What’s the difference between a nofollow and a dofollow backlink?

What's the difference between a nofollow and a dofollow backlink?
Why are they important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?


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Follow carries Page Rank(PR) value, no-follow does not. Googles search algorithm uses PR as its primary ranking factor.

Keith ✍️ » Kevin
Thank you for the brief explanation, i actually had to change my nofollow backlink to a dofollow backlink and it increased my SEO page rank score. Thank you
Omar » Keith
You changed your external links?
Keith ✍️ » Omar
Yes i did.
Omar » Keith
You have added some new do follow you mean, you can't edit the links relation from no to do
Keith ✍️ » Omar
It can be edited using the link rel attribute, click to link options and you choose "open link in new tab". Then you update!!
Omar » Keith
Can you tell me the location of those links, on your website or on another website
Keith ✍️ » Omar
On-page SEO when Optimizing for page or product ranking!!
Omar » Keith
Let me explain, i have website called mywebsite.com that has an article and this article has link, if i clicked on this link I'll be forwarded to another website called yelp.com,,
So now the location of the link is on my own website and the destination is to yelp directory,,, now this is not an external backlink
The external backlink should be located on yelp.com and destined to my website
Keith ✍️ » Omar
It's simple, the link you are talking about is what you have to change to a dofollow link. Clicking on the link options for that same link will lead you a where you have to change the link attribute. Click on "open with new tap" and update. You have just changed to a dofollow link.
Omar » Keith
You don't understand, you should be educated about it, attend to a course online or ask someone to show you examples of what i tried to explain to you, because you're not talking about backlinks, you are talking about outbound links or internal links
Keith ✍️ » Omar
What do you understand by an outbound link?
An outbound link can be either a "nofollow" or a "dofollow " link.
Now what kind of links did you edited
Lori Appleman 🎓 » Kevin
Google doesn't use page rank
Kathy » Lori Appleman
is right. But page rank is an indication you have something Google does use – backlinks, with an emphasis on "back" Keith. Read the article Mike posted. I just want to be sure, you're doing this for yourself, right? You're not selling SEO, are you?
Keith ✍️ » Kathy
Thanks for adding up Ma'am, i am doing this for my own self interest. However, as the years go by & i gain more experience, i might look into selling SEO lol. Thanks
Kathy » Keith
Okay, learn the difference between follow and no-follow links first. 😉 Other than that, there's not much to it. 😉
Kevin » Lori Appleman
Did you just say that to be provocative? 😅 Please elaborate.
Lori Appleman 🎓 » Kevin
Page rank went away years ago. It's no longer a factor. Do some pages have more power? Yes, but that's not page rank. DA and PA are not Google measurements. They are made up by tools (like Moz) that make assumptions.
Kevin » Lori
That's simply not true regarding page rank, the only part of page rank that ever went away was the Toolbar display. PR is one of the core Google algorithms. Congrats on discovering Moz metrics are bunk, I've known that from the moment I saw them.
Lori Appleman 🎓 » Kevin
If only it were that simple but then there's more than 200 factors that actually do matter
Kevin » Lori
Please do elaborate further on your claim that Google Page Rank (PR) does not exist, because to be honest I can't believe I'm even hearing such a claim. But at the same time, I'm always open to learn something new. When did Google remove the PR algorithm from use, do you have a date or some kind of announcement you could source for me? Those 200 factors you mention, I'm fairly sure it was Brian Dean who proposed that theory, and not actually Google. I'm sure there are many other factors outside of PR, that could push the needle slightly more in one pages direction, but I'm also sure it's the PageRank of the page that puts them in range to be even considered for ranking in the first place. I'd even go so far as to say PR is and always has been the primary ranking factor, and dwarfs all over factors combined.
Mike 🎩 » Lori Appleman
I'm with Kevin on this one. Google absolutely still uses PageRank. They never stopped using it. All they did was stop sharing the data publicly. It's still a core part of their algorithms.
Mew 👑🎩 » Lori Appleman
PageRank is absolutely a factor and still exists
We're no longer on version 1.0 of PR and more like version 179.9.2, as it has hundreds of layered algorithms now, as they are called, but removing PageRank would crash Googles entire SERP as that's what every other algorithm was built around.


Mew 👑🎩
No follow and follow links no longer matter.
Google has already stated they will follow what they want to and ignore what they choose to.
Only thing one needs to be weary of is sponsored links at this point.

