Three SEO Tips related to Secret Sauce

I asked a question earlier to see the responses, and it was "Is there a secret sauce to Search Engine Optimization ( SEO)"
I wanted to thank you all for your responses, as it gave us all an insight into how a lot of people think inside of our mastermind group.
While most of us believe there is some sort of secret to SEO, you will note that advanced SEO users (SEO's) mostly said no, there is not; and personally I do agree.
Secret Sauce is defined as a "Special quality or feature in the success of someone or something."
If we consider this, is SEO truly a special quality or feature?
Or is it a process that is unique to each individual – that can be replicated?
In my own opinion there is no secret to SEO. There are mechanical processes that are considered worst, better and best, but even these aren't a secret. When I look for them, they are in plain sight and provided by Google themselves.
I feel bad that most of you have joined this group believing that there is a secret to SEO and thinking that maybe I or someone else can give it to you. If I ever conveyed this, I apologize.
The truth is, no such thing exists.
We've all heard of Occam's Razor, and here, today I will use it to help you understand the secret to SEO and what is behind the curtain with just a few simple concepts that revolve back to relevancy, authority and user interface.
1.) Create content that is relevant to the keyword you are answering. How? Look at the top three competitors, assimilate their strategy and make the information better, with videos or infographics and more succinctly available.
2.) Generate an authority for your niche for the content you created. How? Get people talking about your relevant content that is better than any other content available for that subject or topic. Backlinks, citations, reviews and sentiment analysis – they all matter. Some more than others, dependent of the niche.
3.) Create an easy to use, fast interface that gets people the information quickly. Reduce load times, make people think less through intuitive design and foster an ongoing relationship with feedback and practical changes.
That's it guys! That is the secret sauce to SEO.
Don't get caught up in the buzz words, or the crazy ideas people come up with. Don't be on the constant look out for some new tool or idea that will help you out rank every competitor known to your niche.
Because as long as you believe there is a secret out there, you will be willing to buy it, when all that truly matters and Google wants, is the above.
Secret Sauce is a word marketers use to get you hooked. Along with secrets, revealings, puzzle and more.
Note: Do not confuse what I have said above as secret sauce with processes that are custom to each SEO. I have processes that I have found work for me, and I share them here. Other SEO's have echoed similar processes with the same/better results and different processes with the same/better results. If you want to be on the edge of SEO for yourself, define your processes by what works best – because magic and voodoo on the SERP doesn't exist.
The processes you should be looking to define are:
On Page Processes
Off Page Processes
Technical Processes
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three seo tips related to secret sauce

three seo tips related to secret sauce

Thank you Mew for this gem. A post this valuable should be copied and saved and that's exactly what I did, lol. Keep up the awesome work. Stay safe. 💟1
Thank you Mew I agreed 100% 💟1
Haha. 👍🏽1

Mew 👑✍️
Thank you for the discussion earlier. I have made leaps and bounds in my own thinking process!
Really? How? Which leaps and bounds?
Mew 👑✍️ » Joshua
– by understanding that people don't want secret sauces and tricks (regardless of vernacular)…they want an outline of processes that work.
😂 You thought that this morning. And then you contextualized and framed the discussion in a way to get the outcome you wanted.
Mew 👑✍️ » Joshua
– I actually thought most people would say that there are no tricks or special sauce to SEO, if I am being completely honest. To me those things mean something very different, but by understanding what everyone around me thinks, I can adjoin two thought processes with a singular solution moving forward,
Giving the group more processes that I know work. 🙂
"by understanding that people don't want secret sauces and tricks"
"I actually thought most people would say that there are no tricks or special sauce to SEO"

Absolutely. Saving this for future reference so that I know my thoughts on no secret sauce for SEO are valid. Been doing SEO for just two years and I've been looking into how do they do it, what's the "secret"? What you said were also the exact things I also do and I have pages that are doing great today! There are no secrets! 👍🏽💟2

Mew 👑✍️
No secrets, just well known, not well known and processes people have studied and use anecdotally.


Man, everyone knows what "secret sauce" in SEO, CTR, Email delivery, etc. It's an edge case technique that is known to a few people that has an outsized effect on ranking, CTR, conversation rate, etc.
Examples that are now dead but worked until everyone used them: driving direction embeds, Bold headlines or emojis in SERP titles, putting the small business owner's picture on a contact page, etc.
You just showed one for Google My Biz (GMB) radius schema a couple weeks ago!
Here is one that does work, right now: exact phrase match in the business name for GMB. Put it on your business license.
Another one: 360 photos for spoofing proximity on GMB.
It's ENDLESS. 👍🏽💟3

