The SEO Difference of Two Different Prices

There is a lot of different SEO prices out there I'm interested to know what do you actually give your customers for a $300-500 a month Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service? And a $500-$1000 SEO service?
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Lasse Pettersen
$500 per month I fix all technical issues, optimize all text and titles, img, pagespeed, Google My Business (GMB), with the associated keyword research, monthly reports, monthly tweaks + advise on improvement. $900 I also write content and build links in addition to the above. To answer your question: I give my customers lots of value. 👍🏽4

Igor » Lasse
If you deliver great results you are so underselling yourself its crazy. Find larger companies or just people where your impact will make them tens if not hundreds of thousands more. They will gladly pay you in nice 4 figure sums. And you will have real fire power to do "damage" 😉
Lasse » Igor
thanks Igor, I’ve been operating for 5 months just building case studies. I’m aware I’m underselling at the moment, but I want my first customers to get that value as a thank you 🙂 💟1
Igor » Lasse
Got it. Just keep increasing cause otherwise you will fall on the mousewheel and just churn n burn through clients. Good luck on your journey 👍🏽1
Trimble » Lasse
that’s really low depending on the number / quality of links. No citations? 👍🏽1
Hall » Lasse
Please message me if you would like another project . 👍🏽2
Lasse » Trimble
citations yes and 1-2 high quality links.
Lasse » Igor
thanks, will take that in
Lasse » Hall
dm’d you
How many people are you working with Lasse at one time?
Lasse » Bansal
are you asking about how many clients I have or how many clients I can work with at one time? I currently have 3 SEO clients and 2 Google ads clients. I can take on several more. Really just depends on how much work is needing done for each client.
Bansal » Lasse
you answered my questions already. Just that if you have 9 hours per day, its interesting to see how much you can do in that. 👍🏽1
Becca » Lasse
I have a friend who is looking for someone to run the SEO on her site, can you message me your info and we'll discuss?
Lasse » Becca
happy to

I don't have set prices, I base it on (their available budget) what they want to achieve and how I can go about it for X budget – open and honest, so everyone knows where they stand.
If they are on a tiny budget, they know its just slow and steady. 👍🏽1

Lasse » Capper
I think the question was more: “what exactly do you do for $500 per month” correct me if I’m wrong. What services are included in your “slow and steady”? 👍🏽2
Was throwing that in the mix, Lasse, but let me expand.
Typically these are smaller sites (local businesses), so initial fix is not normally intensive.
I also expect the client to do some work – I ask them to spreadsheet every call (question + answer) – and implement on site monthly or quarterly.
I also send them other search queries to answer, again these are either added to FAQs or individual pages.
If a local business, their monthly budget would also include looking at location / service pages.
In lower budgets, you need them to understand the partnership and they also need to do some of the lifting. 👍🏽1


De Kai
The 300-500 per month range for me is really focusing on the on-page and keyword research. As Lasse said, on-page services are as much as you can get for 500/month.
Similarly, I show my clients what has been done (before and after, using my own 80-issue on-page/technical checklist) and I advise them whether to lengthen their content, or increase the use of a particular word or anchor. They expect a series of reports, such as on-page performance, page speed, and rank tracking, along with suggestions.
For my ~ 1000 range, I cover both content, and outreach + local citations. I advise on blog contents, but I don’t write their “megablog articles”, i.e. their linkable assets. I advise them on the topics, but due to the research time needed, I leave it to the clients themselves, but help them optimize the article.
The value is really in the advice and analysis we provide, and whether we can push the project in the right direction

how do you manage outreach in 1k? considering that most webmasters want money
De Kai » Ryan
it’s doable on a per month basis as long as you don’t go crazy on things like being featured on Forbes, BBC and the like. I do those as well, but I usually put those on a special tier pricing, for clients who need these sorts of major exposure 👍🏽1
Ryan » De Kai
how many link(s) do you deliver in 1k monthly tier?
De Kai » Ryan
Hey Jack,
I’m not really consistent on the numbers (because I follow link velocity, and I avoid looking unnatural) but I usually do about 8-10 good links (Relevant Niche, DR > 40) per month 👍🏽1
Ryan » De Kai
that's really great. What are the expected cost of each link? and are those all paid placements or some are free?
De Kai » Ryan
it’s a mix actually! I ain’t here to do blackhat SEO 🙂 👍🏽1
Ryan » De Kai
I also tend to only follow white hat – what i meant was i consider it impossible to manage 8-10 good links in 1k budget unless the links are free or have a very low cost – that's why i asked you about expected cost… can i assume its 20-30$ per link?

