Will Adding a Physical Locale Address, Reviews and Citations Help Me Rank Nationally?

I would like to rank my online fitness business nationally. Will adding a physical locale address, reviews and citations help me rank nationally? I am not trying to get clients to train locally, but digitally. Thank you.
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Adding a business address wouldn’t hurt but it wouldn’t necessarily help either if you are not looking for local clients. Your best bet is putting out high quality fitness content around at-home training.
If you have tons of money, yes get 500 Google places and do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) them, but then you'll need to sell tons and tons of memberships to recoup your investment… how deep are your pockets? 😅 Do you have a website Lucas?
i duno why everyone is saying no… they may not rank your asset outright but they will most certainly add insulation to your site in the form of pillow links, build authority from highly recognized sites, and more over be very natural… you think conglomerate run companies don't have addresses and citations?

heres an example: https://www.yelp.com/biz/dicks-sporting-goods-austin
DICK’S Sporting Goods – Austin, TX
A national based brand owned by the venture capital group bessemer… wait… maybe an even better example: https://www.yelp.com/biz/Google-fiber-space-austin
Google Fiber Space – Warehouse District – Austin, TX
Lindsay » Altimore
I totally agree with you! I do national but still optimize for local and use Google My Business (GMB) and Bing Maps.

Yext = $500ish/year, most powerful and quickest. Bright Local = $75+ for a citation blast, do that once or twice. Still need to manually touch them to completely optimize. Or manually build them out yourself, that's free but takes time.
Also utilize GMB and Bing regularly. It will help you get some local clients, digitally, but would mostly benefit you by adding trust and authority to your site. Shows you're a legitment company who's audience is national.
The trick is going to be in what you're actually trying to rank for. For many terms, Google is only going to rank local businesses because RankBrain has determined that those search terms mean, "I want to place to work out locally". You don't have that – so you're never going to rank for those terms. (And if you somehow COULD manage to rank for those terms, they wouldn't do you any good since you aren't offering what they are looking for, anyway).
It's nearly impossible to give much advice on what TO do in your situation since we don't know exactly what you do and how you do it – so the answers may vary. I CAN say that if you declare yourself a "Local Business" in Google My Business (Google Local) or in your Schema.org structured data – it can be hard to overcome that. You're really an "Organization" – not a Local Business. Make sure you've got it right.
Home – schema.org
Home – schema.org
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Abdul Waheed
Local SEO nowadays is also a vast thing most of the business relay on Local searches to increase their sales if you are running a business that has physical/digital interaction of users then you need to be online for them (your business needs to be online for them lol)
Here are the few tips that will help you increase your rank in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).
first of all you have to think that what are local searches as today Google understand the intent of the searches as the user types "iPhone Repair" query then Google automatically detects the user location and shows the results that are relevant/close to that user so in that case, you can not do anything 😛 but you can make your page relevant to that term so if the user is in the same city/state/area/timezone then maybe Google shows that user your listing if not I have my own strategy for that lol 😛 also keep in mind users do search like this "iPhone repair near me" and these kinds of searches are increasing day by day (you can target these searches too with some tweaks)
First make sure your on-site structure is correct like your website is mobile friendly and loads faster (not necessary) then how many pages do you have as on the random idea we can only guess (if you provided me any link/niche/market I would have done analyses for that but lets continue on this) so if your business has many branches then you need to build a page for every branch like this Site.com/Karachi-Branch Site.com/Lahore-Branch there are many ways to do that this is the way I do it so its up to you that how you separate the branches of your business when it comes to business website
also, make sure you have listed your NAP (Name Address Phone no) correctly everywhere (Facebook, Local citation, on your website footer/contact page) this has to be in this format as well NAP, and do not ever make changes in it on other websites
Optimize your pages for local search terms as well by using local structured data markup (Google it if you do not know that as I cannot explain all the things here 😛 it will take hell lot of my time as well)
then you have to submit your website in Google My Business (must) after that build some local citations (like yelp, yellow pages, etc) yes I know no one uses that these days but do you see/use OLX in the SERPs or Boole (or any ad posting site like that) why do these results pop up in the SERPs? because of their authority so do a post on them as well if you want to grow your local business do not listen to the people who says this/that do not work anymore, anything that may benefit the business works maybe those things do not work for them so do not listen to that,
You can find the list of citations by doing a Google search do not make profiles on all but do make on important/famous ones make sure you put the same NAP on all of these (important) these sites also include common social media platforms as well
try to attract big brands or some big influences in your niche by doing roundup posts / comparison posts / guest posts, so you can build authority as if you do a comparison or roundup post, the person/brand you mention in that post may share that post with their audience as well
Try to get reviews on your Google My Business listing as this will help you to dominate the local map pack, also in local SERPs
there are a lot of strategies of doing local SEO it all depends on the niche/target market so if you can share some details with me maybe I can help you with that 😉 take care.


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