example of how great things can occur out of crisis. Basically this is kinda what I am also trying to achieve at the moment. 💟1

Mew 👑✍️
You're absolutely right. Sometimes the best things come out of the hardest situations! You got this, my friend!
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I had started a blog on technical products and I use to copy the content from other websites. Got penalized from Google, although I didn't know about anything about plagiarism that time and the article were ranking in Google and one fine day the blog was no where. I decided to figure it out and then boom the word SEO hit me and hit me hard. Finally after 3 months hardwork I again started ranking with genuine content. 💟1
I enjoyed this story Mew, it’s been an incredible Journey and more to come. I wish I could do something to reunite you with your daughter here I can only imagine how painful that would be. Someday I am certain you will get the opportunity. Until then I am certain you do many great things. – Victory 👍🏽💟3
I've been in advertising (print, tv), sponsorship sales, marketing strategy, social media, and sales for …a good long while 🙂 I am focused-challenged (serious ADD) and am a true southern empath which means I get excited, talk too much, REALLY like and want to help people., and then feel drained. I love marketing but the past few years we've had some family things to deal with and life hasn't always been fun. I just don't have the patience for small business social or traditional marketing much anymore because every client's brother's dry cleaner's cousin has an opinion about what and how you posted on FB and why you charge so much and blah blah blah. SEO fascinates me. I love to write and have as a hobby and for short marketing ebooks for a long time. I LOVE a mystery to figure out, a riddle to solve. I hate math but loved geometry and it reminds me of SEO…there are a set of problems, and a ton of rules, workarounds, tips, tricks, to get to the right answer. I'm SO lost with half of it, but I'm studying everyday and learning a lot and trying to explain very simple basic things to small businesses that they can do themselves…compress their pictures, keep people on their site longer, etc. Thanks for letting me hang out and learn at the feet of you masters… 👍🏽1

Mew 👑✍️
Hey there,
I empathize with your sentiments of feeling lost. Don't worry, even the top SEO's do at times. All we can do is test, make good, informed decisions and keep moving upward and onward in the right direction. The mystery never ends so luckily we will be looking to solve it for years to come. 👍🏽1

It’s been a complete honor to be by you for the last 5 years and to see how driven, passionate, and hard working you are in everything you do! Thank you for always being the first to step up, to innovate, and to help those around you. 💟1
My story was more like I found a passion that can never satisfy me. I've been chasing it for 11 years now. SEO has brought me great adventures in life. Being a father also adds that extra push to stay late in the evening and wake up at 4am in the morning to grind.
I've no retirement plan so to speak. Rocking SEO till the last hurrah! 👍🏽1


First off I am sorry to hear about the situation you are in. Second, I actually was a licensed plumber and injured my back and they put me in charge of everything in the office including marketing. After, evaluating what the current SEO agency was doing I told them during a meeting I could do better! They gave me one of our 5 locations to work on and I outperformed them in one month and they had been working on them for 6 months excluding this location. I was married at the time and my Ex wife is not completely sane and was in fear for my young daughter at the time which is 11 now and also have an eight year old. So I fought hard and took the leap to solely do marketing at home. Which went well for about 2 months and then my biggest agency canceled without warning and my bills were due in a few days. Talked to some people about help and spent my last $20 on a warrior forum WSO which took off because at the time I was one of the only people working on Google Places (AKA Google My Biz (GMB) NOW) it's changed names several times. Had to contact the church who I reached out to for help and explain I didn't need their help and have grown from several clients to over 50 big clients and several smaller ones. On a personal note after several years of family court I have custody of my 2 girls after what seemed like a lifetime of hell and problems still persist even though I have custody but you will have to read that in my upcoming book or hopefully my lifetime movie 🙂. (I thought I could do paragraphs which is why I hit enter and posted this too soon! LOL) 👍🏽💟🤯3

Mew 👑✍️
I work with a huge plumber here in my city! If you ever need any advice or consultation, on the house, please reach out. Plumbing is a mainstay niche for me.
Nathan » Mew
For sure man we could probably help each other out. I have been messing with Google maps for a long time and only been doing organic for about 3 years. I sent my post too soon as explained above lol