Well, For $300 I will rank 5 keywords on 1st page on Google and will increase SEO traffic 200% and will make sure that you get a positive Return on Investment (ROI) from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. For $500 budget I will rank 10 keywords and will increase organic traffic 400%

Malhi » Singh
I want SEO for my site .. in how many months will u rank my site 5keywords.
Is 300 one time or monthly. Do u give guarantee? 👍🏽1
Singh » Malhi
this is not one time cost. It is per month cost. Yes I take guarantee to rank Keywords within suggested timeline.
how can you quote price without knowing keywords?
Singh » Ryan
Timeline Is important for the keywords. I always suggest timeline after research Keywords. And quote is mentioned in the above comment.
Ryan » Singh
I want to rank for "SEO Services" can you do that?
Singh » Ryan
What is your target location?
I would have to check few Keywords metrics such as Searches, Competition and Keywords Difficulty.
Sanchez » Singh
allow me to be a bit skeptical but how are you able to rank in $300 budget is my next question?
Singh » Sanchez
I have categorized my SEO packages as per Number of keywords. $300 Per Month to Rank 5 Keywords on 1st page.
Sanchez » Singh
oh ok so do you choose what keywords to rank or you? How many months?
Singh » Sanchez
Yes I select the keywords on Less competition+Good searches +Less Keywords Difficulty metrics. I suggest maximum timeline is 6 months 👍🏽1
Thanks Singh
. I re-read my questions and they didn't make sense lol. But I get it now. So you choose keywords you can rank easily for the $300 offer. That's smart approach as well. Thank you for the ideas! 👍🏽1
Singh » Sanchez
Goal is to get positive Return on Investment (ROI) from SEO campaign. I choose keywords wisely. 👍🏽1


If you are running like a business charge the rate for the worker doing the work plus a 40%+ margin for fixed costs and profit or reinvest.
I start with what the client needs and presents it. 5 hrs onpage, 12 hrs optimizing content, 2 hrs project management. I calculate that and add my margin. I present that to the customer ensuring that I assign a cost to my own time.
If the customer says it's too expensive I show them what they get. Then tell them we are going have to reduce the work we do.
Clients understand profit margin, the respect the transparency and they normally keep the price I present unless its genuinely out of budget then we figure out what we fan focus on first to get the needle moving.
I know how much time is assigned, I know that what my profit is, and the clients respect the detail I'm given them. It feels more real that a standard figure which they have no idea what's being doing. 👍🏽💟2

Vlad » Jenks
could you show an example for the mathematically challenged?
Jenks » Vlad
Lets say I decide I need:
– Citations
– 2 new pages created
– rewrite meta titles for 25 pages
I break down the cost for each task. It's a lot of work to start but when you have a process in place, it's the same calculation each time.
$50 Citation Service Cost
$50- my time to order and check they are done properly.
Cost of the task is $100 and I add my profit margin 40%
Total cost for the client is $140 for citations.
I then break the next task down – 2 new pages
keyword research $25
Setting up writer $25
Freelancer writer $50
Editing and proofing time $25
Setting up the page and optimizing $25
Total cost per page is $150, I then apply my margin for profit. Cost to the client $210 x 2 pages $420
Now, if I have estimated the time accurately. My time is paid for by the client ($50 an hour in this example) and I have profit to grow my business.
Hopefully, that helps. I made the figures up but what I do when speaking to a client is make these estimations. Many are standardized because with most clients you will need to run an audit, optimize pages, build links. So once you've created the templates you just copy and paste them into the proposal.
I keep a spreadsheet and when a task takes longer or less time and costs less, it tracks it so I know in real-time what my actual profit margin and I can adjust my template estimations for each task to be more accurate.
So many smaller agencies charge a flat fee and don't really know how much money they are making because they don't track it. Hopefully this helps give you an understanding 💟1

For us we work on an hourly basis. We do sit down and talk with them about their budget and what we feel would work, but at the end of the day they decide how many hours per month they want to book. So, let's say we're charging $100/hr running rate and they want to spend $1k… then we're working 10hrs…
Less than $500 only Google My Business (GMB).

how you get clients for gmb?
Kloth » Sharma
I use SEO and have my own business ranked in the map pack for different keywords and get a ton of leads through a paid plan on Yelp.

This may satisfy you: Comments on an SEO Low Price Range on Rate $300-$500 a Month

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