What’s your huge pain point for those who are working on enterprise SEO? Search Engine Optimization

Steven Kang 👑

What's your biggest pain point for those who are working on enterprise Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Mine – I have to remind clients 10 times for the same request and it takes months to get them implemented.


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Before I was an SEO I did biz dev with the largest telecoms around the world, and was often involved with the legal negotiation.
*So many* good stories.
Telecom: In order to work with us, you will drug test all of your employees regularly
My boss: We'll drug test all of our employees (~15) if you drug test all yours (~100,000)
Telecom: No
My boss: OK, no deal.
Telecom (3 months later): OK we don't need to drug test your team
Telecom #2: We can work together, but you must agree not to have alcohol in the office.
My boss: No.
Telecom #3: We can work together, but you must agree not to commit genocide
Me: Sounds reasonable
Me: Hey boss, they love us, but we can't commit genocide
My boss: Tell them we're bound by federal & state law to not commit genocide, we're not signing that shit.
Me: Uhhhh, how come?
My boss: Cause every Telco tries to tell us how to run our business, and if we let them we have to ask permission from 40 different external orgs anytime we want to change anything.
Me to telecom: So, uhhhhh, we can't agree not to commit genocide.
Telecom: No deal.
One of the largest hosting providers in the world: We can work together, but you can't market to our customers.
Me: Uhhhh, we can't agree to that
Yelly Executive who joined the call 30 seconds ago (& 20 minutes late): WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CANT AGREE TO THAT???
Me: You guys route 25% of the Domain Name System (DNS) queries of the world, almost everyone is your customer. Probably 50% of our current customers, are also your customers.
Yelly Executive: Oh yah. Huh.
I got a couple more good ones 😃

Maric » Nick
OMG the genocide one is just gold
Nick » Maric
One more good one
Telecom: We're really excited to work with you, here are the terms.
Me: Sounds reasonable!
Me to my boss: They're in! All we need to do is agree to conduct ourselves in a professional manner!
My boss: WTF does that mean?!?!
Me: Uhhhh, IDK?
My boss: Too vague, tell em no.
Me to the telecom: So everything looks good, but we can't agree to conduct ourselves in a professional manner.
Telcom: …
Telcom: …
Me: Well, uhhhh, it's kinda vague. What does that even mean?
Telcom: Uhhhh, let me ask my boss
Telecom: Yah, he's not sure either but you need to agree to it.
Me: Sorry, we can't
Telcom: Fine, no deal.
Me: Awwwwww 🙁
Telecom (3 months later): OK, OK, we'll remove it.
Me: 😃 😃 😃
Your boss is my kind of guy.


Where to start.
1 – Ton of pre-sale urgency for a deal that won't get signed for 3+ months (hurry up and wait)
2 – Content approvals from teams not KPId on SEO (and don't care)
3 – Slow websites (that take forever to get fixed)
4 – The executive stakeholder who believes they are the only person capable of delivering the right messaging and positioning (and then doesn't make time to do it, or make time for knowledge transfer)
5 – Meetings focused on rehashing the same things for months on end (cause nothing changes)
6 – Dependent on folks who are uninspired (and dislike) their jobs
7 – Tens of millions of dollars in revenue (and a $5k SEO spend is an little high')
8 – Blogs on Subdomains
I think I could get this list up to 20

Steve Toth 🎓 » Nick
Haven't had an issue with blogs on subdomains as long as it's crosslinked with the main site.
Nick » Steve Toth
Verrrrrrrry interesting.
We're kicking off a new project and trying to figure out how TF reverse proxies work so we can host the WP blog on root.
It would save us a *ton* of time if we could just use a sub domain.
Main site is only ~5 pages at the moment, so there isn't much cross linking available outside of the header / footer (but I can jam some into the on-page content)
Think I can make it work?
Steve Toth 🎓 » Nick
I've had clients do reverse proxies as well, but more recently we haven't opted for it and the blog has ranked. If you link to the blog subdomain from the nav that's a strong signal that you own it. There are some things to know about it, this is a good read https://blog.Cloudflare.com/subdomains-vs-subdirectories-best-practices-workers-part-1/
SEO Best Practices: Subdomain vs. Subdirectory SEO Strategy
Steven Kang 👑 » Nick
7 – You are in my mastermind class. You need to keep justifying the need for increased budget with the data points. It needs to be done consistently until they aknowledge. 😉
Anthony » Steven Kang
What's this class about?
Steven Kang 👑 » Anthony
Better SEO Closings With Better Data – SEO Paid Audits Mastermind

The bigger the client the longer it takes for data, access and approval for things. Oh you want Google Search Console (GSC) access? You need approval from a VP of Legal, VP of Security, the boss 2 levels up and we need your SS and blood sample (for everyone on your team).
My favorite is when it takes them 8 months to finally get around to implementing changes and they then want an in depth 12 month report on the SEO progress over the last year. And "It better look good for the boss" 🤣
Request title change to aging legacy Content Management System (cms) in May 2019
Follow up 39 to please please please update that title from "HOME – Website" to SEO title
Still waiting September 2021

Andrew » Pollard
Exactly why you stay TF away from enterprise level. Too much of a headache.
Pollard » Andrew
Not painting them all with the same paintbrush. There's the above and then there is the really engaged.
For the payday it's worth the headache.
Steven Kang 👑 » Pollard
"For the payday it's worth the headache." 🧙‍♂️


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