What Should You Do if an SEO Client Asks for a Refund After You Did the Work?

Reiner 👑
What should you do if a SEO client asks for a refund after you did the work?
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Refuse unless there is a legitimately good reason. 👍🏽6
Find out the reasons why, and then if you cannot get paid, then remove all of your work you have done for them. Always get 50% upfront until you get to know the client better. 👍🏽5
You should first see why they want a refund. Do they believe the activities you performed are not valuable? Can you indicate what you have done to "earn" the money and what value you have provided? Unless there is negligence on the end of the service provider I see no reason to refund for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services unless out of goodwill. 👍🏽2
Does not everyone take payment upfront? 👍🏽🤯2

Darie » Ian
can't give a refund if you haven't already received the money 👍🏽4

Say goodbye and take your lesson 🙂 Do not do it again the same way 🙂 👍🏽🤯4
No. You can put the best football team out there but cannot guarantee a win. Liverpool could in theory get beat by my local pub team. Not likely…but it could happen. Have to set realistic expectations. The work has still been put in and payment for work done is still required. 👍🏽5

Dimitar » Alan
Thanks, thats a good analogy, will remember it. 👍🏽1

Depends on what you set their expectations. If you promise deliverables and you do them then he shouldn't get refund. However, if you promise sales, or leads, or traffic and can't fulfill, he has full rights to ask for refund 👍🏽💟5
I think that's a solid no. You did the work for X amount you keep it. I mean if you get a big Mac meal and eat the whole thing you can't afterwards just say I want a refund…unless you have food poisoning.
What is the SEO equivalent? You took the money and did not do what was promised? If that happened…then maybe. If you did the job to the best of your ability…then keep it. If you screwed up then maybe give some back. Odds are they are just being dicks because they didn't get to number 1 right off the bat. 🤭1

Kafka » Jean
MAGA 🤭😢2

Give it then send a SQL Injec- just kidding… 👍🏽5
We closed a cleaning company for local SEO+website creation. Website is live like for 2-3 days. He called me angry today and asked why he is not on page one😀 i said, do not every call me again, he needs to pay me another half of the payment for website. I said till next friday or i will delete the website as well. I will then put, „this page is not online, because owner did not pay“ 👍😀 👍🏽😆11

That's why, when doing a website, even if you ask for more than one payment, the final one is done BEFORE going live. Have had my deal of headaches in the past, if you don't pay, you don't get live. 👍🏽3
Alan » Omer
to be honest though mate…if you did close them then I think in this case expectations were not explained. Unless the client did not get the explanation. 👍🏽1
Omer » Alan
some people are too idiot to understand how Search Engine Optimization (SEO)) works, and i dont have time to explain them this, i just move on. He know wont get any leads, and another company in his city will get the leads from me on %. 👍🏽2
Alan » Omer
absolutely agree some people dont get it. But I would be wary of closing them if they didn't get it. Otherwise you will get daft expectations like this. Closing is great..but dont let it come bite you back in the ass..and so quickly. Maybe spell out exactly what you are doing for them and in what timescale? So if they get in touch after 3 days…you could refer back to them what you said you would do at this point. That should be enough really. Not having a pop mate and I know that clients can be an absolute ball ache but protect yourself before they are never taken on so they know what to ask for and when.
Omer » Alan
The thing is, i always put them in contracts and explain every single word there. We go through it together and then they sign. You are right, they are headache, so i just wont do anything and will get my another half of the payment and give the website. Headache pure. 👍🏽1
Alan » Omer
haha yep they certainly are 😀

This may satisfy you: A Breakdown of What SEO Work Has Been Done a Month by Month
SEO takes time, ask them for 3 months. 👍🏽2
Just say no.. the work has already been implemented. If they have a problem with it… let them them take you to court. If they leave you a negative review … respond professionally so others know you attempted to resolve the issue. 👍🏽3
No refunds are given on “time and materials” Billings. Just like an employer can’t get a refund on poor performance. Work hours are work hours. 😉 👍🏽6
Depends on how fast I want them to shut up and get rid of them. Sometimes it is better to just give them some money instead of answering countless threatening e-mails for weeks.
If there is one thing I learned over the years: let your bad clients go a.s.a.p and don't pick fights. I rather have them feel sorry for leaving me than anything else. That actually resulted in a number of clients who wanted to come back later. 👍🏽1
I'd refund if the client is not satisfied. It's not about what you did, if the client doesn't consider it to be worthy, paying back is the least you can do as a reliable and trust worthy professional. Clients may come & go, but it's the your reputation that keeps you afloat. 🤯1
Simple – state upfront the work is nonrefundable and include this fact on invoices. 👍🏽1
Tell them to have a nice day. 👍🏽🤯3


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