Where are Better Places to get Marketing SEO Clients? One of them is called Legiit

I am an SEO expert. I am looking for clients to build my portfolio strong. Can anyone please suggest me what's and where is the best place to get clients or to work as an intern or start working as a freelancer??


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How can you work as an intern when you are SEO Expert? 🤔

Roy ✍️ » Darshan
Sometimes it's needed to be done mate…🙂
Darshan » Roy
That's completely fine. DM me with some of your work will share it with some of my friends who are agency owners.

"SEO expert" is a term that was in vogue a decade ago when people could stuff keywords and rank articles. Before you try to do anything now, maybe stop referring yourself as that? Seeing that it's clearly outdated (and untrue).
Roy ✍️
Guys please don't make laugh.. I was working with my own projects since 2016. But due to some personal reasons, I have to sell all of my niche sites. And I am in a tough situation. Ups and downs happens in life. So I badly need to start working as a freelancer now. I need to arrange funds..
Thank you… but you know for the newbies it's very tough to get clients from this marketplaces.

Malowney » Roy
I relate with this so much. If you knew me and my story. I have had to start my life completely over. I went from having a beautiful house that was paid for to donating plasma to buy my kids groceries. I started my business in 2019. Whatever is inside you that made you successful before will make you successful again. If you are good at Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you will get clients. I posted somewhere else in this thread but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I started my business doing mostly SEO content writing and working 50+ hours at a job. Take whatever job you need to to pay your bills and work on your business/getting more clients.
Roy ✍️
mam thank you for your support 🙏

Boy! Its totally fine for anyone asking for more clients or asking for support. If you're an expert. You already are equipped with the skills i suppose.
Start getting leads from LinkedIn. Or Facebook. Start from smaller projects. Or if you really need to arrange funds. Find a good job through this group or LinkedIn!
God be with you my friend! Best of luck. 🥂

Roy ✍️ » Ahsan
Thank you so much!🙏

The best way to get clients is to be #1 on Google for the clients you want since that's the service you are providing. I'd suggest building your website and focus on technical and off site SEO for a NICHE group like "Best SEO agency for Injury Lawyers" if you're #1 there, they'll see you know what you're doing and come running.

Roy ✍️ » Lech
Thank you mam.. but it will take times. I need to start working soon..😔


Chris M. Walker 👑🎩
First thing is figure out an industry to target and focus on that.
Become THE company when that industry needs SEO/web design.
Learn all the little details about it such as the terminology they like to use, what they don't like and so on.
Then break it down even further from there.
✅ Create a customer avatar.
What I mean by customer avatar is create a fictitious person that represents your ideal customer… their age, gender, type of business, whether they are married or not, what they want, what they need, what type of pain they are in, and how you can take them from that pain state, to a happy state.
✅ Start by using Legiit Leads or just a Google/directory search to find targeted prospects based on your avatar.
Once you have that all figured out create your funnel (funnel meaning the way you bring people in, then convert them into customers) based on that.
From that information, you should be able to determine where they hang out online, which in turn will give you what type of traffic source to use to best reach them.
Some potential traffic sources are:
✅ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)… though this will take longer and isn't really direct response.
✅ LinkedIn… best bet here is to provide content to build trust, before making an offer.
✅ Google Ads… same as SEO… faster, but more up front cost.
✅ Content Marketing… blog posts, podcasts, Facebook groups/page, Instagram, YouTube and so on. I call this the celebrity method.
✅ Facebook or LinkedIn ads… in my experience it works better to send them to an advertorial or lead magnet then it does directly to a sales page or an audit form.
✅ Highly targeted, non spammy cold email campaigns… self explanatory.
✅ In person marketing at networking events (assuming you can do that where you live), chamber meetings, etc…
✅ And don't be afraid to straight up post on your personal Facebook and ask if anyone needs help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)… you never know, and you shouldn't be shy to promote your business.
Now you have a niche, an ideal prospect, and traffic sources.
Now you need a sales process.
Determine if you will get on a phone call, Zoom, in person, email etc… with them.
If they need to fill out any kind of form ahead of time
How you will have them pay, if you will have a proposal etc…
Make sure you have some sales training and some scripts you have down pat so you can close them.
Be obsessed with implementing this EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Schedule it out.
Spend 12 – 18 hours a day on it. It won't take long to fill your pipeline and grow and scale your business.
That is a proactive approach to get more stuff done rather than waiting for business to magically land in your lap when people Google "City SEO".