Keith ✍️ » Mew
Thank you for the info Sir.
Devman » Mew
How do they differentiate sponsored links from others?
Mew 👑🎩 » Devman
Link rels. If Google sees you not using them, I'm sure there may be a long term penalty for the website once a manual ranker gets their hands on it. Like Forbes for example
Devman » Mew
Are you familiar with rel="ugc"? I am working on implementing it on some of my forums for certain links. I am actually using rel="nofollow ugc noopener".
Kevin » Mew
Ricardo » Mew
Does that mean that guest blogging is useless? I am a bit lost now as I thought that do-follow backlinks from authority websites would be beneficial for your brand awareness and ranking…
Mew 👑🎩 » Ricardo
Google follows and excludes what they want to, and they have been for years now.
Guest blogging is not useless but there is no possible way to tell what "weight" is given or transferred from one domain to another.
You would have to know how Google feels about both domains
That's very useful to know, Schieler. I hear all sorts of things about link building like it's IMPOSSIBLE to rank without tons of high DA, or DR, or whatever backlinks. I still believe that valuable content is worth a lot more than link building, but on the other hand, that's what Moz, Ahrefs, etc. hammer on our heads… and that's the merry-go-round I see everywhere. Google in fact does not care much about DA, etc., that was said by John Mueller many times. The problem with all this is that there's so much noise… it makes my head spin.
Mew 👑🎩 » Ricardo
Backlinks are incredibly important, but they should be niche relevant.
I would seek out a low DA backlink that has a direct correlation and similar audience as me, before I would a high DA backlinks that doesn't do the aforementioned above.
DA is easily sculpted, manipulated and can be incredibly worthless. I have DA 7 websites ranking page 1 in the middle of DA 72 websites.
I did this with no follow backlinks from Wikipedia for in niche topics.
When considering backlinks try to think of what relevance they hold to your client or website, or you can ask yourself what you would say if Google called.
Did you get this backlink to "Sculpt rank and increase your positions" or did you get this backlink "to help similar in niche audiences and provide solutions for readers on similar platforms"?
Ricardo » Mew
Yes, that's exactly my thoughts. I don't really like the underlying idea of forcing my brand new website (DA 4 last time I checked with Moz) at the so-called startup speed as some preach.
I'm not in a hurry although I want to see it grow. My main concern is to produce value first (and I'd like to think I'm doing that to the best of my limited abilities).
Just a request if it's not too much trouble for you. I missed the Wikipedia backlink sticky note, would it be possible to re-send it to my email, please.
Daniel S. Nielsen » Mew
So we've established that Google no longer cares about title tags, meta descriptions and all link rels other than sponsored.
Just out of curiosity, does anything matter anymore? I mean, what's your next advice on what Google ignores and has been doing for years? Backlinks? Content? Internal link structure?
I find it fascinating how you can disagree with basically all the experts on so many points 🙂
Mew 👑🎩
Daniel S. Nielsen
I never stated they didn't care. You're conflating what I said with your interpretation.
I said no follow, nor follow matter. Unless you can somehow predict the vector distance and link equity pass through between backlinks, and what Google finds relevant you're taking shots in the dark.
I also never stated that Google doesn't care about Titles or Metas. I stated that if you can't win these two Search Engine Result Page (SERP) elements via your content, you're doing something wrong, as we have zero meta changes on thousands of pages in different niches.
Ask any of my team.
Kirsten Patricio, Victoria Leon, Melero.
Daniel S. Nielsen » Mew
My interpretation is the result of seeing a pattern in your statements on a daily basis. Like I said, I'm fascinated
Mew 👑🎩
Daniel S. Nielsen
Then I would absolutely recommend taking the time to read them, and not interpret them.
Feel free to ask as many questions as you like. Always here to help 🙂
But quality backlinks to your website do matter for ranking, no?
Kirsten Patricio 🎓 » Daniel S. Nielsen
1 on Schieler on this
I don't think any of us mentioned, even prior to me joining the team, that these factors don't matter to Google primarily of what I think are two things: one, they explicitly mention nofollows and dofollows in Search Central and 2 – title and meta re-writes and whether or not nofollow and dofollow should be honored are done for the sake of relevance.
If your page is not relevant to your title and description, then it will assign what it thinks is appropriate is on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). We have amended this particular issue by exactly matching our title tags with our H1s and our descriptions with the first paragraph in the webpage. This works on multiple niches, as I am doing so myself on automotive websites.
The same principle applies to nofollow and dofollow (perhaps I should also include sponsored and ugc). Google will go by whichever is what it thinks is relevant, regardless of tag, according to their algorithms which is again, based off on factors it thinks are relevant.
Really just need to put 2 and 2 together, as these are observable movements regardless of whether or not you, Schieler or I agree.
Daniel S. Nielsen » Kirsten Patricio
Just to be clear, Schieler actually stated very specifically that these factors don't matter, if you read the initial comment. I don't see how that must be me misinterpreting this. If I'm wrong, please explain to me how this comment should be interpreted then 🙂 clearly, we don't speak the same language if the comment means something else to you.


