Traffic Increased, but No Leads Came Out

I'm trying to figure out a problem of why people are not trying to contact the business.
This is a catering business with a Foodtruck. They will come to your place/office and serve the food from the food truck.
I have done both Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign for this client. Last month we ran both and got about 5 customers from SEO and 8 customers from PPC. This month we decided to stop PPC campaign and run only SEO campaign. I can see increase in the traffic but we not getting any leads. Any idea what could be the problem?
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organic traffic summary data from google analytics

Check your traffic , for what keyword you are ranking. If all okay then try to build some brand review for same, as its food business , no one give a try of new food. And also hows your web design, many factors involve when you are in selling something. 👍🏽1

Gautam ✍️ » Vipin
This is the Google Search Console screenshot for quarterly traffic.
food truck queries

Vipin » Gautam
inbox me these stats with clear picture brother.

For a foodtruck I would be concentrating on Google My Business (GMB) – not website.

Gautam ✍️
They are SAB. They are not having a dine-in place. We are focused on GMB as well but my primary concern is to find out the problem for not getting leads from website.
Because its a food truck – what kind of lead are you expecting to get from website? 👍🏽1
Gautam ✍️
Maybe I did not explained properly. This client is not regular foodtruck. The concept is of foodtruck but they will come to your place/office with foodtruck and serve there.

You can add additional marketing strategy. If its a food business/catering it is good to add social media awareness.

Gautam ✍️ » Edna
That is on the plan. Thank you. 👍🏽1

1) Have you added any user recording tracking to the page? To see if there are certain areas on the website that are common bounce spots?
2) Have you implemented any type of retargeting on Facebook (I know you said you're focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) right now, but retargeting visitors should still be +EV)
3) Get someone skilled with copy to review the pages and provide you with feedback.
4) Get someone skilled in User experience (UX) to review the pages and give you feedback
5) Implement some sort of A/B testing on the pages to see if you have better conversion rates with different button placements, contact forms, colours, phrases etc.
6) Consider a pop up survey or something, temporarily, triggered at a certain point on the pages, and try asking your visitors for feedback 7) Check reviews of your primary competitors and see what clients are very happy about – try to incorporate some of their wording/benefits into your pages.
I'm sure I could think of a few more, but these should keep you busy enough.
Also, please keep in mind that you have relatively few clicks, specifically for catering. 11-15 visitors, even with strong intent, might just not be enough to get a conversion. 👍🏽1
Just cause a business is higher in rankings .. just because you have done an incredible job with organic rankings … just because the Click Through Rate (CTR) is through the roof…
DOESNT mean they are going to call!
Our first Client was a restaurant … we increased their ranking from page 10+ to page 3 so far and climbing but their photo views on Google My Business (GMB) up 6000% their post views up 3400% their ctr is crazy but they still didn’t increase their business .. we sat down and taught them how to make their photos of their food look better on the website as well as social media and that’s was it … people were seeing their food and just thinking yuck and now they see the food and say yum …
Try different things.
But if you are doing everything right and they aren’t getting the calls maybe it is the product or service they are selling and not you. 👍🏽2

Edna » Parker
💯 also includes good reviews from customers. 🙂 👍🏽1
Gautam ✍️ » Parker
Yes, maybe we have to work on the images and social media accounts. We have actual images of the food on the website and I think its time we start social media campaign as well. 👍🏽1
Gautam ✍️ » Edna
They have few reviews from previous clients. All are good. 👍🏽1

You're targeting food truck while you should be targeting catering.

Gautam ✍️ » Santosh
we do have documents for keyword “catering” on website.

Do you have good reviews and photos and social media? These people might need more social proof of the product quality.

Gautam ✍️ » Steve
they do have good review on GMB listing. I will be launching Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign coming week.
Steve » Gautam
cool cool. Yeah sometimes people just need to see multiple messages from a company to get it in their head. That might be why doing ppc and organic and social could have some impact 👍 👍🏽1

Every wednesday bring lunch to a different realtors office in your area for free. Make a nice catering flier with a few sample packages that you can do for open houses. If your truck isn't embarrassing for them to be seen with it at the home, you could get a ton of business from it. I know I did but that's also 30 years ago.


This may satisfy you: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Versus Pay per Lead (PPL)

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