What SEO Parts do They Include Duplicate Content in 2022?

The Summary of Discussion 4: What SEO Parts do They Include Duplicate Content?
What SEO include duplicate content?
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This is typically referred as a "Canonical Tag", so I had a client that wanted me to make a Guest Post, but he wanted us to blast it to our press release sites using the same exact content (word by word, copy by copy). Yes it's duplicate, and you can get in trouble. "unless" you tell google that it is a copy from a original source. To code it correctly you would need to add this to your HTML source code. <link rel="canonical" href="https://yoursourcesite.com/your-original-content" />
CAUTION: You have to be very careful, yes it can pass link equity and hammer the searc engine result page (SERP) ranking. But typically we use this per say on sites with slight changes, a good example of this is 1 site showing USD and another site showing a different country currency for a product page. Then this technique is used, but it also can be used to juice up your money/lead/content pages as well. Anyways, this is a bit advance, try to avoid it if possible. Typically you can just put it on your homepage template in the <head>, in case others are linking to your homepage, and also make sure it's not pointing to a no index or robots.txt blocking it.. man the things I have seen out there.

The Summary of Discussion 3: What SEO Parts do They Include Duplicate Content?
I have a successful website locally and I'm willing to replicate it to use in several areas throughout the country with contracting. If I duplicate the website onto a new domain and make several pages and changing the local cities on each page, will google penalize me in the search rankings for having the same content?
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Yes it will.. such sites are for short duration only..
If you wish to try then buy a exact match domain (emd) domain and test your method. Anyhow the leads will fall in your bucket.
You can't be penalized for duplicate content, your content just won't be indexed, that's all
What Jonathan Russel said is correct, you won't get a penalty etc, just spin the content (and then make legible) or get someone on Legiit to rewrite so passes Copyscape and you shouldn't have any issues.
You can add plenty of location pages but each has to have unique content

Rugen ✍️ » Yosef
Can they have some paragraphs with the same content as long as you plug-in the white space with different content to customize?
Yosef » Rugen
let's say for example if every page says “more than 1000 happy customers” that's okay but if every page has the same paragraph like “tire replacement” 500 words – that's a problem

2 options: 1-use one website with multiple subdomains (e.g., nyc.domain.com, chicago.domain.com) This is LOCAL SEO. 2-create multiple websites based on an original website (e.g., domainNYC.com, websiteChicago.com, etc.) This is NATIONAL SEO. In my opinion, with option 1, Google will be less picky when it comes to duplicated content. Option 2: only the original website will be considered as the main website and you will be penalized for duplicated content. One way or the other, you need to create original content for each webpage and each website. BUT, if you go for option 1, you could also create PILLAR CONTENT (indexed by Google) + a mix of DUPLICATED CITY-SPECIFIC CONTENT (and set it to no-index) AND ORIGINAL CITY-CONTENT. There is a way to map the content and the websites, even with contracting, but it is hard to give you a proper solution without knowing more. Just my 2 cents, hope it helps.

Rugen ✍️ » Martin
Sounds good. I like option one. Can that be done in square space or do do they do them as extensions
Martin » Rugen
I would personally avoid Squarespace to do such a project. They have great designs, but not super for SEO. Also, I am not sure about your business model, but if you "sell" or "rent" local pages, executing with WordPress will be easier. I would recommend WordPress (as the Content Management System aka CMS) with Divi or Thrive Themes as the website builder. I use both Divi and Thrive Themes. Divi has a lifetime plan for 149$US if I remember correctly. Web hosting with Siteground (super fast for WordPress) or WPX Hosting (their plan starts with up to 5 websites for 25$/month, I host all my websites with them). For setting subdomains, you may need the help of a web developer to help you with "domain mapping." If you still want to use Squarespace, I would ask their support for help on this.
Rugen ✍️ » Martin
I'm kind of old-school are used to use Dreamweaver but have been away from it for a while. I am aware of WordPress but what's the learning curve after using Squarespace or a Go Daddy web builder
Martin » Rugen
I'm old school too, I had a Coleco and an Atari back in the 80s-90s. There are plenty of tutorials for WordPress, Divi and Thrive Themes. Web hosting companies offer one-click install of WordPress. As for Divi and Thrive Themes, they are both drag-and-drop visual builders, so no need to code any CSS or HTML. Click, Click, Drag and Drop…
Rugen ✍️ » Martin
You may have me beat on old school I'm not sure. I had a Commodore 64 and then I graduated to a 128. And when I was a news reporter in the 80s I had a TRS 80 model 100 with an eight line LCD screen.
I was doing some research and it looks like Squarespace may offer a subdomain.
what seo parts include duplicate content

good news, now the question is: how easy (or hard) is it to transfer your existing content to Squarespace? I used affordable Virtual Assistant on Fiverr to help me do the copy-paste for some projects, it makes the needle move a little bit faster in some cases.
Rugen ✍️ » Martin
Oh I'm going to start my website from scratch. I designed one last week and it's looking good. It's not hard to design another one and duplicate pages.

