Who had One ever used Odys Global?

shared a link.
Hi, wanted to ask, has anyone used odys.global on a complete website? How fast do you rank and how fast is the ROI on a complete website. Is there anything you would have to do after purchase, backlinks, more content?
ODYS – Dom(a)inate Online With Brandable Aged SEO Domains
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You can rank in a month or 6 months or maybe never. There is never any guarantee. ROI depends on niche and monetization strategy, again no guarantee. You want to keep your website relevant so content updates are a given. So are backlinks. There's no set and forget, it could work but your competition could take your place with constant updates and fresh content.

Jerry ✍️
Talal, wanted to know if anybody has used their service. It states that they would build a website for affiliate income with content when delivered. I know you have to be writing content consistently, backlinks, SEO etc, but my question is if anybody has used them, was it worth it, what they thought of the service, did it in fact make them any money.
Talal » Jerry
Ah, I see. I'm not sure man. They've been around for a while and are pretty well-known (expensive as well), if they guarantee some sort of income/rankings then that's great!
Jerry ✍️ » Talal
Wanted to ask, for stats on the expired domains where do you go DomCop or what service do you use. In order to see domain age, metrics and other information.
Talal » Jerry
I only look at three things 1) Links (editorial + authoritative e.g. wikipedia, edu, gov, other hard to get stuff) 2) high % > 80 % of the links going to the home page of the domain. 3) Total number of referring domains (unique websites pointing to the domain) It's nice to have a high DR (Ahrefs) and DA (Moz) to scare competition in the SERPs lol, but it's not a requirement for me.
Jerry ✍️
Those are really good pointers Talal thank you, apart from godaddy auctions where would you recommend me looking for aged domains?
Talal » Jerry
I got mine from Joash Boyton at Seodn.com. You can also check out DomainCoasters.com and Seo.domains.
SEO Domain Names
Jerry ✍️
Greatly appreciate it Talal. I will check them out.
Talal » Jerry
np. Make sure to check thoroughly for spam (use Ahrefs not Majestic). Read this: https://domaincoasters.com/spam-check-process/– watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcWyUAYpmDY
How to Make Sure Your Expired Domains Are Clean – Domain Coasters
Jerry ✍️
Greatly appreciate all the insight Talal.
Talal » Jerry
No problem, Good luck!
Emanuele » Talal
Tips! For the number of RD do u have a threshold?
Talal » Emanuele
Hey, depends on the domain, but minimum 200. I'd go with 150 if the links were really good. The one I am using right now is 800, the higher the RD, the better.

Steve Toth 🎓
It's not a guarantee, but they do a great job at vetting domains, so chances are they will give you a leg up. Varies for each domain.

Jerry ✍️ » Steve Toth 🎓
greatly appreciate it
Matt Diggity 👑
Lior » Steve Toth 🎓 » Matt Diggity 👑
i recently bought a really old domain from the owner while it was live, 15 years. For the meantime i redirected it to my live site, but the goal is to eventually build the site on that domain and redirect everything back to that aged domain. Did I approach this right from an SEO perspective
Matt Diggity 👑
Hmmm. If the end game was to build out the aged, purchased domain, I wouldn't have 301'd it.
That said, I have no idea what that does to a site. Never done any testing on sites that have been previously 301d.

Put up a lot of content on the site and observe. A quick indexation of new pages is a good sign, getting first impressions quickly is also a very good sign you got yourself a good domain.

This ^^^

I'm having great results with a domain from them. Almost at the end of the 3rd month and think it's gonna hit 10K traffic. I haven't monetized it yet other than a single Amazon affiliate link, but I'm confident it's gonna do well. Here was my brief month 2 update on it: https://www.skipblast.com/project-tartarus-update1/
Project Tartarus Case Study: Update #1 | Skipblast

Talal » Shawna
That's awesome!

My teams bought multiple domains from Alex Drew and I don't have a bad thing to say about them.
You definitely do have an advantage when buying a domain with some history as opposed buying a fresh domain.
Here's a review on them if you want to know more : https://www.fatrank.com/odys-global/
The Ultimate Guide to Odys.Global – Our Domains, Your SEO – FatRank

Jerry ✍️
I did read that review that is why I was asking about odys. Really liked the article, that's what got me asking if anybody had used them before. Thanks for the article.

Bought a killer domain in the golf niche from them and launched a site in January and it is crushing it. To be fair, the domain is just one factor amongst "all the things" but I've been very pleased with the results.

I have purchased from Alex Drew/ ODYS.GLOBAL over the years and have always delivered quality domains/sites. I've generated ROI multiple times. However as others have stated not a guarantee. Since they are in it for the long haul (not take people's $ and run) like so many any business you know you are at least in good hands with a vendor/business that cares about helping their clients achieve results.

Jerry ✍️
Jose seeing that you have experience with odys.global wanted to ask if you purchase a DFY site from them what has to be done afterwards?
I believe the site would be delivered with everything SEO related up to date and certain amount of content created.
On another note are there any instructions on what to do from there on, for example:
How much content to create on a monthly basis.
How many links to create on a month to month basis.
It would be great if they offered this as a service, a road map per say, of what to do afterwards as an up-sell if they didn't.
I hear you Jerry. It really varies. Alex Drew help a brother out on this.
Craig Campbell 👑 » Jerry
The roadmap would differ from niche to niche and person to person, some people will want to invest more than others on this and have different goals and strategies. You can add as much content as you wish on a month to month basis, you just need to ensure you add the links required to rank all of that content. SEO training is easy to get online, but the reality here is your grabbing an aged domain from ODYS, which will be spam checked, trademark checked and come with decent backlinks and a logo. But how successful a person is, really is out of ODYS's control. Its what you do with the domain and website, you are in charge of how successful that will be.
Alex Drew
Jose I would, but if Jerry wanted to get recommendations from ODYS, he would have opened a support ticket, sent an email or a message to our social media accounts, etc. I really think in this case Jerry wanted to get some confirmation from the community, not ODYS alone, as it can be biased. No provider will tell you NOT to buy their services lol.
This pretty much sums it up Jose, Jerry.
Jose » Craig Campbell 👑
nicely said Craig thanks. Its a whole conversation really. I was thinking later that it comes down to risk tolerance. Based on the competition how much we are willing to invest to push rankings for the particular terms we go after. Thank you. Jerry I put myself in your shoes. Whether is ODYS or any other way you aquire the asset the principle will the same. My recommendation would be to start with a low comp niche / terms so you yourself get a clearer picture of the mechanics so you are more comfortable with taking on more risk (investing more in content and links) with time.
Jerry ✍️ » Jose
I sent you a private message, thank you in advance.


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