Kashif » Chris M. Walker
Kolade » Chris M. Walker
I archive this kind of comment
Roy ✍️
sir thank you so much. this will help me a lot 🙏
Husnain » Chris M. Walker
Shawn » Chris M. Walker
This is good shit. It's kind of you to write this to help a stranger.

Chris M. Walker 👑🎩
Also I'm sorry people felt the need to mock you.
I've removed those comments.


It's hard to break into the US market without a portfolio of work.
Maybe start out as a VA with some SEO companies here in the states.
Let them get the work and you fulfill. When you have some cash saved, then run some paid ads and grab a few clients.
Once you get 10 clients and have results then start an outreach program.
Yamil 🎓🎩
To those of you saying "how are you an expert without clients"…shove it! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about ranking…not sales! It's two completely different skill sets.
For example I have currently 5 paying clients but all the money I make is from SEO.
How? Affiliate marketing, lead generation, Pay-Per-Click (PPC)…
I don't need a client in order to pay my bills!
The world of SEO is not limited to client SEO!!!
That's the beauty of this industry!
And you were all on his shoes at one point…so if the 👠 fits then STFU

Ahsan » Yamil
Pretty accurate 👏
My idea would be to put posts on similar to this FB groups saying that you get paid only when job done successfully( I think this will prove that you are serious about your job).To avoid been scammed and not get paid open accounts on platforms like Fiverr that costumers pay on platform and the money released on you when job done after their approval.(they can't to not approve if job is completed as they order it).So it's a win for both,client and seller.Use Upwork,Fiverr,freelancer. com,etc I also have another way for you with easy tasks to create continues monthly income but this I will tell you only in ib (free of charge of anything or any obligation to me).if you want me to I tell you inbox me but please remind me you are the SEO guy on your message.
Accurate – but when someone says they are an expert, are asking how to get clients, and willing to work as an intern rather than looking for full employment it comes a little like let me steal your clients.
Roy ✍️ » Alex
I am not here to steal any client. One happy client won't come to me for his work taking risk from whom who ranked his/her website. If you think like this no newbie can enter in this industry. I never worked as a freelancer yet. So this is new to me. So it's needed to know the path from the personal experienced persons. That's why I asked help from here. I know I can get clients from marketplaces. But it takes long times. and as I have not portfolio it's tough to get projects. But It's been my necessity to work as soon as possible. I don't have time. Life does not go smoothly always. have joys and sorrows. Hope u will understand. Thank you..
Alex » Roy
I do – but if you are an expert then you should be aiming higher than an intern. Aiming for either an intern or a freelancer as an expert is mixed messaging – they are very different intents.
Yamil 🎓🎩 » Alex
He may be an expert with no idea how to enter the industry, how to word it or even call himself. Educate him if you know how to do it better but without judgement. There is too much damn ego in this industry.
That isn't about ego at all. I am stating to look for one or the other. I would feel uncomfortable with someone that claims they are an expert and wants clients but would accept an entry level position. Either the goal is to get clients, or the goal is to obtain employment – the either or aspect combined with the expert claim makes it risky from an employer perspective – because the real goal isn't to get an intern positions – it is to get clients.
Chris M. Walker 👑🎩 » Alex
You can be an expert at ranking sites but have no idea how to sell.
It's two entirely different things.
Alex » Chris M. Walker
I agree, I fall into that lol. I just meant he may have more luck if he looks for entry level employment and advice on how to get clients as an expert separately rather than as a combined post since they are somewhat conflicting messages.
Roy ✍️
Thank you so much mam for understanding.

Work for free or a very low cost. Select SEO services you want to do – auditing, backlinks, content strategy, etc. and start working. Your low price tag will bring you some… interesting.., clients, but it's those types of clients that are a firehose of experience. Also, if your early work is shit and you're still learning, you didn't roast the client with a high cost.


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