A Discussion about Apple was Quietly Building a Search Rival to Google in 2020

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a discussion about apple was quietly building a search rival to google

Domination must begin
It will not be successful. It might chip away at say 10% of the market but overall Google will remain supreme. 👍🏽7

Tag » Smith
if Apple by some reason (legal?) decides to walk away from Google Search, then it will be 50% overnight. I attach the excerpt from antitrust claim ( first hearing is scheduled for today btw)
a discussion about apple was quietly building a search rival to google
Except where does the other 50 come from? I do know the answer to that. The point is it's the USERS picking Google ok? Ultimately when it boils down to it that's what it is. The government can grab billions from them.. they will push forward. What do people say as a common phrase? "Google that shit."
They aren't gonna say "Apple that shit" is what I mean. I remember when there was Alta Vista as the search engine that was prominent and I mean this was way way back in the late 90s now Google reigns supreme. Why? Their algorithm which turns out is theirs to privately own. Microsoft just duplicates Google on almost everything yet with a broken algo.
Brandon » Smith
Yea and in the Uk they Hoover the floors with whatever vacuum brand they want.
Smith » Brandon
sure… But they using Google too… In November 2018, Google had the highest market share in the United Kingdom, at 89.1% for desktop, tablet and console devices.
I mean shit 89.1% in 2018 I wonder what it is now. Probably 93%.. yeah they using the Google too.
Why? Because it freaking works that's why we use it. These antitrust suits are government oversight we don't need. We are all adults and can decide which platforms to use or not use. That's the idea here. They are acting like we are forced. Don't like Google go try Bing for a week.
It comes from their base. And all they need search for is ads. FB built their revenue model on their own ad platform, Apple is going to do the same for an additional revenue stream. Odd part tho is (except mobile) most people use Chrome, not Safari.
Brandon » Smith
huh? What does vacuuming have to do with the UK using Google? I'm just pointing out that when a brand name becomes synonymous with a task it is no longer as valuable. Hence people Hoover with a Dyson.
Apple is going to fail mark my words. And Chrome again is superior.
Smith » Brandon
not in the search engine world.
Brandon » Smith
It'll never be a powerhouse, but I wouldn't dismiss it either. We're already seeing Apple provide traffic in local searches when they interject info before the user even gets to the google search. It'd probably be a lot more if we could get the client to pay attention to Yelp in all for their markets…
Smith » Brandon
Apple is using Microsoft to power those searches..
Anyways dev is beginning for the day. This anti trust suit means nothing. It's a money grab. They will force google to ask users if they wish to use Google and that'll be the end of it.. maybe they lose 10% its unlikely.
Brandon » Smith
True, sir. Search is powered by Bing, but those star ratings and links are coming from Yelp.


Apple wont take much market share. Do you really think that a company whose annual revenue is heavily comprised (about 20% of all revenue) solely from Google is going to give up that money to build a competitor that may flop?