That has to be a NY hat right…just going off all your current videos your always wearing a NY Hat, but I think I see it now it's actually an Army hat. 💟1
I went to school for finance and economics. Graduated in the middle of the 2009 recession and when experts from Yale Harvard etc were out of a job I had to pivot (I realized before graduating I found the practice boring either way). So a friend of a friend asked me if I wanted to learn this thing called SEO. He said I was nerdy and tech savvy and could figure out how things worked so there I went.
Back then I didn't even know what a pixel was or could even read code. Watched videos and read articles most nights until feel asleep. It wasn't just because I needed work, I actually found it interesting how everything worked. Now I have experience managing both SEO and cross channel accounts and building my own marketing agency Digital David G – Marketing Services
Figuring things out like the sales and BD stuff at the moment but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here.
Honestly I was meant to read this post.
My biggest why is my children. I am a stay at home mom with 2 small children in my early twenties. Last year I started this journey for the very same reasons as yourself. It has torn my relationship apart but I know that this is the career path that I must take. I know I have a long way to go, but I have never been so passionate about learning anything in my entire life. You are an inspiration and I have learned so much from you and this group already. I have been able to really fine tune the things I already know, and I owe you a big, Thank you🤗❤️
Keep up the amazing work, you are doing some kick-ass sh*t! ✨👏 👍🏽💟🤔3

Oh and the day you posted this May 26th was my daughter's Birthday, I don't believe in coincidences, I believe in signs.
Hopefully a sign that I am on the right path. 💟🤯2

Thanks for sharing your story!
Since I started freelancing, I've always landed clients in the SEO field — I wrote for tons of PBNs 4 years ago. Then I became a part of a start up company where I was appointed as a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Had to wear many hats on that one since we were only a few people in the team. Social media, SEO, content, and my least favorite, people management. LOL
I was with that company for almost 2 years then decided to go full time with freelancing and build my own content career. I found this SEO agency and it was the best thing that ever happened to me, career-wise. They mentored me and taught me the ins and outs of SEO. I do mostly on-page but I also understand and do a little bit of off page.
I was a university professor before all of these happened. I had that mindset of "I'm not a business kind of person". Truly, things have changed.
Currently running my own business from home and looking after my daughter. It's been a wild ride but I wouldn't have it any other way.


