Why are my Client Reviews Not Showing up on Google My Business GMB Online?

Why are my client reviews not showing up on Google My Business (GMB) online? They have sent me screenshots of the review contribution but it's not showing up on my account.


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Andrew 🎓🎩
Did you garner more reviews than the average for your demographic? Content with too much details as dictated by the business could be detected. Exclamation marks and other emphasis.

McRae ✍️ » Andrew
I do have a large amount of reviews but I make an effort to ask clients to please leave a review for me whenever we are done with that transaction
Jarrod » Andrew
I'm experiencing the same thing. We have more reviews than the average for my line of business, but we work hard for them. Any idea how long they disable reviews for? Do hidden reviews left by clients during this time eventually show up?
McRae ✍️ » Jarrod
Ya I'm wondering the exact same thing
McRae ✍️ » Jarrod » Andrew then what is the point of asking for reviews anymore? Seems really silly and poorly thought out by Google My Business (GMB).
Jarrod » McRae
So irritating. Punish us for using your site… My reviews are real and I've encouraged Google to investigate all of the accounts leaving the reviews.
McRae ✍️ » Jarrod
Yes very frustrating for sure. I'll probably ask them to review my business on a different site now
Jarrod » McRae
Problem is Google is still the number one site people go to for searching. Yelp is worse about filtering real reviews and I don't think many people are using it anymore anyway. After that what are we left with?
McRae ✍️ » Jarrod
Ya I'm not too sure but if people can't leave reviews there isn't much point of me asking for them anymore
Jarrod » McRae
I'd say give it a month break and try again at that time.
Devin » Jarrod
I am already waited from 5 months still waiting
McRae ✍️ » Devin
Oh that's terrible. Kind of defeats the purpose of the business page

From GMB support:
I understand the fact that how important it is for you, as a business owner, to receive reviews by your customers. I would like to inform you that whenever a review is posted you would get a notification instantly however it might take 24 hours time for the review to be updated on the business page. I would also like to inform you that any review that stay missing might have been removed for policy violation and will not be reinstated. Please refer here to our policy.
There are instances where the review posted on your page might not go well with our policies as they are designed to ensure that only relevant and potentially productive reviews are received by the business. This does not only work for the business but also ensures a meaningful user experience.
Here is a link explaining in detail, the probable scenarios where a review fails to stand compliant to our Local Review Policies. Reviews that have been removed can not be reinstated. We know that this is frustrating when it happens but believe that overall, these measures help to ensure that the reviews appearing on local Google pages are authentic, relevant and useful. Sometimes our algorithms may flag and remove legitimate reviews in our effort to combat abuse.
Google systems are designed to ensure that your Google page is kept unaffected of any inappropriate content, intended to be posted as a review. To know more, click here. However, we cannot assure you that we would be able to reinstate the reviews on the business page as all the reviews go through system checks and if any review is taken down, we are unable to bring it back up as we do not have any manual intervention in the same. I would like to assure you that it is in the best interest of your business, that the review has been taken off of the page and is no longer available to be read.
At the onset we need to inform you that this is the best we could offer as an answer to your query. We wish we would be able to help you further, though it would not be in our power to do so. We do apologize for any inconvenience caused and wish to make it up-to your expectations.
My response:
Thank you for the email.
I feel like I need to clarify. Our recent reviews are not being taken down, they're simply not showing up. It's almost like you guys have suspended our ability to receive reviews. I'm a member of Google My Business groups in Facebook, and I'm far from the only one experiencing this. Real reviews from real customers aren't showing up. The consensus seems to be that businesses that get a lot of reviews get punished for it and have their accounts frozen.
I have made a big effort to gain reviews from our customers over the last 6 months or so. We've gained quite a few in that time, but they are in fact real. I also don't send mass emails for reviews in bulk. Do you suspend reviews from businesses getting what you deem to be "too many?"
I have attached a screenshot of a review from real client and a video from another who have told me they left us reviews. They can see their reviews on their end, but they're not showing up in my Google My Business and not showing publicly. Can you please let me know what about these reviews make them inappropriate to display?
I would appreciate any explanation of what is going on with our inability to receive reviews and how long this will be in effect.


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