Definitely something to look out for mate. Iv had clients who were previously hit before for having duplicate content which has affected both their local websites negatively . Always stay clear. Better to spend a little bit more and do it properly and get long lasting results.


This may satisfy you: Thoughts on Keyword Cannibalization in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
The Summary of Discussion 2: What SEO Parts do They Include Duplicate Content?
Hi Everyone! Hope everyone is safe. I have an internal on-page duplicate content question.
Scenario: I have a divorce lawyer website that sells services in all 50 states. The laws are different in each state, so they created a blog page that they have used again and again for each state so that it's uniform for the user and easier to create content quickly. All they have to do is change content that is different and applies to each State. In many cases, I have similar H headings (Average Divorce Settlement in Ohio and Average Divorce Settlement in Maine), charts, bulleted content, and body content have similar standard content and is used for each blog article for each state.
The site Content Management System (CMS) automatically adds a rel="canonical" tag to every new blog article that's posted. It's a custom CMS.
My SEMrush and Ahrefs tools don't show duplication per page. Google Search Console doesn't show duplicates.
But, if I cut/paste the content of Ohio's blog article into Copyscape it matches a lot of words in 15 other State articles. But, their Siteliner tool only picks up dups of Ohio from 4 other internal State URLs.
What do you make of this? What do you do? Do I have to not use that State blog format across all 50 states and instead make each one totally unique? My only idea is to add words (the word count is low) to each State's blog page to get the duplication below 15-20%.
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Mew 👑
Hey Michele,
Without going into great depth of detail, duplicate content on your own website isn't duplicate content.
All of our service contractors that operate in different cities use the same text with the city switched out and they rank page 1, position 1-3 for all terms.
This is not an invalid practice, as the service is remaining the same for all pages and Google is not expecting you to re-write the same content multiple ways.
Have tested this on over 100 websites in local niche…0 record of manual actions or penalties for it.
Hope this helps.

I saw a similar thing. I applied the same for a site. Np at all.

In general you want to mix up the content so they aren't carbon copies of each other.
Mosier ✍️
Thanks, Mew. and Mike. This is exactly why I posted the question! Everyone has a different take on this. I do appreciate your POVs though.
It's like branded products. Do all e-shops having the same description or not…😋
Duplicate content on your website if perfectly OK. And is the most commonly used tactics for Local SEO. You don't need to act on it. Sometimes google may stop crawling some of these pages as it may consider one duplicate to another. In those cases you may have to rehash the whole page or else it will stay in the index but not show in SERPs.
What Ravi
and Mew
said… you can always check how much duplicates you have with Siteliner (com)…

Mosier ✍️
Yep, I used Siteliner with Copyscape to find the issues. Thanks, John

Hi I have also created approx 500 page/blog google don't have any problem and many keywords ranked in top 5 in google local SEO.
Mosier ✍️
Thanks, everyone!


The Summary of Discussion 1: Duplicated Content | Similar Content | Slightly Different Content
shared a link.
Let's talk duplicative content. How major of a concern is this?
I'm trying to build out 10-20 location city service landing pages, and I can write fairly different content for each city, but how does Google view all the testimonials, services, and other boilerplate info on the page?
I'm currently working on the Northern VA/Washington DC pages (under Locations in the menu) and I'm getting worried that my content is too similar. Can anyone check and let me know your thoughts?
MyProMovers | Professional Moving Services in Virginia
We're experienced licensed and insured movers delivering low-stress relocation services whether its around the block or across the country.‍If you need a full team of packers and movers for your home of 30 years, or you’re just moving one item around the block, MyProMovers is the best licensed a…
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Aaha, I'm ace at this stuff. Minimise boilerplate info – create a new footer if need be (a minimalist version), Match the location in the Meta Title, Meta Description, H1, and multiple instances of the location within the content. No thin content – make sure it's at least 700 words minimum. I could go on but don't want to give too much away 🙂

