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Can people really make a living with a blog with a niche that is not "how to make money with blogging"?

I started my blog a year ago and initially i had read so many success stories. But even after my experience I am not sure if blogging can actually make someone dependable amount of money.

Are you a successful blogger who is making money with a blog that doesn't teach how to make money with blog?

Most success stories I ever read are from people who made blogs about how to make money with blogging. Essentially blogs that talk about blogging success are often found in the success stories.

I'm into photography niche. I post articles about photography and about gear and tutorials etc.

What are your thoughts?
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Yes, now I have around 10 niche websites and none of them is on making money online. Within 3-4 months, I'm sure I will cross the $16K mark, per month.

Photography is not a niche. It is a market. It is going to be extremely tough for you to make money in the photography market. You are dealing with thousands of competitors who are posting more, valuable content regularly.

A niche is like Food Photography, Birth Photography, Macro Photography, Drone Photography, or Weather Photography.

You can break these niche more into small segments: "Cold Weather Photography" or "Weather Balloon Aerial Photography". When you work in these super targeted niches, you earn. Let's say one article in this niche gets only 50 visitors a month, instead of 5,000. Among those 50 visitors, 3-4 will become your customers and buy products through your affiliate links.

Let's suppose you publish 100 or 200 long-form articles in this niche, you will dominate it. Even if no one buys anything through your affiliate link, you will still earn through ads. 100-200 long-form articles will receive a huge amount of traffic. In my experience, 100+ articles on this kind of targeted niche can hand you $2K/month at least.

I have published a guide here on Reddit, you can check it out: Niche Website Business Model

neoneonling ✍️
Thank you so much for detailed response. Thus clarifies a lot of things. :)

Yes, they can! I am not talking about myself here cause I don't even have a blog but I'm thinking about it now for months.

I mean you just have to check all those food blogs, tech blogs, beauty and cosmetic blogs, sports blogs, review pages of all sorts. They make money, pretty sure of it. Some might not make enough cash to solely live off of it but might one day. Those big blogs are all a few years old and have been around for a while. I definitely believe that all types of blogs can generate enough money that one can live of it. You just can't get lazy with it and keep on going, as it is with everything else in life.

That's just my two cents, but as I said I don't have a blog.
There are many types of photography. What kind of photography is your website about? If you can't answer that question then you have yourself an authority site. Authority sites will take way longer to start gaining traffic and will need a ton of material to even start ranking.

Narrow your niche down and you will need less material and less time to start gaining good amounts of traffic because the competition is less stiff. Do some research before posting. Look and see how well the articles in number one spot are written. If you can make a better article do it.
Great question.

So let me start by saying that I initially started blogging about marketing tips, content marketing and the likes. I began freelancing as a web designer and my clients were small businesses so it made sense that I blogged about that type of stuff because it was how I brought in the majority of my clients.

After a couple of years, I started to get the hang of blogging and realized that I enjoyed it more than client work. But one thing I found was that the niche of online marketing, blogging how-to's etc is INCREDIBLY competitive.

So I started up a second blog in a different niche (a very niche travel blog) and have found it much easier to grow the blog and was making a (very) small income off it much faster than my first blog. As long as you know your audience, do your research and put in the time and patience, you'll definitely be able to monetize in any niche.


Niche Website Business Model

How do you recommend researching your audience? Thanks for the tips btw.

You can research your audience by:
• speaking with them directly
• looking at your competition (or larger publications) and seeing what content they are producing. This can often indicate what your audience enjoys reading
• joining relevant Facebook groups to see what types of questions your audience is posting
• seeking out relevant sub-Reddits to see what questions your audience is posting

The above can help you start to get an idea of what types of content your audience wants.

Once you get your blog started, you'll be able to see what posts are performing well by taking a look at your analytics to see which ones drive the most traffic.


So I'm just getting started with blogging. I come at it from an e-commerce perspective because I got started selling physical products on Amazon / my own website through ads a few years back.

My perspective is if you can get lots of traffic you can surprisingly easily make sales if you offer a product in that niche.

If you could get 100,000 visitors a month and even 0.1% of them bought a $50 product from you (which is an abysmal rate btw) you'd be making $5k/m. That's not too shabby. And those are abysmal conversion rates even for informational blog posts. Get that type of traffic and you can blow past those numbers. A 1% conversion rate on that traffic and you're up to $50k/m.

So the only remaining question is can you get traffic in a niche other than "How do I blog?"… And umm… "How do I blog" is a pretty tiny niche compared to say… Literally anything you can think of. Swimming. Aerial Yoga. Pottery. Photography. You name it blogging about how to blog is probably a smaller space with more competition than pretty much anything else you can think up.
I make about €2K a month wit my "dadblog" Companies will pay crazy cash once you have reached more than 2k visitors and Domain Authority (DA) 40 Page Authority (PA) 36.

Companies will pay you cash for what? Like to advertise on your site?

Exposure, do follow links, reviews for relevant articles within your niche. I have a relatively small dad blog and make about 2k a month
I'm not gonna be doing an actual blog but rather like a content feed, or content curation site. Like a feed for relevant articles, videos, memes, podcasts, with dozens of postings a day. Still gonna use WordPress. Would your monetization still work for this? I assume it would. Initially I was planning to just find independent startups offering products that wanted to advertise on my site.

There are plenty of examples of photography blogs that have gone on to make 6 figures.

It usually goes like this…
• Monetize with affiliate offers to start generating revenue without investing too much in a product of your own. This involves a lot of content production, especially to usurp the people who had a headstart.
• Create your own course materials to market.

With a higher return product like a course you can start using paid ads to drive traffic and speed up your brand growth while converting people to become customers.

Yes a lot of people making money blogging create success stories to win people over, as that's their objective, but that doesn't mean they are the only ones.

Other niches don't have an incentive to show off their success stories because a) They don't need anymore competition and b) They aren't trying to convince you of anything.

Hope that makes sense.

neoneonling ✍️
Yes it does make sense. Thanks for replying. :)


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