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I posted this before and I'll post it again:
The fastest way to showcase Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results and get a client is get REAL results for yourself… using this not-so-secret-but-obviously-incredibly-obvious SEO secret.
You're going to get REAL results in 30 minutes.
… and you guys know I don't bullshit here.
Even though I'm building my 200th case study for SEO over the last few years…
You cannot come to me and say this:
… "I have no results… how can I get results… how can I do it? I don't even know Search Engine Optimization (SEO)"…

😎 I'm going to add a case study to your portfolio in the city & niche that you want, and even the pros can leverage this for their interns.
Buckle up, here's how:
Write 1000 words for a page for the super-long-tail "best lawn care company in Minneapolis MN 55403" …
… and then leave a call to action on the site back to the business owner's page.
For the pros with clients and portfolios, they'll say its a useless keyword with marginally useless SEO potential, but business owners need to see how you're relevant to THEM and you can literally screenshot the search page and show them something relevant.
If you like sales, you can leave that page for a prospect, send it to your other prospects, and say you want to "close a deal with a local lawn care company"…
They'll compete, you'll get a lawn care client…
And that's the REAL result right there if you use the certification program Reiner has (you prob keep hearing me in his live streams)
I know you can do it.
You're a whitehat SEO, and you can do this instead of watching Youtube videos on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), looking at Facebook videos and tutorials, or getting terrible advice on other SEO forums
It should take you 30 minutes… literally no one would rank for a "vanity" keyword… except you, right now.
But for new SEO users, ranking for the heavy keywords, that basically mint $$$ is demonstrated…
(I kid you not, do this and you're better than 50% of "search engine marketers" and me when I was starting off 12 years ago)
Believe in me, who believes in you.
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to rank heavy keywords


LOL. It must have been hard for u to rank those 0 monthly searched keywords.

Jake ✍️
Fahmi that's right, the next part is using chases system to begin Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if the client knows I'm different and want to proceed

Google says you visited this website before. You should search with incognito and see the results

Jake ✍️ » çoban
I usually being my laptop to my first local meeting with the client, show him this, and just spend an hour purely asking him questions.
We usually discuss price or keywords at the second meeting, first meeting is building rapport.
No one he knows can show a relevant keyword, even its on my screen or his.
I use chases method for the actual SEO, and he's why you're here.

Why would I do this? I'd rather show a prospective customer our case studies of getting real clients to rank and showing how we grew their revenue.
Sure if you're starting out and you have no track record this could work, but it's far from the best social proof.
If you're gonna have a writer write 1000 words, put that into a case study of your best client and use that to find similar clients.
I believe that OP got this idea from Alex Becker and is a good way to set yourself apart and get a foot in the door so to say. I am sure that his plan is to rank for higher keyword after getting the contract.

Jake ✍️
Alex becker had the point of closing a sales call of : I will rank you for a keyword for free, then you do it.
Thats a bit misleading b/c it sets an expectation that the rest will be like that.
This starts off with rankings, then a proof of concept and web design of a lead capture page. You can rank that keyword, then blast it with an email list ($20 on Fiverr for like 300 leads)
Then tell them to "check the SERPs and 'their' page"…
Bit different. If Alex says the same thing still, then woops.

Lol 😆 everyone is missing the point. You don't do this to get leads, because it's hard to rank, or whatever the case is.
You use it as a selling tool to clients when you meet them or if they have an objection. You tell them I was able to rank #1 for this ”competitive keyword”. The client doesn't know jack, they don't know how much volume, how hard it is to rank, or whatever you think they are thinking.
All they know is that if you're able to rank it, you’re able to rank their business and increase their profit

