Verified A GMB page of A Service Business Without a Physical Address through a Video Meeting

Anyone verified a Google My Business (GMB) page through a video meeting? I have one scheduled for Friday. Just looking for tips. My last page was suspended and I ended up deleting it. Service business not a physical address.


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Cody ✍️
verified a GMB page of a service business without a physical address through a video meeting

Cody ✍️
verified a GMB page of a service business without a physical address through a video meeting

Srinath Rangaswamy 👑🎩
1.If you are parking the work vehicle outside your home or apartment, pl buy a cover for it & have it covered & remove it during the video process.
2. Have the vehicle docs & insurance updated & ready to be shown in a folder.
3. The license plates & business name (signage) should be clearly legible & visible.
4. Show them your toolbox & other work accessories including your work apron/jacket.
All the best

Cody ✍️ » Srinath Rangaswamy
Thank you for the tips! Do you know if signage is required? It's a new business so my truck doesn't have advertising on it yet.
Srinath Rangaswamy 👑🎩 » Cody
When last time I gave advice about a work vehicle, I asked whether it had signage. The gentleman replied 'its a work vehicle, what do you think' or something of that sort, hence assumed 😀
Cody ✍️
I plan to do a full vehicle wrap, but that is $3,000-$5k 😬.
Srinath Rangaswamy 👑🎩 » Cody
It is a must. You can slip on temporary decal until you get a permanent paint job or superior quality decal pasted.

Yup, did it for a locksmith client. They had to annoyingly add some signage in their garage/workshop and showed a video walkthrough of their van etc with all business branding. Ended up going through fine, but it depends on who you get as well I think
Make sure to have invoices of past work to customers and or that you receive, a fictitious business license along with business cards proving your existence.
I know late to make, but having a car magnet with your business instead of a car wrap should be okay as you explain you are just starting out.
If you have these, you should be okay. Good luck…
Cody ✍️
I had my video consult with Google Friday afternoon. I just received an email that it was suspended. I showed everything that was asked immediately. My vehicle with signs. Business cards. And my connected pressure washing trailer with business sign.
I'm so frustrated with Google.
Is it possible to have multiple GMB pages for service areas? That's the only thing I can think of that's causing the suspension. My other page is only a "side hustle" that I honestly don't even care about that much, which of course is verified no problem.

Srinath Rangaswamy 👑🎩 » Cody
Sorry to hear about this. During the previous discussions here, we never came to know that you had more GMBs in nearby areas and hence the focus was on making sure you are ready for the video audit (assuming you only had the one GMB to prove to Google that you were legit).
Cody ✍️ » Srinath Rangaswamy
Is that against the terms? Having multiple service area businesses?
Srinath Rangaswamy 👑🎩 » Cody
Need to have more information and Google would have evaluated at least the following.
a. Where are these other GMBs located (proximity or closeness to one another)?
b. What was the purpose of creating additional GMBs?
c. Could these areas be served by the primary GMB (the one that is under suspension now) without resorting to adding more GMBs?
d. How are you/your business connected to these service area business (SAB) addresses?
e. Is the side-hustle GMB in the same category as the main Google My Business (GMB)?
Cody ✍️ » Srinath Rangaswamy
A. San Antonio, Texas. Both business are ran from my home address. 1 is for a pressure washing company (the suspended profile) and the other is for a demolition/junk removal company.
B. Both businesses are separate legally registered businesses in my state.
C. No, I don't believe this to be practical as they are different registered businesses performing separate trades.
D. I have my domain for each business setup in Google Workspace. My personal email is my workspace account, and what I've been using to communicate with Google. This account is listed as an Owner on each business. I have each Google My Business (GMB) page setup with it's respective domain account as the primary owner.
Should I remove having a secondary owner? Is that causing conflicts? I believe I have done everything to follow Googles terms and also for simplicity sake to manage the pages effectively.
Srinath Rangaswamy 👑🎩 » Cody
Things are much clearer now. I thought the side-hustle was closely linked to the main business category. Let me review this in the light of new information.
Cody ✍️ » Srinath Rangaswamy
Thank you so much. Here is each page as viewed as the primary owner of each.
Cody ✍️
verified a GMB page of a service business without a physical address through a video meeting

Cody ✍️ » Srinath Rangaswamy
Each business has it's own phone number and domain. However the demolition page is not setup yet. My pressure washing page is a work in progress still. Both business were established in July of this year so they are new and I'm trying to get them established.
Srinath Rangaswamy 👑🎩 » Cody
Okay. Opening two different businesses at almost the same time at the same address may have triggered the algorithm. In hindsight, you could perhaps have waited for a few months and have the first business settle down and also added lot of citations for the 2nd business before applying for the verification.
Cody ✍️ » Srinath Rangaswamy
Yes unfortunately I cannot go back in time 😔. I cannot seem to explain to Google that this is a real business, even though I've sent them official documents of the business formation.
Do you have any suggestions for a path ahead to get verified?
Srinath Rangaswamy 👑🎩 » Cody
1. Get a website ready for pressure washing and add plenty of knowledge-based articles about pressure washing that establish you as an expert. Have you as the author and link the articles to your author bio and social media profiles, if any.
2. Get 50 – 60 quality citations in the San Antonio area (look at the ones your competitors have) adding your residence in the NAP and making sure that the website is linked in the citation. You can also use this opportunity to update the side-hustle citations also. You can update the address on the citations later after the verification is complete.
3. Update social media profiles of A-10 including the pressure washing business in – FB, Instagram, YT, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
4. Get a PR done (after the website is ready) announcing to your community that you now do pressure washing also.
There are many other things that can be done but this is a good start.
This is the template you should have followed earlier.

Andrew Huskinson 🎓🎩
Whats the 'side hustle'?

Srinath Rangaswamy 👑🎩 » Andrew Huskinson
It is in my comment thread.

Andrew Huskinson 🎓🎩 » Ben Fisher
Can you help here?

Ben Fisher 🎓🎩
There may be other factors, but having two Service Area Businesses (SAB)s verified at the same address is going to be a killer for sure. Even if they are separate entities. Did you provide a separate utility bill? (in the business name)
Andrew Huskinson 🎓🎩
I had several GmBs registered at each of two addresses. Self owned but in clearly different business categories. Its quiet legal for an entity to own several other entities in all countries with the rule of law. Use Suite or Unit nos for additional ones, register in the USA or similar postal administrations. If you lease space the landlord should have assigned such numbers already if they have done due diligence. Interestingly I found the Google My Business (GMB) Help Group when one Service Area one was suspended for having an address. I had a nice business bringing in £12,000 a year sitting in bed listening to Jethro Tull till GMB started offering phone back support. Useful at the time. If people are having trouble with the low level support staff and verification just send a letter to Google Legal as its a restraint of trade not verifying any free GMB entry for a legal entity. You could try to sue for lost income I suppose.

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