Website Design Affects SEO in SERPs

Sarah Thomson
I've had my website on Google page 1 results for at 15 years (no joke). Suddenly I'm on page 3?! What could be happening here? I've not been hacked-and I don't think there's anything I could have been penalized for either..


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Tripper Swift
I would first look at Google Search Console (GSC) and see how your actual average position has changed vs a tool or googling yourself. Just to get a few more pieces of the puzzle. Also GSC would show potential problems and a ton of other helpful data.
I have seen a lot of sites basically living off the age of the domain get knocked down but generally not that far.
Jade N Sherry
Don't count on specific and actionable help without a url…

Sarah Thomson ✍️
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Alex Carpenter
Content is extremely sparse. It is lacking most necessary things for a professional business website these days. Your page speed score isn't terrible but it isn't accurately measuring it because the site content is so sparse. Your server speed is relatively atrocious. 2.2s for GtMetrix isn't terrible – but for 367Kb it is pretty high – if I have one at that size it loads in less than .5s with a fully designed site.
Your Ahrefs and SEMrush profiles are also pretty sparse. It doesn't show you've ever had much traffic and you only have 7 keywords that you rank for in the top 100 – and most of these are your brand name. These are primarily because you are missing a backlink profile. Most of your links are dofollow branding tags on clients sites (which you could get punished for but usually don't)
Also your internal linking structure is pretty lacking.
Recommendations – Write real content – 800-1200 words per page. Sign up for a local citation service – brightlocal, SEMrush, yext (which is SEMrush), moz, do it manually, whatever – you have some of these but not all, or at least the tools aren't finding them. Sign up for all relevant portfolio sites – yelp, g2, agency spotter, behance, sortfolio, etc. Do backlink gap on the people ranking better to find what is necessary for your niche. Change the branded footer links to no follow just in case. Get better hosting. Set up all necessary social media – I don't even pull up a Google My Business (GMB) for you at the moment.
Stockbridge Truslow 🎩
Alex covered the link profile thing above. Let's look at some other things…
It's been a while since I looked at the results for "Web Design" related topics so… that's where I need to start.
"Web Design" doesn't bring up web design companies – it brings up informational results… what it is, how to do it, and that sort of thing.
"Web Design Firms" doesn't bring up (many) individual companies companies – it tends to bring up comparative sites (Top 10 Company Lists and that sort of thing). It makes sense… that term indicates you're looking for help in choosing one – so sites that (supposedly) help you make an informed decision and compares them is more useful than a list of sites. (Supposedly… from what I'm seeing, it feels like Google is getting spoofed a bit here – so this will likely roll back to a better mix at some point in the not too distant future. I imagine based upon the generally crappy/sponsored results that this is a relatively new thing and probably one that came about during the reviews update a month or two ago).
I don't start to get actual web design companies being listed until I do a "near me" or "some location name" type search. And of course, those are localized results. Once we do that, of course, it's going to list sites Google knows are in the area or that they have the location in their defined service area.
So… I'm not sure which terms you're seeing the drop for, but… if it's "Web design firms" with no location… I feel for you. Looks like Google has decided (albeit somewhat poorly) that it's a search with a "comparative" intent. And then it's surfacing pretty much paid garbage (at least for me right now). Since it's bad, we have to have strong hopes that this will adjust over time and go back to something better – which might bring you back.
If it's "Web Design Marin" or something like that… then your problem is that you don't have any local optimization done. No GMB profile, no structured data to define your business, your services, and your service area. This local optimization is mission critical for sites like yours right now – even if the former term is the one you are seeing the drops in. If Google does start to mix individual firms back into the mix, it'll still likely have some comparison sites in there – and the individual companies will likely be localized, too.
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