This may satisfy you: Since when did you end up selling SEO | Digital Marketing?
Experience 1: Thoughts On “Why Did You Start Doing SEO?” | Search Engine Optimization
Reiner 👑
So about 6 years ago I got fired from a sushi restaurant for not counting the receipts right for a promo we were doing.
I felt like such a failure. I had no job and I had still been living with my mom at the age of 21.
I actually had just recently moved back into my mom'ss house from a sober living home I was in for about a year.
I was living in said sober living home because I had fallen into a dark place due to the loss of my dad when I was 16 (he overdosed on heroin).
After losing my job at the Sushi restaurant, I applied to two places. Taco bell, and Radio shack.
I wound up getting hired at Radio Shack.
Shortly after, a man named John Underhill walked in while I was working at my new job.
John was an old family friend who set up my computer when I was about six years old.
I told him that I had been learning about building websites (back then, I had watched a few Youtube tutorials and setup a one page HTML website with a few links).
I actually never would have built this website if it wasn't for the fact that customers were walking into Radioshack asking for extra help setting up their electronics.
The website was called
My boss at Radioshack told me to get a few business cards so I could hand them out to customers if they ever asked for extra help.
Anyways, I gave John my business card and he asked me if I wanted to come in for an interview, since he needed extra help. I about leaped out of my skin at the chance because he had a successful IT business and I thought it would be SO cool to help people with their electronics full time.
I wound up getting hired by John and worked with him for a little over a year. While I was there, John handed me a book about, "Search Engine Optimization (SEO)" and asked me if I could rank a website I were to design called
I became obsessed at ranking online and started trying to rank #1 for computer repair in my town in my free time.
I remember looking up who was ranking number one for those terms and it was another old family friend named Ricardo. Since I knew him since I was a kid, I called him up and said, "hey Ricardo, I'm getting into SEO and I want to rank on Google for computer repair, can you give me any tips?" he responded with, "Goodluck, you'll never be able to out rank me". That's when I knew the game was on.
I then spent two months straight trying to outrank Ricardo, and I got damn close, but I realized that in my pursuit of trying to outrank Ricardo, I lost sight of what I actually cared about, SEO.
At that time, I was also taking classes at community college for computer science, and general prerequisites like English and math, I nearly failed all of my classes.
So, I said, screw it, I'm going to change directions with and outrank everyone in my town for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
And within a few months, I did just that.
Unfortunately, I wasn't getting any leads from that term. I discovered that all of the people searching for that ranking were my own competitors checking their rankings.
One day, my mom walked into my room and said, if you don't get another job to pay rent you're getting kicked out.
I remember thinking, gosh, I'm trying as hard as I can, but nothing seems to be working.
I went on Craigslist and started looking for people who were hiring for SEO.
I copy and pasted the same thing to all of the ads. I said, "Hi, I'm ranking #1 for SEO Santa Barbara and even though I don't have a college degree, I can outrank any business".
One business, First Click Inc. contacted me back and said, "We'd like you to come in for an interview."
This business actually was #1 before I beat them.
I remember getting dressed for the interview having no idea what to wear, I only had a few button up shirts.
I walked in a few hours later and met two guys, Aaron and Max.
It was a short interview but they said, why don't you come back in a week and meet the owner when he's here.
So, I passed the first interview but needed to wait for a second interview.
A week went by and the day I was suppose to make it there was a HUGE traffic jam (I had even left an hour early just incase). Someone got into a major accident on the freeway.
I messaged them and told them I might not be able to make it in time, they said okay well if you can't make it in the next 10 minutes we might be able to reschedule, we'll keep you posted.
I was about to cry, I NEEDED this opportunity and if I don't show up they may never contact me again.
I wound up making it to the business at 10:09 AM, one minute short of their time limit.
They were all sitting at a table in their conference room including the owner.
I sat down, shaking with nerves and the owner asked me, "so why did you go for SEO Santa Barbara instead of Santa Barbara SEO?"
I replied, "because SEO Santa Barbara had a higher search rate."
That was it, I was hired.
They offered me $15 an hour which I counter offered with $20 but we settled on $17 / hour and I was IN!
While working there I built an SEO Podcast under First Click's brand that got about 20,000 downloads.
I also built an iPhone Repair website called which is still ranking #1 to this day, I actually later sold that business to a friend of mine from high school for just a couple thousand dollars.
And, I SEO'd First Click to outrank the website I had while removing from the rankings.
After a little over a year, I left the company with the mission to make a full time income on my own.
At that time, I still lived with my mom at the age of 23, after all I did live in one of the most expensive places in the world and I barely had enough to afford rent anywhere.
I found a garage to live in for $700 a month. It had no windows, no running water, and barely enough room for a computer and a bed.
After moving into the garage, I spent every hour I could on my computer working tirelessly on my Youtube channel.
It was do or die. I use to listen to motivational speakers on repeat in order to pump myself up. I told myself I HAD TO FIGURE IT OUT.
Every day, I would do 3-4 live streams on Youtube showing people how to audit their websites or offering some sort of SEO advice.
After about 4 months I had a little under a thousand dollars left in my bank account. I didn't have any clients, I was living off of rice and coffee.
I remember thinking to myself, I had failed. I tried as hard as I could for what felt like an eternity but still no results.
Well, I began to apply for jobs again on Craigslist while figuring out if there was a way to move back into my moms house.
A few days later an email popped up and said, "Hey Chase, can we pay you to help us with an SEO audit? -Crystal Etem from"
I remember frantically contacting Crystal back and saying, yes of course. was a website that had 0 traffic and a website with a TON of problems (now oursleepguide has 100,000 organic visits a month).
a few days later I was contacted by another business that needed help.
Within the next month I somehow accumulated about $8,000
I thought, "what sort of miracle is this?"
During that time I had also lost a relationship and so it really did feel like all the odds were against me but somehow I was able to make them work.
About eight months later I said goodbye to that garage and moved into a two bedroom apartment.
While living at that apartment I also started an agency that accumulated over 20 different clients and about 40-50k a month in revenue.
I started traveling to different conferences and was invited to actually speak at them.
The problem was that I had a lot of people who hated me.
The whole time that I've been in the industry, I've told people not to build links, because Google specifically says not to.
I also think building links doesn't actually end up helping the people visiting your website.
So everywhere I went, people would laugh at me and say, "wow you really think you can rank without links?"
And even though I'd show them results, they would still continue to laugh at me. Even till this day I have more memes about me than probably any other SEO because of how much fun was made of me.
One day, I had so many people telling me that I was an idiot that I almost got rid of my Facebook group and I did end up deleting a ton of my Youtube videos which I'm just now recovering from in terms of views about three years later.
About two years after my garage days, I remember being so sick of doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. I had so many clients that I got results for but most of them would rank #1 then can me.
I decided that from that point on, I would only build my own businesses.
I knew in order to do this, I'd have to move away from California because of how expensive it is to live and run a business there.
I moved to Colorado Springs during another failed relationship and what felt like a failed business.
I felt so done.
And I thought, "this is just another failure". After all, I've worked so hard to just fail again at something I thought I loved.
Shortly after, I met a girl named Carly who had a son named Caleb.
For some reason I don't fully understand I began to help take care of them financially, they were in a really bad spot. She couldn't afford to move out and was still living with her ex.
I knew that I had to make enough money selling my templates and classes, showing people how I've been able to rank without links.
So every month, I built a new class, praying that it would sell.
The first couple months, I made a few thousand but barely had enough money coming into survive.
I wound up taking on a few clients just to make enough, even though I promised myself I wouldn't take on more clients ever again.
One website, I ranked #1 for roofing repair Houston Texas, I did this all live on my channel so people would want to join my classes to learn how they could too.
Even though I was making money, it was hard affording rent for myself and an apartment I was paying for, for Carly and Caleb.
At one point I had just a few thousand dollars left in my bank account, yet again.
Around that time, I created a class called, "Authority Hacking". the concept was simple, build authority by ranking #1 on Google with engagement rather than links.
I made 40,000 that month with that class and was back in the game.
Carly, Caleb, and I wound up all moving in together eventually, and I was able to make a full time income doing classes for over a year.
Although I had gotten really depressed.
The weather in Colorado was crazy. Huge snow storms or unbelievably hot every other day it seemed like. On top of that the house we were living in got serious rain damage and the people who were running our housing never actually fixed the problem. We had a huge mold problem for months and I think it seriously affected my health and outlook.
So, one day I said, that's it I can't do this anymore and bought us plane tickets back to California.
We stayed in my home town for a week and decided we'd never go back.
I now make over $300,000 a year doing SEO classes and doing affiliates with big companies.
The journey definitely still isn't over, and I want to appreciate all of you who've helped be apart of it to where I am now.
I wouldn't have been able to do what I do without you guys, so I want to thank you for being here.
Chase R.
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Thank you for sharing your story I was feeling down today. Reading your story gave me motivation.
You should give this out a a free eBook. 🙂
The way I see backlinks is its something Google had to implement rather than wanting to. Soon as Chrome was a thing they had their own browser generating other metrics for them, such as dwell time, in a way they could authenticate to stop people faking it. So then they started to deprecate backlinks as a ranking factor. As you said its was never ideal. They want to focus on what is good for people searching on their search engine. Yahoo and Bing are not great but they are still some competition to Google.
You know? I believe you. Because I build websites now in 2020 with 0 links and I rank on 1,2,3,4th page. And even 1st position. Congratulations for not giving up!