Nick ✍️ » Peter
I'm not a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) pro or trying to take business from anyone, I run this particular company myself. Thanks for the tips. If you wouldn't mind giving me some of your ace pointers via private message, I would be over the moon. 🙂 Thanks again!
Peter » Nick
, I'm not likely to give any more decent points for free. Apart from this one… A webflow.io subdomain is not going to do you any favours at all. You need a credible domain to establish yourself as a brand. Something short and sweet, memorable and preferably a .com. You can either buy expired domains with existing authority (from somewhere like expireddomains.net (i think that's the one) (check the credentials thoroughly) or start with something new… (but bare in mind it takes time to build up authority).
Nick ✍️ » Peter
we have a domain that's already ranking at the top of the map pack in our home city, so i have that under control. This domain is just the staging domain while i complete the redesign. Thanks anyways!
Peter » Nick
ok cool. Good to know 🙂 btw, you also have a 400 status error on your Instagram. Probs worth fixing.
Meh. If you consider this "ace at this stuff", there's some way to go before you get to a decent level.
Don't just substitute the article with the different locations. Actually put together unique articles. When I personally wrote articles, I could crank out a 500-word article in 15 minute.
Think of DC in terms of % of overall content. Google can realize what is part of the template and I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'd probably just include a short-ish review in an article and then link to a reviews page. If you're skeptical, you can always just include a picture of the review.
And don't build websites on indexable webflow solutions before publishing them on your own site.. If a scraper comes around in the mean time and you take down the webflow without 301ing it to your domain, Google might just think that you're the one copying the content. Never worked on webflow, but if they're like any other service, you can't do 301s from the service.
Nick ✍️ » Thomas
yes, we can do 301 redirects no problem
To be fair, for a lot of service companies, building 20 location pages is bordering creating thin content and usually excessive (depending how it's done) given search volumes.
Okay, good about the 301s. Usually such services have weird limitations. I'd still discourage (when possible) building test versions on indexable platforms.. I always discourage site migratiosn when at all possible.. When you start dealing in that space, you start finding funny stuff happening… Whenever redesigning a site, maintaining the same URL structure is ALWAYS my recommendation if at all possible.
Peter » Thomas
, Mate, before you pipe up. Do your research lad. 20 service locations is a piece of piss. Try scaling it up to all locations across the UK. https://www.growtraffic.co.uk/who-are-the-leading-SEO users…/
So you got quoted in an article 😂 I'm just saying the information you provided was extremely basic.
Nick ✍️ » Thomas
i have the site indexing turned off. thanks. i can't keep the same structure because the old structure is defunct (imo) and I want to update it, so I just planned to be diligent with the redirects.
If you Google site:mypromovers-redesign.webflow.io, you'll find it's indexed.
Peter » Thomas
Mate, I got no. 3 internationally for web hosting within 6 weeks and kept it there. What are you saying?
Just saying your advice has been very basic and your initial post was very proud. When you initiate with "I'm ace at this stuff" and you don't prove any significant amount of knowledege, yours truly ain't impressed…
Thomas » Nick
if you want, you can have 10 min of my time and I'll your questions. I am not looking for clients but I am free for the next 30 min or so. If interested, PM me.
Nick ✍️ » Thomas
Thanks for the call! It was majorly helpful, and you've convinced me, I'm going to invest in Ahrefs now. 🙂

How do you like using webflow?? I’ve been thinking about learning how to use it

Nick ✍️ » Guzman
It's GREAT! I understand HTML/CSS a little, which you'll definitely need to get a hang of Webflow and mess around with custom coding tools, but compared to WordPress it's night/day. Once you learn how to build a site from scratch with divs/containers everything becomes plug-play and you can build pretty much anything you envision. Making things responsive is also extremely easy, but in Webflow you build from desktop first – then to mobile instead of the reverse.
The one downside I'll admit, from an SEO perspective is that there are no SEO tools, you can change the meta info and set H1s, H2s, etc, but beyond that there is no Yoast or other plugins to "automate" some SEO functions. But if you keep things simple, it should be fine.
Don't fall into the trap of looking on Youtube for tutorials – unless you only watch extremely recent ones. The features on Webflow are always changing and improving, and so have the techniques that people are using to build on the platform. I started off learning some pretty terrible, outdated techniques from YouTube which meant i needed to completely rebuild the structure of the site to make it faster and more responsive.

Don’t overthink it too much. Google is honestly worried about truly duplicative content, and even then, it’s not a penalty, it just collapses the dupes. Make sure you META info is unique and if it’s for local content, really do make it localized. A boilerplate for copy isn’t bad, but don’t try and “spin” content or you’ll get popped by Panda. Also, there is no such thing as a minimum or maximum character count when it comes to copy – anyone that says otherwise is a hack (Google has recently completely debunked what was clearly a correlation/causation fallacy).

Nick ✍️ » Jeff
thanks man, makes complete sense. Needed that. 🙂


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