Why Do Neil Patel and Ubersuggest Seem Funny?

Keyword research. Curious why so much negatively towards Niel Patel and Ubersuggest?
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Maybe it started off free then it switched to paid version. 🤷‍♂️

Arek » Samir
why it shouldn't? Is he a charity organisation or what?
He marketed it as free tool at the beginning and then switched it to paid . That's why folks are peed off . And speaking of charity , he's making enough already via other avenues , could have left this as free and gained a lot more users and would have forced major companies to offer their services as free . That's what he's missed out on in my opinion , become a game changer instead of following competitors.
Arek » Samir
it's still a free tool, don't forget. It's not your business to judge someone "have enough". Did you read about how much he is paying for servers?
Samir » Arek
here's the thing , without the seeing the bill , I'm not going to believe someone who tells me he pays millions on servers . Let's get real . This is a guy who stated he sold kissmetrics for millions , has been top author in the New York's best sellers and you worried about how much he's paying towards servers .
It becomes my business to judge an influencer who is influencing folks and enticing them for a free service and then changing it to a paid version.
Perhaps you should look up his old podcasts before he started copying Dean's seo marketing videos on YouTube and mass produced them and spammed it on fb .
Arek » Samir
once again – he is not doing business for charity. And the tool is still free. You are not right.
Yes upto a certain limit.

Usually you see many haters where there is success…

Cristine » Colin
May be that as well… But I believe that most of the seo Pros already know that he only tries to manipulate customers in his favor (not that others don't do the same thing). In the end this is business…but still… Advertising Ubersuggest as free and shortly after changed it to paid isn't the nicest thing to do for an seo guy you want to trust. Business is business but i still believe that he exaggerated quite a bit.

There isn't. The outspoken are louder than the fans. The tool is free, for what it is its great. Its the fact everyone compares it to tools that charge 100$ or more a month that has a large data mining center where Ubersuggests buys its data at a loss just so it can be helpful. For what it is its pretty good if its not compared to anything.
The fact it is half paid is annoying too but that's not his choice, he has partners who want a return.
Neil has a bad rep because he stopped writing his articles, sold out to affiliates and then he got caught stealing content and rewriting. At the end of the day, he has provided a lot of value to the community, he still needs to pay his bills and he he stopped stealing content. He made mistakes like everyone else but his a public figure so people fail to let it go.
Both Neil and his tool is great. He isn't a charity, he needs money too and its the salty jealous people that are outspoken. The greater high end seo community those who do this for a career and run agencies respect him.

Kafka » Sheppard
I can dig this. I respect him, but I would never recommend following him to my clients or partners. Too much hype and like you said, he sold out. Like others said, he's annoying.

The database at Ubersuggest is small, that is why sometimes results are not accurate at all

Omar » Lata
? Ubersuggest says my site ranks for 2700 keywords. Ahrefs, 1400
Lata » Omar
quantity doesn't mean quality 😉

Neil Patel markets himself to the common man who has no idea what Digital Marketing is. Hence, the quality of his content is targeted. Since it's human nature to always want to find a position of supremacy, more knowledgeable marketers tend to mock him.
The only person laughing all the way to the bank is Neil Patel.

Good summery
Kafka » Shefeeq
he does very well in the "seo for beginners" space… which basically invites him to be mocked.
Thanks. Nice name 😀
At the end, the one who is right is the one making the most traffic. He is one of them.

Ubersuggest is a very good tool but the problem with Neil is that even though he is the best SEO out there with many seo courses, he doesn't like to share good information

Omar » Komla
you gotta pay to play everyone is so used to getting free everything
Komla » Omar
I am talking about his premium courses. He likes to hold on information

This thread is awesome. I'll give credit where credit is due, he got on camera when few would. He provides content that's easy to digest for beginners. But to anyone who's done this for a living, he's very topical and elementary. As a guy that is more skeptical of free tools, every time I've used his, which is few, was a poor experience. Like others said, it's not a fair comparison… but I don't care about fairness and neither should you when it comes to running your business. Better tools and better guides are available.
Neil Patel is one of many stepping stones to hard core seo for many, many people.
I am using it
Seems good
…maybe because of the imkindofabigdeal.com
I'm Kind of a Big Deal by Neil Patel
I'm Kind of a Big Deal by Neil Patel
I'm Kind of a Big Deal by Neil Patel
I LOVE Ubersuggest
I didnt like Ubersuggest at first. It has improved, it's simple and clean, and now it is all I use. The $290 lifetime deal was a no brainer.

Anthony » Brian
Very smart from Neil. Your comment is getting him social proof and referral 🙂

Declan ✍️
Thanks for all the comments. Well balanced info. Appreciate it.
Tbh, most folks don't even know how to use a tool correctly. Most folks can't even differentiate the pros and cons for SERanking, SerpStat, Ahref, Semrush, Ubersuggest, etc. With that said, Ubersuggest was free but still works fine today. Depending on your level, once you need more "functionality" you will logically migrate to a bigger tool if needed. Example, your are now managing 10+ of your personal sites, and you need more in depth gap analysis to formulate a content marketing plan. Then you will probably go with Ahref or SemRush. (advance) if you are doing an indepth analysis for your site vs 5+ competitor at once. Then SEMrush will be good for you since you can add each site , and set it to include or exclude certain keywords / filters / etc… Like I said.. just take it 1 step at a time until a financial need arises where you need to spend money to upgrade. I can go on for hours talking about the benefits of each tool, but I will end it here 🙂


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