Should We Add HTTP, HTTPS, WWW, Non-WWW of a Site on Google Search Console?

Discussion 2: How Many Property Variations (HTTP, HTTPS, WWW, Non-WWW) Do You Add to the Google Search Console?
Daine created a poll.
You're on https. How many property variations (http, https, www, non-www) do you add to search console?
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how many property variations http https www non-www do you add to the google search console

Google state clearly in Google Search Console (GSC) help that they record data (think links, traffic, errors) ONLY for the property variation added in GSC.
So, according to that document, regardless of redirects, when they collect link data, if someone has linked to the www version of your site, but your site resolves to the non-www version, then that link data won't be attributed to the property set in GSC, if that property is the non-www version.
If you add all 4 properties to a property set, Google will then aggregate that data.
If you add all 4 properties and you notice anomalies or errors for one of them, then you know there's an issue with the setup. If you had not added those properties, you may never have known there was an issue. Another good reason to add all 4.
Furthermore, sites often serve mixed content, https and http.
Now, when you look at search queries and link data (internal/external), if Google ONLY records data for any given property variation, as they state, again, this will not be recorded.
From Google themselves:
"If you are seeing no data for the site, it may be because you have added your site using To Google, these are entirely different sites. If you feel like you're missing some data, add both the www and the non-www version of your domain to your Search Console account. Take a look at the data for both sites."
As you can see, this is the exact reason why you should add ALL variations, and Google clearly advise this.
Not to mention that they advise to add all properties you 'support'.
As I say, support means all sites that are supported by your server (DNS and server config), regardless of redirects.
Clearly, people misunderstand the difference between server redirects and how Google collects data in Google Search Console (GSC).
Lastly, with respect to indexation, if you do a site: search for each variation, you may see different indexation results.
One of the reasons you set a preferred version, but as Google clearly state, redirects (301, or other) are to 'let everyone else know' what your preferred version is, not GSC.
"You can tell us whether you prefer for your site to be indexed with or without the www by setting your preferred domain. You can also let everyone else know which version you prefer by doing a site-wide 301 redirect."
Example Domain
Example Domain

Okay, let's assume you have 4 properties. How do you verify the non https if your domain is set to redirect to https?
Let's assume you have 4 properties, what do you set each preferred domain to? And why would I need to define the preferred domain if they use the one listed there anyways?
If I have 4 properties, each collects data and displays depending on the setting… Which of the properties is defining the right setting?
That asked, which of the properties do I connect with GA?
Daine » Christopher
Via analytics or a DNS record. The redirect won't affect it.
That said, I can't remember off the top of my head, but I think once one is verified, all the variations auto-verify, I think.
You only set the preferred domain once and it's done across all properties, as far as I'm aware. Though the setting is there for all.
The preferred domain is for indexing purposes and how the URL is displayed, not which one they collect data on for links etc.
As far as I understand it, if someone links to www then that link will be associated with that property once Google crawls it. Similarly for other variations.
Of course, I could be wrong. This is my understanding of how it works.
Christopher » Daine
Nope, its not auto-verfying all properties.
Daine » Christopher
Ah, OK. Well, either analytics or DNS record should do it.
Christopher » Daine
I actually do it by DNS usually. But it's just interesting as not all people can do so easily and run into issues. That said I do redirect only and never cared for the other properties. Also I never set a preferred URL as Google gets it once you redirect and nothing links out to another version. Google also never displayed a wrong URL in SERP and unless you mess up your redirects incoming links are counted very well into the correct property (I checked it by linking to the wrong one on purpose but the link showed up in the correct property)
Only thing I like about it though is the ability to see of internal linking mess. But then I do crawl own pages regularly anyways to make sure everything is fine and will be alerted if there is something wrong.


Also, as far as I understand it, it has nothing to do with the final destination a visitor lands on, but what indexed version they come from via search.
They state in Google Search Console (GSC) help that they ONLY record data for the version added to GSC. They explicitly say this. So, if that version isn't added to GSC they won't record data for it and they certainly won't attribute any data to another variation.
Again, in their search console checklist, Google state that you should add both www and non-www to search console. Explicitly.
"Be sure to add all variations of your site root URL, including www and non-www versions, and all subdomain variations (,, When you add your site to Search Console, we refer to it as a property. That's because Search Console supports both websites and apps."
Now, what about what you 'support'.
"If your site supports multiple protocols (http:// and https://), you must add each as a separate site. Similarly, if you support multiple domains (for example,, and you must add each one as a separate site."
That quote all depends on what the definition of 'support' is. As I understand it, this relates to your Domain Name System (DNS) and server configuration.
If people can access your site via www but then it redirects to non-www, you are supporting both versions, regardless of whether one redirects to the other.
Not supporting www would mean that your server is NOT configured with a DNS record for that sub domain and resolves nothing.
Get your website on Search Console – Search Console Help
"Search Console reports the original URL for a landing page, even when that URL redirects to another page, for example:"
[funny image]



Discussion 1: What Should We do to WWW and Non-WWW of a Site on Google Search Console?
Hi SEO's,
I am using non-www version of my website.
But I want to have www in my url.
I know how to get that by setting redirects in .htaccess and wordpress URL setting option.
But, I am confuse with Google search console. The website is already submitted in Google search console with non-www url.
Now if I change it to WWW version, so I have to submit it again to Google search console as well as other webmaster consoles?
Now if your is yes, then what should I do with the non-www version that I have already submitted?
Thanks in advance 😊
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What's the point of being in a group, when every comment is inbox me. Are there secretive information that needs to be private? 😂🙃🤡 👍🏽💟🤭10

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And I'm not trolling or causing a scene, but I'm just really curious. Because I joined the group to intake and share information I know and don't. 👍🏽1
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Whenever you have the same issue, then simply search it in the group and the a question with answer will appear.
Anyone who just says inbox me should just be banned. 🤭2
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Mike » Suresh
I don't troll anyone. As I said, I have no idea who you are.


