What Are Better Plugins to Help the Ranking of a Website?

I know a lot of you work with WordPress websites. My daughter has a WordPress site and I am wanting to make sure I have the best plugins for her site to help it rank. What are your suggestions?


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Do plug-ins help a site rank?

James ✍️ » Larry
I believe so like speed etc
Marko » Larry

The thing with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is that typically it's best to cover everything you can so that you can rank well and stay on top. BUT you also really do not need to cover every aspect in order to rank well, in some cases, a lot of cases if its local. Especially when it comes to your website speed, which when it comes to ranking on Google is actually core web vitals, not just page load speed. That being said Google uses that ranking factor as a TIE BREAKER. If Google likes your overall website better than your competition and your CONTENT, your website will typically rank higher. Now, if your website and a competitors were much the same as a whole including content Google would now look at CORE WEB VITALS as the next ranking factor to rank one higher than the other. So check out your competitors core web vitals score vs your score and see if it's even worth doing and maybe focusing on other areas. This is assume your website does not currently have a horrible core web vitals score. As in when it load on mobile people went wait and they will leave. Briefly, some other factors of core web vitals are how long it takes for you main element to load, header pic (usually) or the largest element on the page. Also they look at Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), cumulative layout shift. This is if you have elements, images – that initially load and than visually shift. For example: When a website is loading but you don't realize it still loading and you go to click on a link and it suddenly shift up or down causing you to click on another link – users hate that and it's all about user experience!
keep plugins to a minimum. just make sure your loading speed is good, you can play with your SEO title and meta description, you can add schema markup on some things (breadcrumbs, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) etc). but basically, ranking is a matter of what you put in there (content) and how you structure (internal linking). and I don't say this like "keep it to what you can do", not at all. so many plugins make so many promises, but in fact – it simply doesn't matter. I still rank very well with plain html websites, made in notepad 🙂
Use only Yoast SEO, schema markup,
And make sure any other edit on the theme should be done manually e.g related post..
Code this by yourself and make sure no error in coding tag.
This will help your website a lot, in terms of great SEO and site spead…
Try this and thank me later
Need more SEO tip
Kindly hit me up SIR
This is the rule of thumb that I followed for plugins before you install make sure that it's been updated at least within a few weeks make sure more than that that it is compatible with the version of WordPress that you have and read the reviews before installing but even more important than all of that make a backup of the site before installing any plugin
Hi James…
I don't mean to sound like an alarmist but if you are looking to rank the website you do not need to be looking at plugins.
Third party plugins are meant to ease a certain function or feature for the user.
If you need an SEO plugin, you have Yoast, RankMath and more.
If you want a page builder you have Elementor, Thrive, Divi and more.
Using too many plugins will add unnecessary bloat to your site's code making it very slow and prone to crash for plugin script conflicts.
If your end goal is to rank then plugins aren't the answer.
However, if you wanna build a beautiful website and make some features easy, then you can consider looking into plugins.


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