Eric » James
um yes. You don’t get to be a trillion dollar international corporation by being scared to take risks. 💟2
Agree apple might take 10%… like the same as Microsoft kinda shit. Shouldn't we all be putting in the works.
James » Eric
lol, it’s not solely about “risk.” It’s about partnerships, cost of goods and services, and market viability.
Apple would rather take margins from their accessory sales and devices because it has a lower ceiling to implement than to enter a foreign market and shut off a large portion of their research and development income.
Just because they’re a trillion dollar international corporation doesn’t mean that they have that money liquid.
Take a look at Apple’s 10-K if you haven’t. They’ve made maybe 35-40 billion this year on a 38.2% margin…
They also lose 28% to just R&D, Sales & Admin, and operating expenses. Also 21% to federal taxes.
They’ve lost over 300 million in their liquid cash year over year.
To build a search engine prototype alone would cost roughly $100MM and over $25M a year to operate. It’s doable for sure but they would lose a significant upside for maybe 10% or less or a market with no branded awareness in that space…
You think they would cut that 38% margin down 20% to take a “risk”?
What do they gain from that as a company?
Unless they create an advertising platform (which they’re already actively phasing out first party cookies on all Apple devices which is a major issue for advertisers) they would essentially be the Bing of pay-per-click (PPC) and the fourth, maybe third option vs Google and YouTube. 👍🏽🤭2
Eric » James
I really have to explain what they could possibly gain to you?
Do you really think they don’t know their own numbers? Do you really think you have a better understanding than they do if the plan just because you read a screenshot of a headline?
Or are you saying Apple is just filled with drunken clueless idiots tossing money randomly at whatever?
James » Eric
this isn’t an attack brother, it’s a conversation. So yes, please explain what you see as the upside of what they can gain. A thorough comment is better than an empty one. Share your ideas!
There are always two sides to a decision, they have a good amount to gain, but I was bringing attention to what they have to lose. It’s not having a “better understanding because of a screenshot,” it’s critical analysis since, you know, that’s what investors will look at and will dictate for Apple’s stock to rise or fall…
I’ve shared my thoughts openly, you’ve only disagreed without any substance. So what are you saying? 👍🏽1
Eric » James
My point is very simple. I have learned to not just dismiss outright the possibility of viable competition.
People once said Amazon was dumb for expanding outside of books.
Most people claimed Netflix was doomed to fail(Myself included) for pivoting to streaming rather than delivering dads by mail.
My point is simple, I am not going to just laugh off something as impossible, stupid or won't work, especially if I know very little about the details. That is it, not a complicated point, but reality being I have seen more corporate titans collapse than I can count based on similar moves.
Also, my comment below offers all that substance and more. 🙂 👍🏽1
James » Eric
cool cool, that’s all that was missing.
Not saying it’s impossible or 100% going to work for Apple, but just saying that it may not be them who really drives the market that far, or at all.
It could easily be an off shoot company (like the execs who’ve already left Apple and started their own agency) who go on to create the revolutionary search engine.
We shall see 💟1
Eric » James
See, that is what makes me see it as being possible. All the old guard is gone. The design teams, the product people, a lot of those guys and women are gone. The only thing that makes sense is to then hire the best people you can find, then pivot to what they are best at. Clinging to past accomplishments based on the name Apple alone is not a wise strategy. That is how companies fail, by NOT pivoting.
Also, I am betting this is not their only trick in the bag.
I have been saying for years that Apples best card they have is security. That is what they are known for more than anything today. When you buy Apple, you know your data is far more safe. So to me, it would just make sense they would launch a search engine. People want it, the market has shown that.
They are also moving away from products only Apple product users can use. This is just one piece of their strategy, you can be assured you will be seeing more security and privacy products from them in the future, far more than you will see innovations in cell phones.
They will also be using more of as you pointed to, the wearable market. A cloud based Bluetooth like connection would need a whole different level of security than what Google would be willing to do.
I am thinking 5 years from now, wearing some VR glasses and doing search, etc. is going to be an entirely new ballgame that needs things encrypted that we can barely grasp today. I'm just shooting off random thoughts at this point, but I hope you get what I am saying. 💟1
You have to think three moves ahead in that game. You can't think about competing with Google today, you have to think of how to get the jump on Google and launch for products 5 years from now.
Like Netflix. They went streaming when the faster connections couldn't play a damn movie. It was absurd. But they were prepping for today, 10 years ago. That's why they are so dominant now. 👍🏽1
James » Eric
yeah that absolutely makes sense. Apple’s “low key” advantage with security makes me feel like they can easier crack into the financial market as well, more than what they’ve done with their Apple Card. If they can marry security with the mix of peer to peer payments and possibly even electronic payments (like crypto currencies for example), they’d create a new market. 👍🏽1
Eric » James
Let me ask you this:
In the world of subscriptions, would you pay $5 a month for a totally secure, ad-free search engine filled with relevant results not filled with SEO-filled search results?
I would.
I mean, as a page owner, and as SEO people, this would suck, but as a user, to not have to worry about people gaming the system with SEO coupled with security of Apple can be a game changer. Again, I am just pulling ideas out of nowhere, but I am sure you can see it. It may not take Google out, but I bet MILLIONS would want to use such a thing.


It baffles me you all think just because a company is big that means they will remain big forever.
Yeah and Facebook is dumb. Nobody can take out MySpace.
And Who remembers Google is dumb, these nobody’s can’t compete with yahoo.
How many of you are on Motorola phones? Taking photos with Kodak?
Does anyone in this group use AOL for internet?
Shall I continue or do you get my point? 👍🏽12