Mew 👑✍️
I know personally I would like to get away from saying "Secret sauce" or "tricks" as by definition personalized and anecdotal case studies are neither.
What you're discussing is meta-analysis with process driven studies. Collecting data, and data about data and understanding the process that influences it because of an in-depth understanding of how those technological mechanics work. 👍🏽1
What is the best source for these kind of tips would you say, please? 👍🏽1
Robert » Joshua
I agree about the exact phrase match for GMB. I'm doing a test right now and was able to take the number one position for something search for six hundred times per month, and just recently landed in multi thousand-dollar per month client because of that listing. Total cost to create that listing and optimize it was about $250. 👍🏽1
Mew 👑✍️ » Gary
– That's the problem, my friend. There is not one.
The best SEO's define their own processes through meta-analysis.
Robert » Joshua
what is the spoofing proximity with 360° videos?
Gary » Mew
I mean this group is good but I figure like any group its our own innovations plus things we have learned elsewhere.
Mew 👑✍️
To use your example specifically; keywords in the Google name or Domain name aren't a secret, they make sense from a mechanical level, if you understand how Google works. Google has an entire infographic and published paper about the mechanics of their search engine and upon reading it you could easily come to this conclusion. It is no trick or a secret sauce. It is a process of mechanics in plain sight. 👍🏽4
Mew 👑✍️ » Robert
– Google's mechanics will pick up the photos you post if you mimic a 360 street view and have an understanding of your proximity or location if they are Geo-tagged correctly. 👍🏽1
One of my 'tricks' is to give retail customs an invite to review the shop on Google. I would agree that's really just obvious mechanics. 👍🏽1
Mew 👑✍️ » Gary
– I agree, outside processes can help inform your own, but they should always be tested. There''s many things I have done on national websites that I would never recommend here because they worked 2-3x and no longer do; thus I filed them away as an anomaly. YOUR process will always mean the most.
"It's an edge case technique that is known to a few people that has an outsized effect on ranking, CTR, conversation rate, etc." 👍🏽2
Joshua » Robert
, they were working very well back in March to get proximity. 👍🏽1
Probably the thing that has worked best for me consistently is encouraging customers to leave a review with product images they took. One of the images recently got 50k views in a month. That could be worth a million alone to the right company. 👍🏽1
Mew 👑✍️
It sounds like what you're actually saying is that people who understand how Google works on a mechanical level, do better in Google via its engine. I agree with you and that makes 1000% sense – as this is true of most things in life.
A mechanic who understands how an engine works, will do better than a mechanic who understands how a carburetor works but I refuse to call either the special sauce because by definition, they are not. 👍🏽1
Joshua » Gary
, there is no one responsitory. It's mainly people testing, people with dozens/hundreds of sites/GMBs.
There are services like SEO Intelligence that does tests on this kind of stuff. Robert is a member, so you can ask him.
At the end of the day, the process will get you in the door but if you are going up against a pro, they are going to smoke your wig back if they have a clip full of sauce. 👍🏽2
Robert » Mew
yes but where would you upload the photo do you upload it as a customer or as the business owner? 👍🏽1
Mew 👑✍️ » Joshua
– Not if you assimilate what a "pro" has done on a parallel website and then combine it with your own personalized understanding of search engines and attempt to make it better.
The answer is always right in front of us, as it pertains to SEO.
Mew 👑✍️ » Robert
– It's always right in front of us, my friend 🙂
Create or import 360 photos – Android – Google Maps Help 🤭1
Gary » Joshua
That's true. I'm not really going for the big league though. Just trying to help some local shops and its not hard to improve what they have done. I had a big direct promotions company before and it just became too much for me. Prefer programming, personally. Especially for video games. Its the right balance of technical and art for me. 👍🏽1
I'm doing Chad Kimball's GMB Hacks course and I'm only on chapter 6 out of 19 and I'm already blown away at things that I've learned that I had absolutely no idea about. It's insane.
There's definitely Secret Sauce in the information in this course. 👍🏽💟3
Mew 👑✍️ » Robert
A course you would recommend then? I usually don't take courses unless it's on high authority. To me, you are high authority and someone I look to for understanding of many things 👍🏽1
Robert » Mew
That's pretty cool I didn't know there was a street view app.
The stuff that he's showing is insane. He's using Co citation and co-occurrence along with machine IDs to build relevance directly through the address bar. Amazing stuff really. But I'll let you know when I'm done with the chorus and I've implemented some of the things that I've learned.
What is Co-citation and Co-occurrence? 👍🏽2
Mew 👑✍️ » Robert
– Ah yes. I call these proximals or sentiment analysis. covered this between mine and someone else's articles this month.
Good stuff and having a huge impact as of late. ESPECIALLY for GMB.
If you can get reviewers to mention proximal adjectives in their reviews and secondary/tertiary keywords, you open up a whole new ball game for rank.
That's actually how I was able to make the jump in GMB from web designer to SEO experts or "best SEO's in Tucson"; through what this article calls co-citation and co-occurrence.
Great stuff and highly recommend learning it's processes!
Gary » Mew
If you are serious that's not too hard to do. Especially if you have some money. I feel your pain. In a way I love SEO but it can be a bit weird sometimes too. So ruthless and lots of tricky people that would sell their family to rank #1. I don't even think ranking #1 matters that much.
Was like that for me and nightclubs. I went from selling tickets on the street to being the manager of 3 of the top clubs in London at the same time. But when 2008 hit it started getting too gangster for me. People were literally trying to kill each other for contacts.
I only got into it because I was out one night and a friend of mine asked him to help hand out a few flyers. Next thing i'm there drinking cocktails with Robbie Williams and Danny Dyer. LOL 💟1

This is one of the best post. I followed the original post and was happy that most commenters said there were no secrets.
And some even went deeper to explain concepts.
What are the SEO sharks deep underwater?)

Mew 👑✍️
Your competition trying to take a snack out of your hard work! 👍🏽1


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