I know this isn't helpful, but how did you even get a website without www. In front?
The only way I know of to do this is to setup a subdomain; that based off your basic www. Website. 👍🏽🤭2

Jabran ✍️ » Zee
it is possible to display a website without www in Google as well as to visitor by setting redirects in . htaccess file.
Now, I have already a non-www version.
Whenever I search on Google (
It shows all the index pages.
But when I do for (
It shows nothing because the website is using non-www version and the submitted version to search console is also non-www
Website Domains Names & Hosting |
Website Domains Names & Hosting | 👍🏽1
This brings a follow up question for you all – we see here submitting without a www. Will make it so that non-www's won't get found
Question: if one submits with the www. With both the non-www and the www. Be found?
Jabran ✍️ » Zee
I analysed a few sites that have WWW in their url.
I have searched for ( and they appears on Google.
However, when I searched for (, they still appears.
Now I am also confuse for the same question.
Is they submitted with WWW and Google index both versions like with www and non-www.
The one who have www in their url can answer. Because I am experiencing it for the first time.
Website Domains Names & Hosting |
Website Domains Names & Hosting | 👍🏽1
Does anyone here manually manage Domain Name System (DNS) records? I never use WWW in front of domain and just add a CNAME record like WWW = @ 👍🏽2
Jabran ✍️ » Jordan
I also don't have www
But what I come across is Google Search Console (GSC) has an two options while submiting a domain.
1. Domain > useful if you want to index all your site versions like http, https, www and non-www.
This method required DNS changes for approving.
2. URL prefix > In this you have to manually submit your urls different versions. Useful if you want only one version to be indexed. Also it has many methods for approving your domain property. 👍🏽1
Jordan » Jabran
great explanation, I use option 1, using the entire domain. I also use some strange method of legacy verification (from legacy SC) to use some of these domain properties in Google Cloud.
Option 1 embraces new search console and is good option. I'd consider option 2 on the way out the door. 👍🏽1
Jabran ✍️ » Jordan
Option 1 is useful because it shows all the versions include sub domains of your main property.
This is good if you want to have a complete view of your domain for different versions. But what if you want to restrict data to a specific url path?
In that case you will have to use the second option URL prefix.
In the second option you have to manually add different versions include sub-domains of your main property.
So, if you want to only track data of a specific url, then URL prefix is pretty useful.
However if you don't want to restrict some path of your domain, then Domain Option is best to go.


Rashid » Jabran
you have to submit http, https, www and without www to configure your domain and have the google to crawl all versions of your site and index it properly 👍🏽2

Jabran ✍️ » Rashid
thank for you answer.
Now, what I am thinking is: I am using non-www version.
if I include www in my domain.
So then, I have to submit it or leave the domain as it is.
Also, If I submit all versions to google.
Will they consider it duplicate contents?
Rashid » Jabran
no sir it will not effect anything! When you setup the domain even search console says submit all versions of your website… you will your domain will approve from the same search console account… you should login to your account and submit all versions
Jabran ✍️ » Rashid
thank you for the clarification.
I just wanted to include www in my url because I just read it's a good practices for a domain that have sub domains.
Also, one last confusion…
After adding all versions, do I have to submit the sitemap again for every version?
Rashid » Jabran
Nope you only have to submit the sitemap once if it’s configured right then you are good my friend. If still feel buzz you can view it in your account
Jabran ✍️ » Rashid
thank you 😊 👍🏽1
Rashid » Jabran
you can always reach out if you ever have any questions about advertising or technical stuff.
Best of luck 👍🏽💟🤭1

www and non www are treated separate URLs by google, you will have to upload everything again even your robots also SEO done on sub domain is completely separate 👍🏽💟3

Jabran ✍️ » Soni
thank you 😊
A SEO tools also show different results for these www and non-www urls. 👍🏽1

Mew 👑
Hey bud,
I’m curious why you’re interested in changing if?
Google has no preference over www or non www, so I am wondering what has prompted you to wanting to change it? 👍🏽3

Jabran ✍️
Hi, Mew. I know that it's about personal preference.
WWW url has a little advantages in a technical perspective.
It can Adjust to Domain Name System (DNS) and restrict cookies.
Which is useful for sub-domains.
For search engine, there is no practical difference between both types nor it has SEO benefits.
By the way, after reading different comments. I have ended up to not change it because it will hurt the site and traffic.
Google will consider the www is a new domain.
Also, while submiting a property to GSC, they give two option ""Domain" and "URL prefix".
The domain Option is quite useful if you want to index other url types like http, https, www, non-www.
Now I am the second option.
Thank you 😊


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