Backlink Types of Web 2.0 Comment Anchor Text and Citations Aren’t Valuable. Are They?

PSA: A backlink is not valuable if anyone can get it. Web 2.0 / Comment Anchor Text / Citations are not pushing much juice anymore
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you mean blog commenting and web 2.0 are useless in 2020 ?

Mew 👑✍️
More or less, yes. 👍🏽2

I guess they are, I know of a client that boosted his domain via web 2.0 comments and the likes… He's currently doing well.
I can inbox you the url you would run a thorough check and see for yourself.. the thing is.. just be lucky not to get caught 👍🏽1

Mew 👑✍️
Once an algorithm hits his niche, it's over for that type of strategy. Sad to say, it's just not sustainable. 👍🏽6

This might work in the past, when it took years or months for Google to update new algo. Now the big G updates every month (I bet weekly) so the shelf life is pretty short. Not worth trying IMO.
Chris »
If black hat wasn't worth pursuing, WordPress hacking wouldn't be so rampant.
» Chris
I think you're mixing 2 unrelated things up. I'm talking about SEO specifically ATM.
Chris »
So am I. WordPress hacking is attractive to black hats for selling link insertions. Among other things, of course.
» Chris
Oh I didn't know about that. That's why Google's weighing more on editorial links (in-content links) rather than anywhere else – as an act to fight hacked links. In the near future, I expect Google weigh more on clicked links (both external & internal links which get clicked by user). This is true "dofollow/nofollow" signal IMO. Unclicked links mean less relevant/useful for users, judged by users themselves (as clicking). 👍🏽1

I had done a few relevant directories that were free, non-spammy in order to get indexed faster when launching a new website recently . I agree though, relevant links that can send actual converting traffic are what I really like to push for. 👍🏽1
Reddit and Pinterest ?? 👍🏽1

Mat » Bouh
Pinterest is ranking amazingly right now. Certainly going to read up on it for certain niches.
Reddit is good if accepted as it helps traffic.
I doubt either effect SEO directly. But good traffic will indirectly help SEO imo. 👍🏽2

Mew do you disagree with this:
Backlink will matter for SEO in 2020 but it must be relevant with your content if you create irrelevant backlinks then they won't be of any use.
You can see even the website which is on 9th & 10th position have a boatload of backlinks but still not ranking in the ADD triangle

Mew 👑✍️ » Martin
– Things will continue to head this way. You can still rank sites with link farms and gray hat tactics, they just don’t stand the test of time anymore.
Martin » Mew
what is your suggestion for best practices in ranking sites?


This may satisfy you: Most Votes of a Poll Said That Citations Are Extremely Important for Urban and Rural SEO
These social links are good to build topical and geo relevancy to the money pages so I still consider them important but they are not the purpose of passing any Link juice. Moreover money anchors should be used on the links which goes through some editorial process. 👍🏽1
Content content content. Make sure the content has quality. It generates traffic, and it’s valuable to someone. You will rank page 1 with in weeks. Consistency is the key. 👍🏽1
web 2.0 has not much power, people have really abused comments, forums and other backlinks.
So google recoganized this manipulation.
but we can play with them naturally.❤️🙂 👍🏽1
Content is the king. Without good content, people will not link back to you but there is also a problem if your site is too new to the eyes of google. Web 2.0 is not dead yet if you pick the right one. A backlink from is good. I don't think google will penalty their own network. Personally i use reddit, medium, tumblr ( which have PA 40+ and 100% matched your niche ), ted, thebaynet, quora etc etc. With combination of link types, still work like a charm. Anyway, blog comment i do not use it for a long time because personally i think it is a waste of time. From my humble opinion, user engagement may be a minor ranking factor but the fact is people must comment on your page ( a vote for you), not you comment on them 👍🏽1

Hoang » Roger
content is King, but backlink is Queen 😉
Roger » Hoang
Agreed. That's why my own sites i always do the opposite. I hunt for domains that have links from forbes cnn bcc foxnews etc etc and decide the niche from there 👍🏽1

Google said the other day, btw, that they use the spam reports users file to teach their ML algorithms. Only rarely do they take manual action based on them.
All of these techniques have their days numbered.
As an ex programmer I think I can see this coming better than some more traditional seos who are burying their heads in the sand.
For me though seos are fine to do this on their own affiliate sites. I don’t think these grey hat techniques should be done for client sites without explanation of the risks.
People’s livelihoods can be killed through no fault of their own.

Mew 👑✍️ » Phil

As always, I couldn’t agree more!
I’m actually incredibly happy with the direction SEO is going, as it’s becoming less volatile if you do it correctly.
As you mentioned, at y 9-5 company we won’t participate in any Grey Hat techniques unless we notify the client and we’re actually even thinking about creating a waiver for them. 👍🏽1
Phil » Mew
a waiver is a fantastic idea in those circumstances.
I agree Seo is going in a direction that suits me too 🙂

I use web 2.0 to push an article from 3rd page to first page but it was for a specific country, when I checked the ranking for USA, it was still the same
There is always a way to do it correctly. Web 2.0 can be powerful tier-1 source to money sites if developed properly & a person knows how & when to get links from it. If you post spun articles on it & start taking links from every article then its game over… 👍🏽1


This may satisfy you: Thinking to Start Making a Private Blog Network (PBN) that contains all Webs 2.0

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