What was the first Job that got you hooked on Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Keith L Evans 🎓
What was your first job that got you hooked on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
In 2001, I worked tech support for an Internet Service Provider. This was during a time when AOL (you got mail folks) would send discs in the mail to your door for 'free' signups.
Netscape was our internet browsing software. I taught myself Frontpage for web design and discovered the power of the Title tag. 20 years later, it's still important for Search Engine Marketing, but we now call it Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Or what my clients call SCO. 😜


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I got into all that Surf for Click Exchange crap in the early 2000's. Fastfreeway etc.. Then mid 2000's I found myself playing an online game called TribalWars. One of the guys set up an off-site forum where I was a moderator. He mailed us all one day, asking if we didn't mind clicking on some of the Ads while on the forum, just to help him pay for hosting. You get paid when someone clicks that I asked?… The journey began. 😅
With zero knowledge of web design/dev/SEO, I built a website for the car dealership I worked for back around 2001. When I realized that somehow people were actually finding it on Yahoo and Lycos, I became intrigued on the process of getting the site to rank better and started learning how to keyword stuff, hide text with color on color and all the other shit that worked back then. Shortly after that, I built a little lead gen site and started selling leads for other makes and model vehicles to a local company that paid like $3.00 for a new car inquiry. I was making around $100 a month after just a couple months. Lol. Had no idea I was doing lead gen at the time.
Edit. I found a wayback capture of the homepage from 2001.
what was the first job that got you hooked on marketing and search engine optimization SEO

Keith L Evans 🎓
Thanks for sharing Chris. I love this story

Roger » Keith L Evans
For me to reply, i get back this domain few minutes ago, you own me $7😝 This is not my first job for client but my own partnership website. Doing well. Before i start Search Engine Optimization (SEO), i am thinking why people use ICQ to find girls. Why we can't use ICQ to find clients? Do not have much success, no books to buy, just learning from mistakes. Honest speaking, i really enjoy the journey.

what was the first job that got you hooked on marketing and search engine optimization SEO

Keith L Evans 🎓
oh my!

I once worked for a Search-Engine Marketing (SEM) Agency who thought they knew about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 😆
Regardless, I was fortunate and humble enough to be a part of the Outdoors division. I had the liberty and privilege to know and work on a brand that was featured in Story Brand (and pretty much influenced my writing and understanding of marketing). 😊
With that said, I love dangerous goods and camping related stuffs. I love selling knives, multi-tools, lightings and even rifle parts. I love the idea of empowering working men in their daily tasks to go the distance. Fire fighting, EDC, survival prep, etc. It's my passion and it's manly stuff. 😁
It was during my first job during my studies (digital marketing) haha. I chose these studies because I was really interested in social networks, how they worked, the algorithms behind it… So I searched an alternance (in France it's like an internship like you go 1 day in school and 4 in an enterprise). I ended up in a startup, to produce content for social networks and do a lot of things related to digital marketing. But as I really like to write and was one of the only in that case, I ended in charge of the blog. As I write for a long time now, they figured it will be easy for me to manage the blog but I never heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) before that day (or maybe, but never was really interested in it). So I started to search about it, and in fact, was very interested in this topic! And now… well I never lose interest in it so keep searching every news about it, try to implement it in different strategies… 😂 Fun fact? I chose these studies because of social networks, now I'm not at all interested in it 😅 I found they have too little power compared to a (good) SEO strategy, PLUS you are freer (as you do not depend of FB, Insta, there changes coming from nowhere, unexpected bugs you have no power on and so on)
Been in the industry for the past 3 years since there were no job opportunities in my niche.
People have been in the industry for more than a decade and are dominating the space. I keep beating myself down thinking when I will reach their level and talk like the way they talk, think like them and generate results like them.
It takes time and persistance to learn the craft but the fact does not sink in. Still figuring out how to deal with this. Low patience level is killing me.

Do more cases/project and your level of experience will increase, so will all the rest.

I was in sales my entire career and knew that I needed to shift into marketing
1. Can work on any timezone (sales guys need heavy timezone overlap)
2. You can create value while you're sleeping (sales guy value stops when he logs off)
3. I can more impact 1:many than 1:1
So I joined an SEO agency to sell SEO, cause I knew the key to selling SEO was knowing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – which meant I had to learn it.
Didn't want to learn SEO on client sites and ended up accidentally grew the agency's blog to 100,000 organics/month
I was building data driven web sites in the mid 90's – cms systems before the term cms system was really a thing. In building these sites, I was also trying to monetize them as I learned – so promoting and marketing them was critical. Automatically generating keyword lists for AltaVista was the first thing. Then as Google hit the scene, the big challenge was to get Google to even consider looking at dynamically generated web sites.
As such, my passion was always to get the machines to help us do our jobs.
In creating dynamic web sites, I was making it so the machine would let me enter in a few fields of data and some plain, boring blocks of text and then pushing a button to generate a beautifully laid out page that was automatically interconnected with the fabric of the rest of the web site.
In getting into Site Promotion (what we called SEO before there were search engines), I was looking for ways to get my message to the machines so they could take on some of the heavy promotional load. As that evolved into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the need to (and ability to) communicate that message to the bots so they can do my marketing promotion work grew.
When asked by a potential client or employer what my greatest asset is, I always tell them, "I'm lazy." When they invariably ask me how that could possibly be an asset, I explain that my laziness makes me always find the most direct, low labor, and simple way to execute something properly. SEO is just my way of making it so the machines can spread the word about me rather than me having to do the legwork myself.

Keith L Evans 🎓
That is great! love it

I've been in the industry for a decade now. I was hired as a writer and promoted into content manager by a Canadian SEO company. Helped the company to build successful portfolio of websites. Learned Search Engine Optimization (SEO) along the way and became one of their SEO guys. I decided to play solo and do my own thing by starting a writing agency Global Writers Direct and I've been building my portfolio of websites.
Steve Toth 🎓
I was a copywriter at a web development agency and was tasked with starting their blog in 2010. First keyword I ranked for was "when to redo your website." Hooked ever since.
I was tasked with creating my school's website 15 years ago, and I was confused as to why the site wasn't appearing in Google. That's when I first came across SEO. Only in the last few years have I moved to SEO full time, after years buying and selling high value domains.
2010 I was doing accounting. I quit my job because of a nightmare boss. I knew I didn't want to go back to finance so started searching for something different. Started writing for eHow. Discovered if I put the right "keywords" in my article I could make 2 pennies instead of one. I saw the game and was intrigued.
I started a personal blog in late 2019 to advance my career. Grew it to 10k monthly page views without knowing about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Was working in Southeast Asia at the time and met a guy in Bali who owns multiple domains and asked me "how I monetize the website" to which I replied "monetize?". He provided me with some material (e.g. Authority Hacker and Reddit's JustStart community). Was able to quit my job in January this year and recently moved to AdThrive. Good times..

Keith L Evans 🎓
Glad to see the success!


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