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I started a personal finance blog. Is it even worth the effort in <year>?

Personal finance is kind of a hot topic in recent years. I enjoy personal finance but I'm definitely not an expert in the field. Is it worth the effort or is this topic over-saturated?

I'd like to get some feedback. In the beginning I've pretty much been writing about things I've learned in the last couple of years, but those topics are nothing new in the world of personal finance.
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You are right that personal finance blogs are very many. But there is still opportunity if you can find a specific niche in the field. For example, a lady I follow on Twitter (can't remember her name) has a travel/finance blog where she writes about travel and travelling on a budget and she makes a living from it. She mixes both topics very well and she has an award-winning blog. It is up to you to decide what niche would work for you. For example, I suggest you use Uberssugest and see which keywords a few finance blogs you know do rank for. You can then export them to CSV, open the file with excel, and then sort the SEO difficulty column from least to largest. Then you can check these topics and see if you are able to write informative articles around them as keywords.

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Great tip! I'll check out Ubersuggest.

There isn't really such a thing as an "over-saturated" topic, especially one such as finance when there are literally new keywords daily entering the world.

I've blogged in various niches over the years, there are always longtail keywords to find, always. Plus, you can simply specialize in a certain sub-niche, and you'll gain authority in that sub-niche over larger sites.

You always niche down, and you can always carve out a slice of the pie – and finance is probably one of the better niches to do so in.

Just my two cents (pun intended)

agreed with Phil above.. theres so much to write about when it comes to this topic. Theres riches in niches bruv

I believe it is very much still worth the effort to start a personal finance blog in <year>. While you can't assume it will provide a full-time income to replace your current job, if you have a passion for writing about personal finance and sharing your story with the world, you should definitely think seriously about starting a blog.

Previous comments correctly mention the headwind created by the Google Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) issue, but again as long as you're not hoping to quit your day job right away and are in this for the long run, it is worth pursuing.

And writing about things you've learned in the last couple of years is ideal. When considering what content to include on a new personal finance blog, it is highly recommended that you start with what you know and are most comfortable sharing.

For most successful personal finance bloggers, this means writing articles and sharing stories based on your own life experiences and insights gained along the way. This could include personal successes so others can follow in your footsteps, as well as mistakes you made so people can learn what not to do if they face a similar financial situation or life event.

What's most important is to be authentic and be yourself.

I published an article this week showcasing 21 new personal finance blogs and their founders who shared their inspiration for starting their blogs, their favorite article and advice for people thinking about starting a blog.

Here's an excerpt from the article that will give you a sense of content ideas that a few of these bloggers are focused on (notice how each is shaped by the individual's own life experience):
• I didn't grow up learning much about personal finance or investing. As I began to learn more and share this information with friends, I realized how few were actually investing, and I was often explaining how things worked. I was also usually the first in my friend groups to know about a specific application or financial account and make referrals to them.
• After getting questions about how I am able to afford traveling consistently I realized that I had figured out something that many of my peers had not \- budgeting. I wanted to share the advice that I've been giving to friends and family with people all around the world.
• I was tired of being in debt and wanted out! When I started seeing myself climb out of debt, I wanted to share the knowledge I learned along the way so people don't have to struggle like I did.
• Going through life, including the military life, I'm constantly seeing the struggles of my peers around me. Watching others make horrible financial decisions, I've always wanted to just take them aside and educate them; however, people don't take kindly to unsolicited advice.
• Public educators typically do the work out of passion and dedication to students but don't talk about finances. This leads to the constant pervasive myth that educators are doomed to poverty. My wife and I were clueless about money into our 40s. Then, we started learning and have turned our finances around.
• I always wanted to learn how to be good with money but I got lost in the weeds more often then not. Then, I found the key steps and my family was able to pay off $100k of student loans in 6 months. I was astounded that it was relatively simple. So, I decided to write an essay about it. Then, I needed a place to publish it, so I started a blog.

As you can see, the content ideas for these writers comes naturally as a result of their own life experiences, careers, and more. So I would suggest you consider how you can naturally share your own personal story in your own voice to create your niche.

Starting a finance blog is easier than ever in some ways given the resources and tools available at a low cost, but building a sizable following requires patience, persistence and may require additional investment for marketing or enhanced site features depending upon what you're looking to build.

In the article, these personal finance bloggers also shared advice for people interested in starting a personal finance blog that you may find useful. Here are selected excerpts from the article with their advice you may find helpful:
• Play the long game. Generally speaking, blogging isn't a business that scales overnight. You need to develop repeatable habits of hard work and persistence with content. Ensure you create quality content. Your product is your content.
• Don't get into blogging to try to make a quick buck. If you are truly passionate about something and just want to share it with the rest of the world, then starting a blog might make sense for you.
• Make sure you are solid in your content, your scheduling to keep producing content, and your setup if you post videos.
• Think about your reader when you are creating content. How is the content your creating helping your reader and making their life better?
• Stay connected to your why and mission. If you do, your content will remain authentic, and you will forever attract your tribe.
• Join relevant accountability groups. These can be either free or paid groups. Trying to figure out tech, social media, systems, etc. as a new blogger can be very stressful. Therefore, you want to find a mixed range of bloggers who you can bounce ideas off of, exchange feedback and suggestions with, and can point you in the right direction when you are stuck.
• Get clear as soon as you can about the purpose of your blog and focus on that. Blogging will take more time and persistence than you expect, so you need to be passionate about those goals. Do not expect instant success with traffic or money. Write what will help your readers and success will come with time.

The most common theme we heard from new bloggers is to just get started. Also, the personal finance community may be large in number, but the group is very friendly and approachable. Don't be afraid to contact a personal finance blogger who inspires you directly as they will very likely be happy to provide you with a few suggestions and recommendations based on their own experience and lessons learned as well.

Good luck! I wish you the greatest success and hope you decide to move forward. You won't regret it.


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