What Are Technical SEO, SEO Specialist | Executive | Consultant | Manager | Analyst | Expert?

Can you explain the difference between the following?
Technical SEO Specialist, SEO Specialist, Executive, Consultant, Manager, Analyst, Expert.
Web Analyst (I thought they are back end and front end web analysts. Not strictly traffic analysts).


I think they are fancy names for the same thing.

Rathore » Nathan » Gergo
Not Exactly if you really need some dedicated stuffs…see a offline marketing person can not modify your CMS codes o fetch maximum SEO efforts these everything have a special thing in it…unless those are faking which is really hard to find such gems working in current world because every other guy is just interested to fool innocent people with such fake impressions and make money thats it…but if you work on your self knowledge increment there are references available across internet with every of that aspect and related works you will know the true worth.👍1
Nathan ✍️ » Rathore
I used to be a web developer.
SEO without coding to me is pointless.
I should market myself as SEO Technician or Technical SEO?
I do the rest as well on site and off site as well.
You could say "All SEO"?🙂.
Rathore » Nathan ✍️
Thats Right Sir, " ALL SEO" we can say for a common understanding people would know only SEO…rest depends on how you present yourself with the solutions for your clients.
Nathan ✍️ » Rathore
So a good 1 line description of what SEO is for the uninformed and in the title.
Technical SEO "Guy" / "Expert"
Rathore » Nathan ✍️
" SEO Expert" would sound good.
Nathan ✍️ » Rathore
I imagined in this format you will not be distinguished from others.
Some other guy suggested.
"Tech SEO Expert" or "Technical SEO Consultant"
What do you think about that?
Rathore » Nathan ✍️
Go with Technical SEO then!👍1
Nathan ✍️ » Rathore

As Gergo.
said, sounds like a bunch of people have tried to make the job title sound fancy.
The main difference would be the technical SEO specialist will be fixing errors on existing sites and not have any SEO work to do such as content or backlink outreach.👍2

Nathan ✍️ » Keefe
I do both.
What Am I?
Could title yourself as "SEO Consultant"
Nathan ✍️ » Keefe
But would have to described exactly everything I have experience in so I guess the title does not really matter…


This may satisfy you: What Are On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO?
Sometimes you have to think in terms of a global marketing company and brake it down into each section but the generic specialist and experts I would say are the same thing.
– Technical: Working with hierarchy’s, schema with much more emphasis on dev.
– SEO Executive & Manager: Managerial based role knowing how to manage employees such as front/back end devs. Overseeing a lot of the work and being reported to. Emphasis lies with them on next stages with more project management.
SEO Consultant: Geared much more towards a client facing role – think digital agency with 100+ clients and reporting to them. Likely to run through audits, answering questions etc.
Web Analyst: Identifying patterns in analytics and making judgements off of this. Similar to a data analyst role and partially UX role.
I think it ultimately boils down to how big the company is as that will determine whether many of these roles are combined into one.👍2
It is a job title… so it gives you context…
Usually the title is giving context is between a) what they do. This is divided up largely by content, outreach, technical, strategy.
Also tells you about the organizations structure. Head of SEO at IBM is very different from head of SEO for your local rental agency.
Can tell you about their background. A web analyst probably has a broader data analytics background, while an SEO analyst probably started in, well, SEO.
Can also tell you about their self inflated ego.
It is also all completely subjective.
Some companies have a "head of digital and content" who write shit blog posts and post on social. Some are in charge of publishing for billion dollar brands.
Is more or less like doctors you have a heart surgeon, a general surgeon. 😀.
Technical is more on back end stuff. SEO expert is but a title someone who knows a bit of everything but can also be a specialist. The rest are positions and roles.
Many things in these roles overlap, but you can def define them: Executive understands business dev and scope; Technical is primarily on-site (crawl error stuff, performance, URL structure and how SEO can work with site programming functions); Consultant understands overview and strategy as well as the basics of technical and executive; Manager understands deliverables and what final results look like and is heavier skilled in project management; analyst would be more into analytics – traffic and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and User Experience (UX); Expert is someone who just took a few training courses last week ; ) .
I hate titles and my mantra has always been 'if you can't understand what they do from their title, don't deal with them' 🙂.
it is same bullshit with scrum…
you have 2 developers and 5 useless idiots around 2 developers “managing” things that they don’t understand.
So… you named those 5 idiots.🤭1

This may satisfy you: Outsourcing an SEO Human or Agency Versus Subscribing to an SEO Resource or Tool

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