What are SEO Expert or SEO Specialist terms?

I don't understand how one can write "
SEO Expert" or "
SEO Specialist" after spending 1.5 years in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) profession?
Please someone explain this. Is it confidence or overconfidence?
Or maybe in those 1.5 years, they really have explored and experimented a lot… and gained so much work experience.


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That's usually the case for any unlicensed, unstructured industry. An attorney would not call himself an expert when applying to a lawfirm while just completing the BAR.
Also, especially with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (and Pay-Per-Click (PPC)), I've seen where someone has great success suddenly with one niche, one strategy, and feel like they can call themselves an expert. I think that's likely what's going on.

Dharmendra » Hatala
Agree with you

I've always hated the term "Specialist" for anything. By the very nature of the word, it means, "That's all I'm good at." That may be true, but it's not really a selling point. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), especially, is about a much bigger picture than just the SEO itself. SEO thrives on a holistic approach, not a "specialized" one.
And to be honest, I've been doing SEO since Alta Vista was the only search engine in town and it's always been that way. I'd say that (probably far) less than 10% of the people making a living in SEO today are people that I would consider an "expert" in it. I guess some ARE actually decent experts at the one or two aspects of it that they focus on. But most really just have a working knowledge of many aspects. And really… if "SEO Expert" means that you are an expert in every aspect of SEO, I think I've only ever talked to or heard of fewer than 50 in the entire world.
Even I, with 20+ years in the biz don't consider myself an "SEO" expert. I'll call myself a "Technical SEO Expert" sometimes because that's true… but ask me about link building techniques, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies, or things in those areas and you'd be better off getting advice from your left shoe. I understand those things in terms of how my area of expertise and those things intersect, but that's about it.
Anyone can self-proclaim anything. Just beware!
Though, the ones I can't stomach the most are those who imply they are experts, not explicitly say so. You can see it in their posts and answers. They usually cherry pick certain graphs (websites they own or manage in easy niches) and brag about the results without giving any context.

Keith L Evans 🎓
Hey Magdi,
So true. Let us keep fighting the good fight!

I've been doing it 13 years and I call myself SEO Consultant – because we advise, guide, coach and strategic.
Realistically at 1.5 years experience, you're only an SEO executive (ie. A do-er of things) because you won't have enough experience across different clients or industries to have a repertoire of methods, results and technical situations to call upon when consulting.

Corina after working for 13 years as SEO. Would you prefer to work for yourself as SEO or work for clients?
Corina » Soni
I'm self employed since 2014. I worked directly for clients first, then web agencies, so I've seen all sides. Definitely better to work for yourself as I didn't like the rushing about, unethical decisions and lack of resources in agencies
Corina so are you full-time blogger now or what exactly you do in SEO for yourself after all the experience you got.
Corina » Soni
SEO consultant, working with clients all over the world. I'm not a "blogger" but I do write content for clients. I do a lot of technical architecture, restructure sites, I rip things apart and put them back together much better. 😊


Keith L Evans 🎓
And yet there are some who use Dr on their LinkedIn, then create fake universities, with fake degrees, with fake business reviews. All in the name of impressing and deceiving people.
And some snakes use Photoshop or even claim to have worked at Google.
When you cant make it, you fake it (especially in the beginning). And soon their lies of magic will turn into miracles only wielded by an SEO God!
Because only lying allows them to become larger than themselves.

Allen » Keith L Evans
Why do I feel like you are speaking specifically about a former member here
Keith L Evans 🎓
many of the rats have been banished

It's a keyword.

Allen » Aasim
This. I know OMG was teaching people to target "SEO Expert" at least several years ago when I was still paying attention. You could always tell the OMG grads because they would show up on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for a bunch of cities with "SEO Expert" in the title tags'

and what should they write? SEO onthewaytobecome?
Besides, you can never measure skills like that. I've seen people going to the gym for 5 years and they still look like the first day they went, and then I've seen other people showing results after 6 months.
Have you considered passion, determination, and persistence in your measurement?
And just this one: There are SEO "experts" because of the years spent calling themselves SEO. Lazy to go through those 8h per day working.
And then there are these SEO Specialists I know that don't sleep " 'cos there's too much going on in the industry right now" and have been doing that for less than 8 months.
Let people wear the title they are paid to wear. And most importantly, let them be proud of their own achievements.

Ivana excellent points

I know people with a couple years experience who are killing it and I know people with 20+ years experience who are stuck in a wraped time capsule. So ya, if a person delivers, he can call himself an SEO specialist in my books.
I've met SEO users with 2-3 years under their belt that are better than SEO users with 10+ years of experience. Some just grind harder.
"I don't understand how one can write 'SEO Expert' or 'SEO Specialist' after spending 1.5 years in the SEO profession?"
The industry has no standards. The industry refuses to adopt standards.
Therefore anyone who wants to call themselves an expert, IS an expert. Who is to say otherwise?
It's all semantics. People call themselves entrepreneurs, CEOs, etc all day long.
A title is just that a title. If they can back it up, great. If they can't back it up, it will catch up to them and be revealed In due time.
Do I consider myself an "expert?" No. But my clients introduce me to referrals as an SEO expert or specialist all the time.
Should I ask them to not do that?
I know we all have our pet peeves and our personal quirks when it come to the SEO game and the few scammers out there.
I'm never "that" guy. But today I will be.
Where is the value in running people down because you don't think they deserve to be a specialist?
Instead of going "low key" passive aggressive in an SEO group, why not reach out to said specialists and help them grow to your level?


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