You Worked Hard to Make Content and then a Scrapper Gets Ranked With the Copied Content Of Yours. What to Do?

So you work hard, put so much effort to make content. Then suddenly you find out some Scrappers are copying your sites and even ranking with that copied content. What to do?
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Part of life

Simone » Nagar
Go to it tells you who their host is – Domain Names & Identity for Everyone
WHOIS.COM – Domain Names & Identity for Everyone – Domain Names & Identity for Everyone
Whois info is protected. When we send to abuse@email, it takes so many days to reply. Now thing is they copy with automated tools, and we have to report it with slow process, finding and sending email, contacting hosts
One time 2 photographers in Perth Australia had the same text
I emailed them both and copied and pasted the text saying "just so you guys know your websites are copy and paste of eachother and it doesn't look good"
Each replied thanking me and accusing the other of stealing their content
Crimeflare is a website which can get you data of IPs behind Cloudflare.
Send a DMCA to the email on whois and it should be good.
Or if you have the host details, just let them know and ask them the details to do it.
An interesting call out: is a website or tool that makes deploying static sites a breeze.
So they used digital ocean in the backend. One of the sites via got DMCA and the entire websites were down.
That's how serious DMCA is treated at some companies.
So, don't give up in case you don't want to. Just give your best and let karma do the rest.
Nagar » Rakesh
Thanks👍 it gives hope👍🙂


If you are serious and would like to teach them a lesson,
I have something to share that has worked for me
Ps – Now that I Share something, don't have an impression that I am wicked or cruel. I just believe in giving it out LEFT, RIGHT AND CENTER.
Now to the solutions,
If you wanna play the good cop, and mind your own business,
1. Most of them are script kiddos. Who get inspired from idiots doing Youtube videos saying these tactics and selling out hosting. Those idiots never grow up.
Hey, sorry for being so brutally honest. After repetitive click bombing stuff, websites hacked etc,
I am much stronger 💪
So, if the person is doing it via plugins that get the content,
Via Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds, disable rss feed in WordPress. That's the end.
2. If you can take the extra pain, make use of static wp stuff. WordPress on local host, and the files served via Content Delivery Network (CDN).
I bet you, no one can hack that WordPress site 🙂 I also added wp admin and whenever someone enters a random user name and pass,
They get a message saying – Don't waste your time here, and play somewhere else 🙂
3. If you can get logs, block the bots with the help of web hosting provider.
If you wanna play the bad cop,
1. Publish something that should not be on the site. Don't go overboard. Just a normal thingy should do.
I can't share it loud here. But, that's the extreme that you can go. But be mindful of what you are doing.
Let that person scrape it and have it for their own good. In no time, they would realize who they are dealing with 🙂
An example could be,
A different language idiotic content, on an English speaking website with details that write in your rss feed saying,
This person is lazy and is copying my content. So, I present you this yo man. Cheers!
Or whatever you wanna play with! Generally, I don't spare anyone who does it to me.
I have had enough of them. Having said that, you have to be on a continuous lookout.
The best way is to,
Make use of Yoast plugin, and there you have settings.
For rss,
Just add links back to your site. If that's a good site, let it be.
Sooner or later, with DMCA being filed in case you would like to,
You should be good. If the link is bad, disavow the entire domain and that's the end of the story.
This is internet, and there is good and bad. Someone wanted transparency and made crypto and bitcoin stuff.
Today the same bitcoin is earned via scamming the shit out of people, and made their work easier when it comes to ransom.
Internet empires need a lot of struggle and maintenance at times,
To let them do what they are best at 🙂

