What Are On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO?

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**Edit: the diagram below is not a comprehensive list of all processes for each type of macro-level SEO. There are dozens
Hey everyone! Based on the SEO test I created, I wanted to follow up with the three macro types of SEO.
From a macro level there is:
On Page SEO
Off Page SEO
Technical SEO
Most, if not all SEO tasks or processes can fit into these three categories at a glance and depending on which practices you excel at or prefer to preform, usually means you lean towards one category or another.
Example: A Technical SEO focuses on the technically-rich aspects of a website. Things like Domain Name System (DNS) record canonicalization, how a website is silo'd, crawl depth and so forth. In contrast, an off-page SEO will focus mostly on backlinks, social media signals, citations and off site practices.
A lot of people have asked me if you can be both or all three?
My answer is that yes, you can. The true goal should be to understand all of these processes and aspects of SEO so you can harmonize your website or dfigital property with the wants and needs of a search engine.
In addition, there is a lot of overlap in these areas. For example, schema is a form of technical SEO (As you need an understanding of how condensed micro-formatting helps spiders), but is also applied to the front end of a website, as whatever is in your schema also has to be available in plain text.
Is one better than another?
Absolutely not! We all have our strengths and weaknesses and being able to categorize them effectively allows us to continue to grow and better understand search engine optimization from a over-arching, 50000 ft view-point in the air, while carrying out individualized tasks in each category.
Did you come up with this idea, Mew?
No, I did not. When I first started learning SEO I ran across an infographic such as this one and I began to "silo" my processes into three different categories to keep how I preform SEO straight in my own head, while keeping an eye on which areas I need improvement in.
If you adopt this thinking process you can then start to determine which circle you function the most in and how to balance it.
How can I improve?
Honestly, I wish there was a guide or website that was the end all be all to understanding every micro-aspect of these categories, but there really isn't.
A lot of it comes down to you asking questions and trying to expand your own breadth of knowledge.
SEO can be a rabbit hole for some and when you learn something new, it leads to more questions. The only advice I can offer is to silo these questions off into these categories, find your answers and then to keep them in your tool bag for implementation.
And always remember my friends…SEO today with the future in mind!
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what are on page off page and technical seo

I am horrific at technical SEO…pretty good at the rest

Mew 👑✍️
Technical SEO honestly bores most people. It takes a particular mindset in my opinion.
Martin » Mew 👑
you are a good tech seo for sure. I can confirm it by what you post and the way you respond
Mew 👑✍️ » Martin
– You are absolutely correct! My main focus is on page but I do very well in technical. Off page is my weakest link if we're being completely honest. I like to personally focus on the things I am in control of as it pertains to SEO, rather than leaving my off page up to networks and audiences not owned by myself.

great stuff 👍👍. i haven't seen the test you made, but quite right – you don't need to be legends at all aspects of seo. but definitely need a good understanding to be able to say what is needed to make the most impact for a site/client. personally, i know I'm not good at offpage – take technical/on-page any day!!

Mew 👑✍️
Spot on!
Knowing where you excel and what you can always be working on helps you become better over the long run as well. SEO is a marathon and takes years to understand all of these aspects; and a lot of the time when you begin to a new algorithm comes out lol! Off page is also my weakness with technical/on-page being my go-to. I like having control over the signal factors in the algorithm, where as off-page leaves it somewhat in the hands of other platforms.
Oh, here's the test if you want to take it! Would love to see if it's accurate for you.
Are you an On-Page, Off-page or Technical SEO | Bet You Don't Know

How long have you been "SEOing" you're very informed.

Mew 👑✍️ » Tee_Rex
– To answer your question my friend, I have been an SEO and digital marketer for almost 12 years! Time sure does fly when you're having fun lol!
Tee_Rex » Mew 👑
wow that's a lot…a lot
Mew 👑✍️ » Tee_Rex
– How about you? How long have you been SEO'ing and what got you started down this path?
Mew I've just been less than a year lol! But been studying digital marketing for about 3 years now.
I just "mistakenly" created a "how to" post on my website. Didn't have any intention to rank or anything like that (was just looking to get visitors engaged) and then voilà…I'm number 1 for a couple queries related to that keyword…in a little less than 5 months (started ranking in 1)
That got me pumped to learn more about SEO.

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Why you didn't consider page load speed and the most imp factor UX?

Mew 👑✍️ » Farhan

Hey there Farhan. I definitely consider page speed and UX an important factor. Probably some of the most important factors. The diagram above is just for example really 🙂
Farhan » Mew 👑
i always follow your instructions. Specially when you post on seo signal labs 😊

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Остојић » Mew 👑
i think you're missing a few things in Technical SEO, and what probably 99% don't know about. One is hosting an other is speed. Google also watches for Private Blog Network (PBN) with website hoarding, so if there are more then 3 website from the same IP and host they get a negative index. And the other is speed ( witch is tied to hosting and website structure) as speed is linked to the bounce rate and that is one of the factors that google calculates in.

Mew 👑✍️ » Остојић

Hey bud! Thanks for pointing this out.
The above diagram is just meant to be used as an example. There are dozens of tasks that fall under each category of SEO. These are just a few in each category to help people understand that each task can be categorized. Thank you for expanding on the topic! 🙂


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