Jake ✍️
Thanks, I just show it to show a proof of concept and use case of what SEO actually is used for in the field, then I replace the page with the biz owner's info and a form and say, that's what I'd like to do for real phrases and get the value of their revenue, then I ask or show them 10 keywords, sum it up to 1-5k in traffic, and say from 0 to 5k, that would produce 100k in monthly revenue.
They know their competitor is making 1, 10,100M per year in sales, so now they know why.
They are not having a conversation "how" or "what" or "why", but then switch to 1-2 hours of building rapport to see how I am like.
I don't give away any techniques, do any research, and this is within 5 minutes. The rest of the time usually is questions I ask, and getting to know if they're going to be able to refer me work.
Many owners I meet don't know what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, i use this to show what it is because no one in my niche does it… its ALL robot cold calls.
Many owners I meet don't know what SEO is, i use this to show what it is because no one in my niche does it… its ALL robot cold calls.
Jake ✍️ » Jake
I can give them an actual portfolio of 200+ clients I've worked for. If I don't have their industry nor their city ranked for under my belt, they will go to someone that does.
Nothing is stronger than seeing a page within their industry and within their city, in front of them.
It opens the conversation to go into what now, not what is this?
Sorry but this is bogus. Even plumbers understand which keywords they need to rank for and how valuable SEO is to their business.
These clients DO know the basic principles and they DO know which keywords they need to rank for. How many times has this worked? I assume none. How many plumbers or chiropractors did you sign up because of this "lead magnet"? I assume none.
You're highly underestimating to value at which your clients place on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
If you want to sell your service to someone for $500 a month, sure, this MIGHT work. But they're going to cancel service within a year. You DON'T want to work with a client who doesn't know better. You want to work with someone who understands the value you bring because they will pay you heftily for it.
Jake ✍️ » Jake
One more thing: of those 600 approaches per month, I'm the only one setting appointments. I've posted my calendar of set appointments in this group, and posted live sales calls.
Keep in mind, I don't do this cold. I get a near 100% success rate with biz owners I've networked with locally. Closing isn't 100%.
Just curious of how you're understanding this, can you relay back to me exactly what I am doing and then what my strategy is for handling the new client?
You're baiting them for a keyword to get their attention to start a conversation. I get it. The problem is the quality of the customer you're baiting and your inability to produce or show actual SEO results.
My point is: the client is a scrub if they fall for this. You're setting yourself up for failure, low income value or a short-term contract. You're relying a lot of your ability to close someone with a minimal marketing budget compared to their competitors.
You do not want a client who falls for this. You want a client who sees your results for keywords they care about and want the same. They will pay substantially more for substantially longer if you can provide that.
Rank a plumber #1 for "plumber" or "plumber near me" in another market. Send them a screenshot of that. Tell them you can do the same for them.
You will earn a lot more, have an easier time closing and you will work with clients who understand your value.
What you're doing is not a "bad" strategy to get leads but it's 10X more work for way less profits.
Jake just keep doing what you're doing. Your style doesn't have to be someone else's nor do you need everybody to agree with what your doing. We've been doing similar for 20 years. And, on a side note, the typical local small business owner doesn't know Jack about SEO unless they got screwed in the past by those over promising. Just keep doing what your doing buddy. The customers are there and they need help. We do, however, tell them that SEO is not the answer for it all.
Jake » Okne
I agree, if it works for you then it works and keep on going. Most local small biz owners don't know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – true – but chiropractors and plumbers know a lot. It's too valuable to them to not know.
Jake ✍️ » Jake
My first client was a chiropractic brand of five different offices led by 5 different chiropractors. I love them, and they butt heads all the time.
Not one of them had their strategy down right for SEO, and opted in to pay $10k/mo for adwords.
Their landing page was their site's home page OR a "printable coupon" where the new patient needed to click, download, and print.
… and keep in mind this was late 2018.
They still made a profit on ads.
Meanwhile, I'm taking the certification by Chase, and the plumber that is taking the course will be the best damn SEO plumber I'll know. Hes using his skill to overtake the industry.
And I know 1,000,000/YR companies that have 0 in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reach.
Point I'm trying to make with this is. Don't lump industries together on who knows and who don't know
The main and central point is to get their attention, is to speak to their best interests.
They are getting ROBOCALLS of "SEO SALESPEOPLE", and not meeting with real SEO experts.
I know you can crush it dude, and I just set an appointment with a local MN company just now.
I'm doing exactly what I said I'll be doing on that call with them, and following through to make them another private case study.


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