Workflow to Manage Many SEO Marketing Clients at the Same Timeframe

Hi! Just got hired at an agency to manage 15 SEO clients. I'm starting on Monday and was wondering if anyone with a similar workload could share with me their workflow. It's mostly on-page stuff. Please help!!!


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Mew 👑🎩
You got hired to do a job that you don't understand? I'm confused.
I can give you our work flows, but the company should also have theirs. Was this not clarified in the interviews process?

Follosco » Mew
He's probably asking about tips to manage workload, not doing on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) itself.
Mew 👑🎩 » Follosco
The company should have an outline/calendar. We provide our SEO users with this. Hopefully, they will him as well.
It's highly unlikely all 15 clients pay the same so upper management should be allocating how many hours go to each client
Follosco » Mew
Thanks! I have the same problem with the agency I'm working for right now. It has been brought up in team meetings, but still not resolved. In your company, whose job is it to allocate hours?
Mew 👑🎩 » Follosco
It is my job or the other owners. We know how much everyone makes, what the total hour allotment should be for clients, and how to contrast and weight those two variables for an output that makes our company profitable.

In my previous job, I handled 21 campaigns (websites) mostly for on-page SEO with a little bit of off-page and technical SEO. It's all about time management and knowing what the specific site really needs (proper diagnosis). And it's not every day that you will be doing stuff over and over again or else you will be over optimizing!

Follosco » Jomz
How did you manage your time?
Jomz » Follosco
It's actually the tasks that I schedule per month.
E.g. keyword research/optimization and content assignment will be every 1st wk of the month; keyword cannibalization will be on the second week, etc…
I do it per batch. So the first 7 sites will be on the first day, next 7 on the second day, and the last 7 on the next day.
And speed is also a factor. See to it that you know the faster way in accomplishing the tasks.
This makes me a "project manager" more than just an SEO specialist. It's management of the campaigns and then doing SEO! 🙂
Follosco » Jomz
Thanks for sharing 🙌

Did every one for get to congratulate the guy? Oh well, first off well done on getting hired.
Secondly, the agency should have a process or project plan to follow.
If not best thing to do will be to build one.
Detailed so that you can pass it on to someone and they will get it with out the need of an explanation.
3rd you have to know that your current plan can change at anytime. With Algo updates and all.
As every SEO campaign is different you actually need a process to figure out what is needed for each site and then with that in place them build a project around it.

José ✍️ » Pierre
Thank you! Manners before anything else! 😊
Pierre » José
Always Manners before anything
Robert » Pierre
Great advice and display of humanity! 😎🍷
Pierre » Robert
Cheers to that.

I am confused. Did you lie on your resume? and do you know what you are getting into?

Alex » Kazu
He didn't say that 😂 stop jumping to conclusions, he's just reaching out to people in similar roles trying to find out the best way of planning his work going forward.
José ✍️ » Kazu
Nope. Just never managed as many clients at a time, it's different when you manage 3-4 clients at a time, I'm not as constrained
Kazu » José
Ohh yes! 15 clients on day 1 is a lot!


If it's all local and small sites, that shouldn't be a problem. First, you need to develop a quick audit process, and competitive research. Most of the audits should be technical and on-page. Your workload will base on the amount of fixes you'll do on each site and on-page optimization. My tips to ease the workload are the following:
– use local SEO tools such as brightlocal to speed up audits and citations
– use Rankmath to speed up on-page and meta tags optimization
– ask if there is a dev to help you out with technical fixes

Dexter » Lucas
Spot on

Wow. This is a repulsive question. How on earth did you get hired? Let me go back to the normal response.
To begin, let's go back to basics. There are tons of YouTube videos that you can absorb to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Get comfortable with learning all you can about On-Page SEO, and Technical SEO.

José ✍️ » Morgan
How is it repulsive? How is that language appropriate here? I know SEO, I have done SEO on numerous projects for years but never more than 4/5 at any given time ergo the question since I've never worked at that pace I'm wondering how people organize everything.
Morgan » José
The answer should have been asked and answered yourself on day one. What can you do, and if I had 10 – 20 people needing me, how do I solve their problems?
The fact you didn't take that time only to put yourself in a failing situation is what's a bother.
Again, it sounds more or less you don't have a process. Start with the basics to SEO. You'll have your answer there.

Get screamingfrog (pay for it) link to their analytics and create a report for each site. Work from top to bottom optimizing on-page elements that are not set correctly.
Sign up with a 'rank monitor' and get their top 20 key phrases for each site. Add these to the rank monitor and report on them each month to show your progress and where they currently rank.
Finally create a canned report for each client and agency identifying where additional SEO activities need to be added to get them to rank professionally, including their branding.