whats the difference between a nofollow and a dofollow backlink

Daniel S. Nielsen » Kirsten Patricio
Also, I get what you're saying. I'm not a complete idiot 🙂 but when people time and again keeps giving poor advice (maybe a business strategy?), I can't help but reply to that, when I (and basically all other SEO experts) disagree.
If it is just a business strategy, I'll unfollow this group immediately, as I mean no harm to your business. I just don't have a need to witness that kind of methods
Mew 👑🎩 » Daniel S. Nielsen
I can see we need to have a quick history lesson!
No problem!
Follow and no follow we're created more than 15 years ago now by three major search engines, one being Google.
The point of follow and no follow was so users could help these search engines understand what links should or should not be associated with their own website, and to create a system of weighted value also known as PageRank.
Fast forward 15 years after SEO users have abused these practices; which was initially based on the honor system.
The three major search engines that first introduced follow and no follow link attributes have now came up with what're known as secondary layers in their algorithms to help interpret signals.
Follow and no follow absolutely does not matter to search engines. Do not confuse or conflate this with saying backlinks don't matter.
These search engines will follow and give relevance to any link they so choose whether you ask them to or not. Otherwise, the SERPs and rank would be an absolute travesty if Google still allowed users and SEO users to sculpt follow and no follow links.
I hope this helps!
Mew 👑🎩 » Ricardo
Absolutely matter. Google will however give relevance to backlinks however they choose based on layered algorithms. You can not sculpt it, as this would completely defeat the purpose and make ranking far too easy.
Daniel S. Nielsen » Mew
I still disagree. You said that the only relevant rel attribute is the sponsored. And I still disagree. But whatever helps getting you new clients, right? 😂
With all I've read from you, you're basically saying Google don't give a shit how you're structuring your website, or how you format your data. And with all due respect, I think that is bullshit. Do what you see fit, but don't pretend to know what you're talking about just because you read a story about 3 search engines…
That's very impressive, no doubt. Like any other time, I think we're both happy with what we do and what we achieve, we just don't agree on the approach 🙂 and who knows, I might be all wrong and have to change my ways some day. Just not today 😉
Have a good one
Mew 👑🎩 » Daniel S. Nielsen
Absolutely! As such the way with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As long as we both reach the finish line, then I guess the measuring stick doesn't matter that much! 😉
Combs » Mew
What about sponsor banner links in relevant forums? Does this negatively effect SEO? Thanks for your feedback.
Mew 👑🎩 » Combs
Depends on the forum, what it's history with Google is, and so forth.
No one can really make the call if backlinks hurt, or help, or what weight they give. It's all a guesstimate but as long as the forums have never participated in backlink schemes between any users or identified Private Blog Network (PBN) it should be fine
SEO users have lost their way chasing the great white whale.
I'm not saying to go into strategies blindly. But I have always found it's best to not put all your eggs into one basket.
I've seen websites fail to achieve conversations when the website was optimized 100% for what Google "says is important."
In contrast, I've also seen websites that follow only a few of Googles guidelines but still manage to garner conversions.
My advice, stay educated but implement what makes sense for your purposes. Implement what helps the website be more functional and useful for the visitor. Then measure the results and adjust your strategy based on your results…not on everything that Google (or any other authority) advises. After all, optimizing for search engines is, in fact, attempting to predict human search behaviors.


I hate Google

Sumon » Tobias
Try Duck Duck Go 🤣

Nofollow mean you are not giving guarantee to Google robots 🤖 that this website is trusted and do follow link meaning is that you are giving Google robots 🤖 guarantee that this website is trusted by your website

Keith ✍️ » Ahsas
Thank you😊
Ahsas » Keith
Welcome 🌸
Wessel » Ahsas
Google doesn't care about it. Google is the master and chooses what is the best in Googles opinion
Keith ✍️ » Wessel
Lol all hail google, but my question is why should Google create an option and ignore it later? Why don't they just wipe it off totally if it's useless? Thank you.
Mew 👑🎩 » Keith
Three major search engines created these tags hoping people wouldn't abuse them. Well, we all know how that turned out, so now they can't rely on them and use other signals to decide what they will follow or not follow
Keith ✍️ » Mew
Thank you for the clarification Sir!

Nofollow links are links that have a rel = "nofollow" HTML tag applied. The nofollow tag tells search engines to ignore this link. Accordingly, such links do not affect search engine rankings.

Keith ✍️
Thanks for the info!
this is not exactly true. No follow for sure have also SEO value. Forget about old SEO mentality.

Basic nofollow gives you good authority and more naturality follow gives you SEO juice.

Keith ✍️ » Čotar
Thank you. 🙂

Do-follow passes link juice while no-follow doesn't. Google search gives you benefit of ranking if you have lot of quality do-follow backlinks.

Keith ✍️ » Saket
Thanks for adding up. 🙂


This may satisfy you: How Often do You All Use Nofollow or Dofollow Links in Your Content?

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