Reiner » Dana
well done 💯

Great journey. You did a lot of struggle. Now you achieved something. And in future you will achieve big. Great lesson for newbies. Can you please tell us what kind of decisions
you took to became a successful SEO expert.
So lovely to hear your story, Chase. I’ve been following your page for several years and it’s nice to know a little more about you and your journey.
I’m a web designer and have been struggling with my own confidence levels and have been considering jacking it all in but maybe I need to keep going, keep learning and faking my confidence until it’s genuine!!
Thanks for sharing, Chase! 😎
That is such an inspiring story Reiner and I’m so thankful you shared it with us! We all have a great story in us that is somehow relatable & would bring humans closer if we’d all just let these walls down a smidge. ❣️❤️💯🔥
Very inspirational read Chase, was seriously thinking about leaving this group as all the random questions isn’t for me but this post has changed my mind. More of this bro!
This is really touching and I'm happy for you. The race is rugged and there are more responsibilities that sprouts as we grow older. I'm glad you have a skill to depend on and you're growing at a very fast rate bro. Kudos!
You should still do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but… rank and rent that asset and they would have to keep paying! Every industry in every town 🙂. Thanks for sharing. I had a similar story with bumps in the road in various forms.. but got there eventually. Its the ability to self motivate, start over, mixed with a healthy portion of luck that sets us apart.
Mate, you've turned it around and I'm making time to watch more of your YT videos, sorry for the English slang 🤣💯👊
Thanks Chase! Can't believe 6yrs. Wow time flys, kinda miss those garage videos. Congrats on your journey and may your next 6 yr journey be filled with good memories.
You are a warrior mate and an inspiration to myself and many more so keep up the good work bro
Thanks for sharing your story. My take away, never give up. Easy to say but difficult to live up to it. You have a purpose in this SEO world
Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story. I don't usually read long fb post but this one kept me reading. Cheers to more success 🥂
Brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Really inspiring to see that not all people do it at their first chance! Huge respect.
I’m not sure how you are at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but you’re pretty damn good at storytelling and content writing.
WoW Sir,
I See you about 10 Days Ago on Youtube. As i See you, I follow and subscribed you Everywhere, as you & your work was totally professional. We have to struggle with bad days to overcome Good Days.. You are best Example..
Thanks for sharing great inspiration..Much Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰


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