José ✍️ » Jonathan
Love it! Never used screaming frog connected to analytics, didn't know you could do that. Great!

He's done what people with 15 years experience can't .. the art of getting a whopping amount of work. Credit where credit is due. Instead of the hate – ask him to give tips on how did he manage to bag such a large contract and learn from it 🙂
Congrats … and forget the haters.

José ✍️ » Memon
Thank you. Don't really get the haters on this one. I assume everyone here works on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)and the fact that I'm reaching out only means that I haven't done it before. The CEO of the company who hired me knows this, I told him I've only done SEO at 3/4 projects at a time. He asked me if I thought I could tackle it and I said yes, with some help I'm sure I'll be able to in a few weeks or months. Only want to know other peoples workflow when working with numerous projects, that's all.
I totally get it and credit to you. You'll find people on these platforms do all the big talk but barely scraping a living … they can't sell themselves so when they get people like you come here and politely ask a question and in the process mention why you're asking – what they're actually thinking is why has this guy got all this work without 'any skills' and I'm knocking on doors day and night without success.
So it's them with the problem – not you. You'll always come across the people who moan and can't see further then their noses.
If they had an ounce of aptitude they would take this opportunity to pick YOUR brains to find out what magic did you do to get this amazing opportunity.
You'll go far – they won't 🙂
José ✍️
Thank you. I've always been pretty good at pitching myself and have been told that I communicate very well which apparently is an issue amongst SEO users (rarely met any other SEO users so can't vouch for that). I've gotten two SEO jobs this year, the first one I didn't like and left because it was just me managing everything without anyone there to do the handoff at least, that one I got because I communicated well AND knew SEO, this one the guy interviewed other people whom he told me would frankly be more qualified as I didn't have any hardcore agency experience but he liked that I was eager to take on a challenge, was a good communicator and didn't close myself off only to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but also mentioned other stuff the company could do like use AI content generators to help buff up word count and that you can talk to Google Analytics. I'm a good SEO but I'm hardly the best one for sure. So just wanted to see who was out there that could shoot me some workflows. Already got some good feedback so happy despite the haters.


Congratulations on your new job. Read the comments. By what I read, you do know SEO just never managed so many projects at the same time. You also told your new boss about it and that you would need some time/learning on the management and he is ok with that. The fact that you are here asking for tips for me shows you are actually invested in doing a good job, will certainly do your best to deliver the projects the best way possible.
So much fast judgments in this post…

José ✍️ » Mirela
Thank you, yeah there's a couple of fast judgements based on I don't know what. Your words are encouraging and love the phrase on your FB pic 😊

I had sometimes a few clients at the same time. I made myself a scheme f.e. 1 hour research, 1 hour text, 1 hour link building, 1 hour social media. Depends on the client of course. To achieve my goals I use a good onine excel table where I can mark each task. To make it a bit more visual (and funny!) for me I use different colors for each stage. When I see something weird happens like a keyword drop I work with this client at first. I could recommend to make yourself a plan what you want/need to do.

José ✍️ » Dabernig
Thank you! Yes, thinking about implementing a massive post it scheme on my wall.

First of all congrats!
I would say start by running audits on all of them, understand what each site needs and set Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s.
* Allocate weekly time slots for each client (according to the amount of hours they're paying for).
* Include planned calls with clients to avoid random calls during the week.
* When the slot of the client arrives you tackle the first task on that clients list.
* Set a time for responding to emails, say at the beginning and end of the work day, to avoid distractions during your work hours.
* Incoming emails during the week – make a point of replying within 24 hours acknowledging you received the email, saying you've seen the email and (unless it's genuinely urgent) you'll reply within x days.
* If the email contains requests, add the new requests to the clients list of tasks according to importance level.
* If it contains questions which needs answers, for quick answers respond on the spot, if it needs more attention add it to the client tasks as a task.
I may have given a too detailed answer here 😅
Good luck!

Follosco » Sarkin
Thanks for sharing! I'm curious; what's your strategy for making reports?
Sarkin » Follosco
I use rank ranger and Google data studio.
José ✍️ » Sarkin
Not at all, love it! Thank you very much! This is what I'm missing, this workflow that isn't as rigid when working on few clients at a time as you just switch on a case by case basis. Love the email thing, definetely implementing that, I always answer as they arrive and that can be detrimental to the workflow.

What type of clients? Local, national, e-commerce? I handle about 10 local clients and it's a fairly light workload, I get to give each client a lot of my attention.

José ✍️ » Molly
Most of them are car dealerships so I would say local for the most part. Your comment gives me hope ☺️
Molly » José
Local = less pages on the site normally, I think you'll do great!


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