Smith » Eric
It’s the same thing Blockbuster said when Netflix rolled out and Wal-Mart said when Amazon started selling everyday items instead of just books.
We are too big to worry. 👍🏽1
Eric » Smith
exactly. The list goes on. 10 years ago Tesla wasn’t even on the car maker graphs. Today they are number one.
If anything in today’s world taking out a leader is easier than ever.
I mean, I don’t think it can happen but to just dismiss a move outright as impossible is foolish.
It is pretty clear Apple is due for a major pivot, they know as do we all that their future is not where they are now.
It will likely be a safer, more secure search like duck duck go but with the Apple brand and bank account behind it. That’s not something to just dismiss. 👍🏽1
Finan » Eric
I agree with you on a certain extent but people are still wearing Nike, Adidas, I get what your saying but if your a true leading institution nowadays it’s much harder to take down. 👍🏽1
Eric » Finan
I’m not talking about making google go out of business. People are still using MySpace too. I’m talking about being viable. Replacing a leader is bigger. I know I alluded to the possibility but I very much doubt Apple is trying to put Google out of business or is even considering it. 👍🏽1
Mark » Eric
yip. Its shocking how small minded people can be. They think because <insert big company> is the here and now, the world must have stopped turning. Duh. Let me tell people. Zuckerberg et-al know the world is catching up. Make no mistake about it. 👍🏽1
Every dog has its day. 💟1

Then maybe Apple should work a little harder on getting their manufacturing moved out of China. 👍🏽3

Eric » Rick
they are. And one has nothing to do with the other.
On the contrary – there are plenty of good ‘less watchful’ search engines already out there. With a company so big and in bed with China who will increasingly become more verboten in the near future do you really think people will trust using a tool from them that tracks their online life? 🤭1
Eric » Rick
"in bed with China" lol They make shit there. China also steals it's tech to make competing products. This oh no look, it's china! boogieman is hilarious. You don't think there is a company on the planet that doesn't do business with China in some way? You buy shit from China every day, are you "in bed with China?"
Also, Google also does a shit ton of business with China. Your point is moot.
Rick » Eric
In case you haven’t been keeping up, manufacturers have been leaving China in droves this year and many lawsuits to follow. 👍🏽1
Eric » Rick
manufacturing has nothing to do with search for one and Apple has been as well. I have been keeping up, have you? They have already relocated some manufacturing back to the USA.
Rick » Eric
The majority of Apple’s products are manufactured oversees. That means to a large degree the company does not support the US Economy. For the search aspect, people are tired of Google’s intrusion, why would they hand their personal data and tracking over to another global behemoth?
Eric » Rick
that’s inaccurate but not worth arguing about. I get it you hate China. Evil commies bad! Eisenhower says so, but Russia is great, etc etc. I’m too tired to argue lol.
Rick » Eric
There’s a reason the Government invoked new trade agreements with stipulations regarding patent theft, currency manipulation and other issues. There’s a reason the Chinese Embassy was told to pack up and get out months ago. And yes, China protected it’s own country from the Wuhan virus by blocking travel in and out of there for them but allowed international travel. China is a bad for us.


Apple should buy www.uaaau.org
$100 for indexing your site
$20/month first ranked
$200 for scrapping 🤭👍🏽4
How good does Apple maps go so far? 👍🏽2
This may satisfy you: A Funny Search Engine Name Uaaau org

Eric » Jared
it works quite well being it doesn’t collect and save every single thing you do 24 hours a day tracking your every move like google does. You may enjoy your every movement saved, stored, sold to vendors and given to the government but others disagree. 👍🏽1
Leeb » Eric
Apple is tracking that data too. Don't worry about that.
Eric » Leeb
not at all the same thing. It’s like comparing sex with my wife with a rapist as both having sex.
I get your point. But, friend, don't trust Apple like you trust your wife.
If you're that deep into Apple you should look into Stockholm Syndrome. They're far from being the good guys. 🤭1
Eric » Leeb
if you think Apple is literally imprisoning and torturing people I can just laugh at the drama queen. Take care.

Re Apple using Bing for search. I think it’s BS now. Not for local for sure. 2. Yelp. Trip advisor – Apple started to collect reviews and photos in Australia (restaurants and shops)
3. Bing is using Facebook reviews
4. Facebook is using Apple Maps for business places
5. Majority in the USA use safari
6. Most smartphones in the USA – iPhones – more than android and other combined.
7. Voice search is on the rise and Siri is on par with Google, slightly ahead
8. Apple can walk away from google overnight (just a new iOS with isearch pre-installed – a few lines of code on
Y) and Google is scared . It’s google who pays Apple $8-12 billion not the other way around. Money talks.
Let’s see. But Apple is onto something – more and more smoke coming out lately… 👍🏽1


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