WordPress is a Better CMS for SEO Search Engine Optimization

Clarinda Wyrd
I have used Wix for one of my websites, where there is a blog. But I've read some information that WordPress is better for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Come to think of it my blog posts are not easily found on search. Can anyone support or counter this suggestion? Is it an idea to have a site on Wix and move the blog from there over to WordPress?


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Michael Martinez 👑
Treat case studies with skepticism. It's never as cut and dried as "X% did this and Y% did that".
The search engines don't care where you publish your content. They care about what you publish and how you interlink it.

Clarinda Wyrd ✍️
Thanks, that's a good point to remember

Bill Hartzer
Any case studies that were done comparing wix to something else should be ignored.
Wix is totally redoing their platform, as far as SEO is concerned. They have some great SEO users working on it.
So give it some more time, I may even move my WordPress sites over there soon.

Clarinda Wyrd ✍️
Thanks, good to know, I will stick to Wix for now. Indeed their tools are impressive and advancing in time.
Matthew Drake Shockey » Bill Hartzer
Ehhh. That's a stretch. Wix has a history of always being late with updating their platform to fit the latest standards. If you move your (assumingly well built) WordPress sites to Wix, it is possible it may have no effect for a year or two, but wait until a new SEO update rolls out and it takes Wix another few years to implement it – which will hurt your rankings.
Now, if we are talking about a brand new website/business, you may have a good argument. Wix is easier and faster to build on than WordPress. If you only have the time/money for a Wix website, it's better than nothing. But saying people should move their WordPress sites to wix is taking a step back in my opinion.
WordPress will always be the best option for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because it's built by a community and it's open sourced.
Bill Hartzer » Matthew Drake Shockey
I happen to have knowledge of the internal changes and SEO tools they are working on. The new wix is not the old wix.
Also, if you were to migrate to another Content Management System (cms), you'd want to use the same urls. If done right, you shouldn't lose any rankings.
Matthew Drake Shockey » Bill Hartzer
And I believe you 100%. That doesn't mean I'm wrong when I say Wix has a history of being late on updating their platform. Your comments prove that.
I've done SEO consulting with many, many agencies who have used numerous platforms over the last 10 years. Wix may be getting better and fixing their platform, but that doesn't completely wipe away what happened the last 10 years and what will likely happen for the next 10 years.

Adam J. Humphreys 👑
I grew a dentist by 321% in a year by switching them off Wix with basic on page SEO and local citations. I do not recommend Wix at all.

Christine Hansen 🎓 » Adam J. Humphreys
Did you do the same SEO in both places. Otherwise, you can't compare the two.
Adam J. Humphreys 👑 » Christine Hansen
It's crap I'm telling you I didn't do much.

Nicholas Bowman
Copy it all over to a fresh WordPress site. From what I have seen Wix owns your stuff and will steal your domain names.

Bill Hartzer » Nicholas
Wix doesn't steal domain names. You're free to transfer your domain anywhere you want, and you can use any registrar with a wix site.
In fact We just recovered a stolen domain that was a Wix site, registered at Tucows. Someone did a sim swap on this guy's phone, and got access to his Wix site and transferred the domain. We (DNProtect.com) recovered the domain.
Domain Name Protection, Warranty & Recovery – DNProtect

Matthew Drake Shockey
Just switching platforms is not going to matter too much. You actually have to do on page, technical optimizations. For the last 7 years, Wix has been notorious for being late to the game with SEO features to make their product more simple for users to use.
Nicholas mentioned above that Wix steals your domain names – they can't do that – but they can remove your website from their hosting and force you to rebuild your website elsewhere.
With WordPress, you can download your website and very easily take it to another hosting provider if they choose not to host your website for whatever reason.
I can't think of an example with Wix, but Shopify recent removed Trumps campaign website and it took them months to get it rebuilt on a different platform.
You never own your website with Wix. You are always renting it from them. With a WordPress website, you own it and nobody can take it from you.


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