Nagar » Rakesh
Thanks Rakesh for this ideas. But problem is I am not using RSS feeds. My security is good ( not any problem till today).
So about Scrappers:
They are more advanced. They use automated tools. It can remove internal links, they remove main logo, images. They don't choose all posts, they choose the best. So writing something bad as you said won't help. As they will not copy that post. 😓😓😓
Hm. Interesting.
Selective copying is definitely new. Mind sharing the site where they are copying and playing these advanced tactics to look at.
I am sure they would use bots. Would be interesting to learn as well.
No problem, even if you wanna keep the site undisclosed.
But, yeah, thanks for sharing the update. Would look out for the site in case you would like to share.
I would love to deal with their monetization elements of that's the extreme I have to go.
Nagar » Rakesh
Oh right, I forgot to mention, they are monetizing it with Adsense. Irony is Google should not support such sites. There are cases on Google forums where original site got decline in index due to Google thought it's thin content, while copycats were enjoying rankings + Adsense / affiliate money
Daniel » Rakesh
Wow sounds like you have put a lot of time into this LOL … while it might have been worth it in the past I would say these days Google knows the difference between the original content and the scraped content so while they might be ranking they will not supplant your spot in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) not a chance so I wouldn't even worry about it much.
This is also why you don't have to worry about disavowing these shity links that Bots make because Google knows the difference these days and it does not affect your sight anymore like it used to so the disavowal function has lost a lot of value I'm not saying it's worthless at this point it still serves a purpose but Google's intelligence has gotten vastly more than just let's say five years ago so these days image scrapers and content scrapers aren't as much of an issue they will not replace your spot even if they rank somewhere else
Lastly like you said if you're on a good CDN they're f*cked anyways and I can't imagine why anybody wouldn't have their sight on a CDN so… forgive the voice translation errors NLP has not come that far yet apparently.
Nagar » Daniel
Suggest some good but affordable CDN🙏
Daniel » Nagar
Check with your host they should have something in a package deal as an upgrade. If not, the CDN world is vast, and depending on your needs there are CDNs that will be better than others while if your needs were different then the other CDN would win. So it's hard to say. Plus, CDN companies are really using standardized technologies developed by others so what they do is put those technologies together depending on their goals. Cloudflare is popular because the free set up is actually pretty good. I use Sucuri it's like $250 a year or something but I got it through my host. currently, but I'm wanting to get AWS so I'm likely switching my host to WP-Engine and kill all birds with one stone. They are all pretty good, you really cant go WRONG, you may discover you could have gotten something better for your needs, but its not going to make a VAST difference because like I said the technologies are standardized so everyone uses the same handful of CDN tech dev companies and sort of white labels that.
Nagar » Daniel
I tried Free Cloudflare but my Hosting is giving same performance.
Daniel » Nagar
Yeah, it's more for security the free one. It should help the issue you posted about, but if you also need better performance then you will need the paid version. Another consideration is your level of things. Like the ultimate CDN's technically you really have to know your stuff to use those. Yup, I forgot to mention that. Azure will likely blow your mind if you're not up to it.
@Daniel, Completely aligned. The only reason for doing it all, is the belief I have and follow, that I should make it easier for systems and processes.
No second thoughts on Google's constant changes and improvement though. I have had success with RSS stuff, and DMCA in the past.
CDN: Depends on your use case mate. If you are purely looking for hosting your files and serving them from CDN,
Keycdn and BunnyCDN since they offer storage zones as well, to store the files. I personally prefer BunnyCDN over the others. It's fast, and affordable. I am planning to try their volume tier which is super super affordable. In a sense, a million hits can hardly cost a few dollars according to math.
If you want some protection as well, Cloudflare and Cloudfront.
To increase performance of site via Cloudflare for WordPress, check out their apo. At $5 per month, it's worth giving a look. One of my friends tried it and he moved his blogs from managed hosting to a cloud panel and vps since
Cloudflare is making use of workers and delivering some exceptional value. Careful, since a few plugins are not compatible and you might face some issues with.
I have used a long time back. I did it in my initial days, after feeling so frustrated with a scrapper website. Use it if you would like to go all in.
But, as Daniel pointed out – monitor your results for a while and see where this leads you to.
Ps – I firmly believe in the fact that internet should be a better place, free from scammers and a destination for hustlers. The shortcuts should be dealt with the exact way with no mercy since
1. Google is already kicking a## by knowledge graph and others, and killing some niches.
2. People use ad blockers and steal content for free as if it is their own asset.
3. Mounting expenses for a webmaster in terms of hosting, freelancers etc.
Hence, I deal it this way when I have to face them. Not all of them are successful. But I don't give up on doing my part.
@Adsense: The trick is that they would publish some legit posts first.
Follow all the terms and get Adsense approved. Once it is approved with the website,
They enjoy the luxury of making it work towards their favor the way they want it to work unless something comes up.
Reporting a Violation – AdSense Help
Dean » Rakesh
Knowledge bombs! ❤
Nagar » Dean
Thanks Rakesh for sharing this🙏🙏🙏🙏


make all your data free put a condition of CC by SA in which all the people using your data just have to give you a back link this way you will get free backlinks to rank + you don't have to waste your time filing DMCA take down notices read about CC BY SA..

Nagar » Paul
I don't think they will give back link. They are selecting best content, removing internal links, and Showing themselves as our competitors, not followers 😓😓😓
Paul » Nagar
Mail them saying that you own copyright and give links atleast if then also they don't respond No problem then you can go for DMCA take down notice but it's not scalable and time consuming rather focus on brand building & other aspects like page speed, UI, UX & what your competitors can't do which you can do.. because in Internet every data you put can be used by anyone it's built that way so stopping copying is not scalable rather focus on differentiation which only your brand can offer
I understand your point. But say what if my site is below 30 DA.
It makes it more difficult already to rank. And more difficult due to fact that some other people already copying my content and competing with me!

at first, I'd say all the things if I'd say here I'd lose my FB account. then I'd do that some more. then I'd start to look in my phone for some eastern friends who can take care of such people. after a while, after going through all 7 stages of grieving, I'd start to collect proofs, and begin contacting everyone who counts: their money streams (there's always an ads or affiliate network in there), hosting, registrar etc. Sometimes it works, sometime you just have to start learning about DMCA. After some years of such adventures, you learn something about these scrappers: they never build lasting projects, no quality backlinks profiles, nothing serious, so all you need to do is to build more authority on your sites, keep on updating your content, keep on adding new content, make the best out of your internal linking structure… and so on. But nevertheless, you always start by saying all the forbidden words 😉

Nagar » Bogdan
Yes, trying to do the same.
About that things which will lose your FB. Can you send me in Inbox. Please. I would be greatful to you always.🙏🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Bogdan » Nagar
Just swearing and cursing 👻 but I get what you were asking, and why. starting to believe in voodoo, law or such kind of black magic is one important stage of the grieving process
Nagar » Bogdan
Really? 😂
Bogdan » Nagar
I have a law degree and a lot of beer induced voodoo experiences 😉


Read another article: DMCA | A Website Else Copy Pasted My Content, but It Gave the Original Link as Credit and Even Kept My Internal Links

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