Ways to Generate Leads for Attorneys without Paying Ads

Outside of Google Ads, can anyone suggest ways to generate leads for attorneys?
Don't say FB or Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


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Cold emailing. Just got one of my clients a meeting with a CEO running a legal services agency mainly personal injury attorneys and lawyers.

Charlie ✍️ » Uddin
Cold email? You cold email people and say "Have you been injured in an accident"?
Uddin » Charlie
Bro cold emails are for B2B email outreach!
See, we target CEOs/Owners/Managing Partners and pitch our services! My client runs a legal directory where they make profiles of attorneys based on areas and rank them on google. So those who signup for our services are displayed on the directory.
So I do cold emailing for my client and get them leads for their legal services directory.
Basically, you need to do reverse science here and cold email directory owners and get displayed on their sites!

Directory ads, there are attorney-specific directories out there and you can pay for a higher position than other attorneys. High investment but essentially a guaranteed return with the right directory.
Make sure to use a tool like SEMrush or some free SEO tool to make sure that the directory has solid metrics to justify the spend. If possible request a sample sheet of leads or analytics from one week or month from the directory… good ones should be able to provide this for you
Affiliate marketing

Charlie ✍️ » Clayton
Affiliate marketing? How?
Clayton » Charlie
Create a contract around what your clients would pay for leads and what qualifies as a lead, and see if any local marketers would be interested in getting bounties for any qualified leads they send your client's way.
Charlie ✍️ » Clayton
This one may be the most interesting. Money is the issue here with this firm. Trying to come up with out of the box ideas.
Clayton » Charlie
This is what I do for a pest control client. The bounty is about $35 per lead for online form submissions and $40 for phone calls. The key is making sure you have the right qualifiers in place to minimize paying for poor leads. For example:
1. Zip must be in a serviceable area
2. The issue is something your client can service
3. Phone calls have to at least be a certain length of time.
Figure out the Loan-to-Value Ratio (LTV) for your client, what the current conversion rate is for people that either call or visit their site, and estimate how many leads they'd have to pay a bounty for to get 1 good one, so you can price the bounties accordingly.

Onlyfans 😛
– Content Marketing through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Look for problems within niches, answer industry problems, and simply funnel them back to your offers.
– GMB listings
– Directory listings
– Affiliate networks (refferals)
– LinkedIn (networking)
– YouTube* is also a viable option for content marketing.
SEO all day. No need to pay for ads when a site ranking for industry specific keywords can capture organic traffic 👍

Charlie ✍️ » Mike
Not so simple when you are dealing with personal injury lawyers. Especially when competing against the nation's largest law firm. You need other methods.

Face..uuhhh… Twitter and Pay-Per-Click (PPC)… Actually, if you write some articles or even a blog of some sort, answering common questions, educating on things you would like your potential client to know and understand, etc. Add Call-To-Action (CTA) and a lead capture form (ex. "Join our mailing list…" or "Get In Touch With Us"…) for them to fill out their name, email, phone number. You could get leads right from your site.


Given the fact that you've asked a question about a general niche it's clear that you need additional education on the topic.
Not trying to be mean just truthful. You will never ever rank anywhere or for anything for the term "attorneys.'
You need to focus on micro-niches within the niches no matter what you do. How many people search for the term "attorney' when they need a criminal attorney or an injury attorney or a tax attorney? And think smaller than those.

Charlie ✍️ » Dave
Thank you for your comment but I'm not trying to rank for "attorney" and I don't need education on the topic.
We do work on niches for them. Sorry you misunderstood my question.

Two possible solutions:
B2B leads: LinkedIn (but you will have to work on it on several levels) & Local SEO (Google My Business (GMB))
B2C leads: Local SEO (GMB), since most people are looking for a local attorney.
I did SEO for a law firm for 4 years. They would get a lot of leads from Yelp. It cost a lot and they were usually in the top 3 of the highest reviewed law firms in the area.

Charlie ✍️ » Martin
Can you define "cost a lot"?
Martin » Charlie
They were spending $10k-$20k per month at the time

I worked with a debt attorney and we used a few different outlets to generate leads. It took me several months to get his GMB #1 for several competitive keywords in a very competitive city/niche. In the meantime we with worked with Martin Del Nolo for lead generation on directories and we ran Yelp ads to some degree of success while I worked on my clients local SEO.
Why wouldn't we say Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in an SEO group?
But seriously.
Networking. BNI. Chambers of commerce. Boards of Trade. Referrals. Word of mouth. Joint Ventures.
Organic outreach and content on FB, LinkedIn. Local SEO, National SEO (if it makes sense), GMB for maps. YouTube ads. Cell targeting tech. Being featured in the news. HARO, CNN.
Traditional ad buying. Bus benches, radio, TV, Spotify, billboard. Newspapers. Newsletters.
Write a book, publish it on Amazon – go on a book tour.
Get interviews on podcasts. Make your own podcast.
Start your own YouTube channel. Syndicate your video content across roku and other TV channels.
There's literally hundreds of methods to generate leads available – and it's not specific to attorneys – all businesses can utilize the same methods.

Earl informative buddy!
Charlie ✍️ » Earl
Because I'm already doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for them and they are on a small budget. Thanks for the info. It is useful


This might help! I know you don't want to hear SEO but according to studies search is how people find attorneys.
How Do People Find and Choose a Lawyer? Answers from a Focus Group – Juris Digital

Charlie ✍️ » Richelle
For the most part I know the answer to my question. My client has a small budget. We live in a large market dominated by the biggest law firm in the U.S.
I have a call with them and wanted to double-check to make sure I'm not missing anything beforehand.
Thanks for the share
Richelle » Charlie
So I assume you aren't against SEO you are just looking for something outside the box… yes?
I saw someone mention referral groups like BNI. I have a client that does mostly bankruptcy and family law. She was in our referral group. She got and gave TONS of business with the realtor in the group. Accountants are also good. So IF they want to go this route, look and make sure the group has good referral partners in there.
Charlie ✍️ » Richelle
So look for referral groups to join? Interesting suggestion for sure.
Richelle » Charlie
Depends on their areas of practice of course.
Closing attorney – mortgage, Realtors, financial advisors, accountants etc..

What area of law? What works for a PI lawyer won't work for an attorney specializing in land use, and vice versa.

Charlie ✍️ » Frank
Why won't it work?
The buyers journey is completely different.
A hospital needing an attorney to handle issues related to building an expansion on a neighboring lot isn't Googling "land use lawyer near me"—they're relying on their network.
People don't ask for referrals on Facebook if they're declaring bankruptcy, unlike the way they might ask for a referral for an estate attorney to put together a will for them.

You can try social media but without technical SEO or landing pages on a website optimized in conjunction with where you're trying to send them so they sign up I think that that's all you can do social media if you're looking for digital platform that doesn't have anything to do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
So you want to create leads without social media, paid ads, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Go knock on some doors in the area.

Charlie ✍️ » Matthew
It's not that I don't want to. I'm asking for the sake of my client that doesn't have a big budget. Sometimes when you ask questions like these in groups, you get out of the box suggestions and ideas. That's why I posted it.
Matthew » Charlie
That was an 'out of the box' suggestion. Get out of your box. Go meet people let them know. You've eliminated the internet with your restrictions so use the old school playbook.
Charlie ✍️ » Matthew
So aggressive geez lol
Matthew » Charlie
I think you're attributing a tone that isn't there.


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