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Hey all 👋🏻 I'm Umar, Website Speed Optimization & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultant.
Here's a short case study of a website on which I worked for almost 3 months and these are stats that we are able to achieve so far. See attached photos.
Keep up the read to see what was the reason that helped me to take the website at this level and improving the traffic by 83%.
So, I was approached by this client and the website was failing Core Web Vitals. That being said, the crucial part was to solve all those elements.
📄 AMP Pages
One thing that was disturbing the in the process of Page Speed was AMP. So, I needed to remove the amp from all pages and then setting up proper redirects for all before moving to the next part.
Remember: If you don't do the redirections part properly, the website will show 404 error for each indexed page.
Now, let's get to the Core Web Vitals (CWV) – the important one!
💯 Core Web Vitals
Unfortunately, the website traffic dropped from 6.5K to 2.8K due to this factor only. How I'm so sure? Because, they didn't touch the website and it started losing the traffic on daily basis 📉
Besides core web vitals, the website also had some technical issues that were directly related to speed.
To improve the site speed, you really need to work on reducing load time (by optimizing CSS Javascript, compressing and optimizing images) and reducing requests to server.
Here server-side optimization plays its part, don't forget to optimize DB tables and other server-side issues (most of the speed optimizers ignore this!)
PSI and GT Metrix, these are just SCORES. I don't focus on them much!
The reason is straightforward: The issues that are causing issues should be fixed. No matter what scores are.
Google Page Speed Insights tests your website in a 3G internet environment and that's way too slow. Most of our targeted audience has good internet connection.
Moreover, these are not the scores that Google considers while sending the error in Google Search Console as Page Speed Insights shows Lab Data while Google considers field data.
And field data only comes from real-world user experience i.e., how was the experience of user when landed on your website.
So finally, this part was done and now the need of hour was to analyze the issue of website to increase traffic with current resources.
🤖 Auditing
After that, I audited the website thoroughly. Yes! I did this part after speed optimization because in my opinion, that needed to be done first.
Rather than just using tools to do the audit. I changed approached a little bit to see what actually the website was missing rather than having all elements completed.
So, starting from On Page and then moving to technical aspects, I realized they were missing one important thing: Schema! Along with some issues of internal linking.
For off page auditing, I made the use of Ahrefs, and the website didn't actually have much backlinks. You can see, the DR is 4.2 ONLY.
Moving further, I chose to solve the On Page and Technical SEO issues first before starting link building campaign.
✅ Fixing Issues
As I mentioned earlier, the website was missing one goldmine i.e., Schema.
So, after internal linking and the fixing other On Page SEO issues, I implemented Schema categorically.
After dividing the pages into schema types, I did all in batches (implementing same type of schema on similar kind of pages).
And rest if the history! I didn't touch the title tags or metas of website and you can see the improvement in CTR.
🙋🏻‍♂️ How much posts website have & DR of website?
The website is having ONLY 27 posts with 15 pages, it's obvious that TOS and other essential pages are there.
Moreover, the DR is JUST 4.2. Yes, you read that right! We haven't done any link building campaign yet, and most of the keywords are already winning featured snippets!
One more thing, website is currently having 10K+ email list 😊
🙋🏻‍♂️ How website is having this much traffic while having much less posts?
Topical Authority & E-A-T. The client is writer himself and he is a doctor.
I didn't prefer to hire another resource because the keywords were already following the SILO structure we had in mind.
🤔 Questions?
Don't hesitate to ask if you have any question in mind (in comments). I'll answer them.
Plus, do let me know what did you learn from this Case Study.


website core web vitals CWV optimation

website core web vitals CWV optimation

website core web vitals CWV optimation

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How will you approach link building?

Umar » Jay
#1. Help A Reporter Out (HARO) (Due to nature of this website. It can be a goldmine)
#2. Email Outreach
(We can't go with broken link building and sky scraper technique … because there is no opportunity to do that)
People search for a specific medical problem and keywords are like how to, what to do .. etc

Ansari » Umar
Why Core Web Vitals (CWV) issues occurs? What are the reasons & how we can Skip or bypass these core web vital issues before losing rankings? One of my client had CWV & he lost 80% revenue along with 70% of traffic. What's your opinion

Umar » Ansari
#1. Why occurs? It depends on a lot of factors. Structure of website, design elements, loading of files and how heavy they are ..
If you want to read in depth about it, here you go:
#2. How to fix before losing the rankings?
This is one my those steps that I normally do after starting a new website.
I set up all essential speed things and once have 10 or 20 posts. I fix the remaining issue. This way my personal websites never faced CWV issue. Though clients approaches when they see error in their search console.
#3. Client revenue went down?
It totally depends. May be they are not focusing on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). If you haven't touched anything … then may be this Core Web Vitals (CWV) is the cause of it.
You have to analyze in detail.
I hope it clears now.

best way to create schema for a personal blog

Umar » Gaurav
Sorry. Didn't get it.
There is no best way to implement schema because it's piece of code.
You have to see the type of page and decide accordingly what kind of schema you can implement.
Moreover, you can create schema of each element on the page … menu footer or anything you name it. But I only focus on rich schemas such as FAQs, Rating, Local Business ..

Which plugin did you use for speed optimization or you did manually?

Umar » Uddin
I use Wp rocket for front end optimization and other tasks are done manually except image optimization.
Uddin » Umar
Thank you!
One more query:
Do you buy a new wp rocket for each client or do you use gpl or unlimited version as I face this issue a lot (some people say gpl is not recommend, some say it is recommended)?
Umar » Uddin
Most clients have their own already.
If needed, I configure new one.
Denis In the last update they improved some options and with them, my site mobile score on page speed Insights increased from 8 to 90. Brilliant!
Umar » Denis
It totally depends on website. We can't just enable all for every website rather my approach is to test it after each major step such as file optimization.


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