An SEO Client of Mine Is a Lawyer. What Should the Variation of Prices Be?

Ok, so it's been a while since I landed a new SEO client and I wanted to pick your brains in terms of pricing. A lawyer needs 4 pages on his website, 1 for each of his main services, he needs on page SEO done for his home page and the 4 new pages, and he has 0 (yes that's right) 0 citations.
How much would you charge for this? I want to make money, but I don't want to run off a new client by charging too much. So:
1. 4 pages of new written content for his services.
2. On page Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
3. Maybe 100+ Citations & Social account setup.
How would you structure pricing?
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Any idea on their budget? I know a lot of clients will come straight out and say they are cheap and the budget is low.
James ✍️
He's a lawyer, so I am not sure. He's in a small town, but what I was thinking is $750-$1000 was what I was going to propose
I actually just did this for a smaller client of mine last week. Well in the process of doing. I am adding 4 pages to their current site, SEO optimized each page. adding GEO tagged images to their Google business listing and map citations (from Chris) I charged $1000. I think your are spot on for a smaller client.
James ✍️
Boom! Thank you Aaron! That makes me feel better. Sometimes you just need a little reassuring
Just keep in mind that you are giving them a valuable service that they will reap many benefits from and give them a huge return on their investment. Especially with an attorney. You design a creative, results driven website and do targeted local SEO for them, one client finds them from your work and the website has returned their investment… sometimes many times over. Just advising, don’t sell yourself short. Try to sign him up for a monthly service to keep bringing in your revenue, as well as bringing them new clients. Just my two cents…

Yes! Great point Clay, always try and get them on a monthly. If you can bring value. Sometimes it's hard not to sell your self short.
Clay » Aaron
I have been creating websites for the last 18 years, been doing local targeted SEO for the last 8 years. In that time, we have given clients brand awareness, identity & drive unlimited traffic to them. I have learned that tye service we provide is not for the privileged anymore, it’s a necessity for any business or product that wants to survive and grow. If you do your job right as an agency, clients make more and more money, month after month while you grow their business. I think of us as designers & digital marketers as an essential asset to every client. Without someone like us (and yes there are a lot of us, some good & some wanna best, clients do not have the knowledge to grow their business online, where consumers are searching for their goods/services. They either hire us, pay us rightfully as contract services or hire a full time employee to do the same thing. We are cheaper on contract & us better ones are well worth the investment. Don’t sell yourself short and leave money on the table!!
Aaron » Clay
very well said sir!

I would see what others in that keyword niche are ranking. Do they appear to be from SEO services or just rank because no one is optimized. Base price on work needed to rank. Could become costly in that niche if doing higher quality writing and sites.
Jeff Coseo 🎓
Anytime I have to add citations I am at 1000. On top of the the monthly. But the citations charge is 1 time. Any more for local SEO this will depend on your are and reputation in the area. But for me on local I am 750 a month.
Hi mate, I'm on the other side of the world so I'm not up on costs and value in the States… but here's what I went through a few years ago and what I would have done differently… So, a few years ago I was stony broke and a law firm called me out of the blue for a meeting on SEO. I needed the money and pitched at $800 a month but said I had a gap in my schedule blah blah and could do it for $600 a month ( desperate from the start) I needed the money. They then pulled three more sites and a face book page out of their drawer and said what's the best fee for all of this together? Had I been at $800 I could have dropped to $600 each but I'd dropped at the start so had only one way to go $400 each. They went from cagey and hesitant to jumping in with a grin and I scored a client for $2000 a month for about 4 years. They then called me one day and said they were changing SEO services and no hard feelings but it was finished. Because I was learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and client acquisition and customer service all at once I didn't use them productively for myself. These days If I get a client (usually in an easy niche, low comp etc) at a discount I use the work as proof to grab some bigger dollar clients. Always think left field. I'm currently growing a travel and review directory site that I own, for my local city, just because I love going out and writing reviews about restaurants and bars and stuff. Now I'm getting a few local businesses asking me who is doing the directory site, they want some web site marketing and SEO… "I can help you with that" I'm not even doing a sales pitch… sweet.
James ✍️
Here's an update everyone: Proposal accepted! Guess what? He already paid his 50% deposit too! Boom!

Great job James!
James ✍️
It’s about putting in the time. The work is out there, you just have to go after it!
Aaron » James
I tell people that all the time!

Just a thought to throw out, people will pay more if they can logically justify the cost. If you position yourself as everyone else, you're a "commodity". If people don't understand the differences between services the only common denominator they have to distinguish you from others is price. So it's up to you to create other things that make you different and so take price out of the equation or at least make it the secondary issue, not the first.


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