Why Did Hundreds of Backlinks Go Away?

How is this possible to have so many links lost under a month? And so many created links in 30 days?
I went over 200 links and ALL of them were cloaked or on totally unrelated websites.
No penalty via Google console.
What to do?
I mean cleaning those links won't help unless I find the source that's causing them because every week there are hundreds more.
When I asked "Did you use some SEO services prior?" They said no.
But they might be lying 😂?

backlinks lost

Lost links could be from them outreaching to previously bought or built links and asking for them to be changed to other properties. Or they redirected pages to another site and you haven't noticed?

Nathan ✍️
Honestly I am thinking that they used some low quality automated tools to create links… the website are pretty sketchy with fake click me ads…
Callum » Nathan ✍️
probably not doing any harm pal. If you didn't build them, they won't help but probably won't hurt.
Nathan ✍️ » Callum
Even when the websites are obvious scams or completely gibberish and most likely will vanish from the net pretty soon? a bunch of 404 as well and non existing pages, complete blank.
Callum » Nathan ✍️
Think about it this way… you've spent how many human hours looking at these links with bare human eyeballs… and you can tell they are garbage and nothing legitimately to do with your site.
So why the f*ck would an algorithm that has been training to recognize and ignore these kind of links for a decade not be able to go "well f*ck, none of this is useful for us"
Penguin 4.0 ignores this shit really well.
We have been disavowing for sites for a long time, and the upticks we see are from disavowing paid links, low quality guest posting and articles for SEO. Not a popular opinion on this FB page… but disavowing for a link profile filled with spam? No uptick in ranking or traffic afterwards – the links weren't hurting or helping in the first place. Just someone wasting their time.
For what it's worth, when we disavow, we do it manually. Looking at at least 1 link from every linking domain by hand and classifying it. If you do choose to disavow, don't use automated tools – that will probably hurt your site.👍1
Nathan ✍️ » Callum
I mean there are so many sketchy links that I rather disavow a few of the main domains with the many links. Thanks. I can sleep at night 🙂.
Callum » Nathan ✍️
If it makes you feel better! We do have clients who spend thousands having us disavow just for piece of mind. Just don't fixate on links being the issue is maybe what I am saying… if the site is struggling to rank "toxic backlinks" is a great boogie man, but the reality is you probably need to work on technical, content, and authority. Best of luck!👍2
Nathan ✍️
I understand now! Thanks!👍1
John Mueller explains that ignoring bad links is something Google does.
“A lot of times what will happen is also that our algorithms will recognize these kind of bad states and try to ignore them.
So we do that specifically with regards to links… where if we can recognize that they’re doing something really weird with links… then we can kind of ignore that and just focus on the good parts where we have reasonable signals that we can use for ranking.”.
…we try to look at the bigger picture when it comes to search, to try to understand the relevance a little bit better.” https://www.searchenginejournal.com/Google-and…/299389/
John Mueller on Why Google Ranks Sites with Spammy Links – Search Engine Journal.


Keep in mind, that this number only depends on how good and wide the link database you use crawls.
Nobody has a full picture, every crawler walks differently.
That means they may as well have just found a lot of new links that have been around for ages.
In other words – the "New Links founds" just reflect the "crawled on" data…
This is also why we gauge the "Published on date" in.
Link Research Tools.
Or in other words – what you see it probably just trash data.
Every link database like Arhefs, Majestic, SEMrush make more money the more data rows they have, to the point that they do NOT clean it up properly and even return the same data in multiple rows in their APIs (which is priced by row, not by quality).
That is why we work as a Link data aggregator, and yes we do remove those duplicates – but for data consistency or redundancy reasons, not because the links are deemed risky.
You can learn more here.
first seen crawl date after years ago first published

Nathan ✍️ » Cemper
I understand! This also might be the time I just started using the SEMrush tool so it just recognized everything.
Cemper » Nathan ✍️
totally possible… we also have an account rampup time to crawl everything in detail, we just go deeper (and takes longer).👍1
Nathan ✍️ » Cemper
What links in your opinion should be disavowed? I have scam, spam, 404 and a bunch of non existing pages and I firmly believe that most pages that are from Russia/China/India etc will be 404 in the near future and will become lost links.
Cemper » Nathan ✍️
not sure how you classify the links without using Link Detox Risk.
That's the core metric to use.
Countries don't mean anything.
Nathan ✍️ » Cemper
I open up the source code and see that he website is definitely not legit.
It pops up a scam ad that wants me to call a scam number.
Should I disavow this or just ignore?
Cemper » Nathan ✍️
oh god hope you have a good virus scanner… don't open such virus/malware… disavow.👍1
Nathan ✍️
I use a Virtual Machine 🙂.


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