Time Amount to Get Over 10000 Visits a Month on My Blog


How Long Has It Taken You To Get Over 10,000 Visits a Month on Your Blog?

Obviously a lot of variables but just looking for a general average? How many Blog Posts / Month or Week?
68 💬🗨

About 40 posts in 6 years. About 60per day if I don't post and on post day ~200. Trying to post more but time is limited. Good luck with your blog!

I have no idea how anyone pulls that many views a day. I follow advice and it never works.

My blog is about programming and I think there are way better niches than mine but this is my interest so I stick with it. More precisely: coding things from scratch. One post about a machine learning topic which I wasn't able to find somewhere else and is about something quite important got me ~15k views in 6 years and is still the one which has the highest amount of visitors per day. For the other ones: the programming language I use has it's own subreddit with not too many posts so everytime I get 10 upvotes and it gets blogged by an automated system of that language. Additionally some retweets on Twitter. If I don't post it's visits from some of those links and mostly Google.

It took me around a month to hit that mark. Just love the blogosphere brother. But currently due to personal issues,I'm not able to continue my blogging career. Hoping to be back soon.

only 1 month on a new site? – What did you do for promotion?

On-page and Off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I researched on some of the trending keywords with low competition. Posted article about them. Created back links for individual posts. Shared it on social media. And yea got engaged on forums and Reddit to promote them. Pretty that much only. And yea you must keep your blog alive if you don't want to lose those gifted traffics.
Nice job, that's super impressive for only 1 month! What niche are you in if you don't mind me asking
Tech and softwares

My website is just entering its 11th month and last month (month 10) received 7.5k views so I don't think I will be hitting the 10k/mo mark until at least a year, probably longer. I have 30 articles (only about 6 of those do well) and have been pretty inconsistent updating. Having said that, I have a GDPR compliant cookie banner which means that Google analytics can only record those in the EU who specifically click "accept" so my metrics may be off!

I don't think that's how Google Analytics works.

That's good to know. As far as I was aware, if a user declines analytics cookies then Google Analytics (GA) can't track them until they either accept cookies or perform an explicit action, such as clicking on another page. I chose to go with a cookie consent that is opt-in for anyone viewing in the EU (fully GDPR compliant) and opt-out for all outside of the EU.

My point was more, with the aim of being transparent, that I don't know how accurate my GA stats are as it won't track EU users who scroll without clicking accept. I'm also not very tech savvy, and there is a clear warning on the cookie plugin settings that says if it's not configured properly then those EU users who do not explicitly accept cookies may be recorded incorrectly (i.e. one user views 5 pages it may be recorded as 5 new users). So there is a chance that the number I have reported may not be 100% accurate. But perhaps that was unnecessary information to add.

Wow, that's a lot of page views. How'd you do it?

Sorry for the delayed reply! I've been lurking on r/juststart for a good 6 months now so it feels like my traffic isn't all too impressive compared to some of the case studies there. I would highly recommend checking that sub out though as it's quite focussed on building traffic and monetising.

I have to admit that a lot of the traffic is just luck. I started off using the keywords everywhere plugin and targeting long tail keywords that had no competition but also no search volume. However, some of those articles then happened to rank for similar competitive key words that I would have never considered targeting!

When I started the site, I posted in the feedback thread (using a different account) and I got some awesome advice from (I think) one of the mods on this sub. That advice was invaluable so I highly recommend posting in the feedback thread.

I would also recommend income school on YouTube as their keyword research method seems to have been the one that has worked out best for me so far.


70 posts in 2 years. I get 500-800 views a month To be fair I did take two six month hiatus's. I have to be consistent.

I get 100-200 search engine views a month. I need to work on my keywords and backlinks

I'm not a niche blog. Mainly motivational and lifestyle. Those are really competitive. My posts are easy to write and I never feel at a loss for content. Hoping to get to 200 posts by end of <year>.

very cool – keep it up dude. Thanks for sharing the stats!

I'm at 34,000 page views by 12,000 users in my 7th week. 166 subscribers. All of my traffic comes from related subreddit posts. Just started getting organic traffic now around 20 a day. The right posting in the right subreddit can do wonders for traffic. Hopefully I can keep this momentum going.

wow that is amazing! thanks for sharing! what niche is your blog?

originally started off as just a place for me to vent frustrated shit about having pissed my whole life away and after some SEO analysis, it was recommended for me to add "crime stories" to my header. I basically blog about how i lost everything in a 3 year long meth bender of fraud, sex, and crimes
omg i took a look at ur website, it is one of the most honest blogs i have read in a while. I know someone with an addiction as well, a little bit too much and i have seen how hard it is to get out of it. You deserve a massive respect!

Hi everyone! new on Reddit and just started an online magazine a month ago. It got 870 visitors last month only thanks to heavy promotion on social media. I am not really good with the tech part(still figuring out the way WordPress works). Would love to hear some tips.Thank you :)

don't quit no matter what

not planning to! I have already hired two people to help me and now just can't turn back. The hard part is to find time to do it all from writing to meetings to emails to the tech part but i am sure if i learn to delegate i can reach the so much needed traffic

I've had my best traffic days when i promote on here. I've tried engaging people on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to no avail, and I have an ad running now which hasn't really brought me much traffic. My blog has been up for roughly a month, and my average daily is roughly 22 organic sessions. Over the weekend I had 142 sessions (thanks to Reddit).

Mine is about mental illnesses, addiction, abuse, and all the nitty gritty shit so I don't know how popular it's really going to be.


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