Do Backlinks from DA 20 and the Lower Help a Site Ranking to be Better?

Do backlinks from domain authorities (DA) 10 to 20 give any ranking push?
I can't afford high DA at the moment.
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First of all, domain authority (DA) and/or domain rating (DR) are not metrics you should be looking at. Site might have a DA90+, but if the traffic is low or zero, it might indicate that this site has been penalized.. so you don't want to buy a link from such a site.
If I would have to choose only 1 indicator to evaluate a website, it would be monthly traffic.
If I could add 1 more indicator, it would be the historical traffic chart (you can see if it's going up, down, sideways, are there been penalties in the past, etc).
If you have time and possibilities to look at even more factors, check the backlink profile.. try to see if there are some good authority websites sending do-follow links to them, or are these all just mommy blogs who are sending links. Also from the backlinks related anchor texts could sometimes tell you sometimes if their links are unnatural.
Anyways.. from there on, you may want to check outbound link (OBL) count, be aware that for example, Ahrefs gives you a not accurate number but all the links that they have discovered also in the past.. so, if the website has removed all dofollow outgoing links, Ahrefs will still show these.
Anyways.. forget DA, DR and stuff like that.. these are just shitty indicators that somehow still work for link-farms and link-selling agencies who want to sell you shitty links with a high price. All decent agencies should also provide you a traffic number and other stuff.
That being said, I also understand what you asked – I believe you were asking that if a link from a relatively weak site helps you? It all boils down to your own website's authority.. for example if your website is a new site with no backlinks, then even links from the weakest sites could help you.
Let's bring this DA example.. if you are DA0, then probably 25x DA10 links are better for you than 1xDA80. But if you are DA80, then 1xDA80 links give you probably more boost than 250x DA10 links. (Assuming that all these DA10 and DA80 sites have reasonable traffic and other stats compared to their DA).
Hope it helps you 🙂

Emem ✍️ » Veiko
Thanks a lot
In addition I would like to comment that it is better to find links that can drive traffic to your page 😉
Jvalin » Veiko
Any example you can share of a website with DA90 and no traffic???
the website has got 90 because it has got some value which has everything traffic, content all.
So definitely DA is important.
You gave an example of DA only mate.. in the end beause that's the metric now for all examples.. to consider good vs best
Veiko » Jvalin
Yea, I brought DA example just to illustrate the situation that if he is starting a new website, a ton of weak backlinks moves the needle more than one super strong backlink, and vice versa.. if he has already super strong website, one super strong backlink moves the needle much more than a bunch of weak backlinks.
Regarding the DA metric in general, I am just not a big fan of it.. DA metric alone does not say much.
In my opinion, if you have to choose one metric only, then traffic will tell you much more.
An easy example, let's say I have 2 options, both cost me the same amount of money and no other info than this:
1) Niche relevant link from a website with 1M monthly organic visitors
2) Niche relevant link from a website with DR80
I am not sure how about you, but I would go with the 1) option, because I know for sure that Google like this domain overall because they have decent organic traffic.
However, it's sad to see, that many vendors who sell GPs, NEs.. just state the number of RD's or show you DR/DA metric. Probably because these sites are already sending out so many dofollow links and this is the main way how they make money.. so domain authority is bleeding out from these sites already.
I am not saying DA or DR are absolutely pointless.. they give you a super quick overview of how many referring domains/total backlinks website has.. but not much more.
It's best if you look at multiple metrics.. traffic, backlink profile (which is the foundation for DA/DR), outbound links OBLs and many more. But if you are looking for just a one metric… I wouldn't recommend it to be DA or DR, I would rather go with overall traffic.
One example from a real-life too, when I started building a new site around year ago… I bought a link from DR88 site with $17.50 (they asked $15, but since I used the company's PayPal, I wanted to pay as for goods or services, so I added $2.5 to cover some PayPal fees). This was a shitty website under 2-3k monthly organic visitors.. I only bought it to get my link velocity up and I wanted to get things moving while my G-suite accounts weren't yet warmed up. Now at the further stages of link building for the same site, I wouldn't buy this link if I'd had a similar opportunity again.
Darani » Veiko
You bought a DR88 for $17.50? That's mayhem.
I think DR is a good indicator of quality (over DA) because it's based on the link profile of a website; not the potential it has to rank in the SERPs (i.e., DA 10 means you're not ranking for shit in Moz's eyes).
But you're completely right in what you say. These metrics in standalone fashion are nothing else but a guide to the perceived quality of the domain you're placing a link on. There's a bunch of other metrics you have to consider too (some of which you've already mentioned) but, it also goes deeper than that.
The domain is the platform, the page is the diving board. The page has to be considered, too. The housing, the content, the anchor, the sentiment etc, etc. When you buy from shitty link farms (sounds like the DR88 was from a link farm for that price!) you'll get only a small piece of the puzzle.
I often place links at DR45 (min. 1,000+ traffic per month) and, a grouping of these links, normally moves the needle on most projects – taking into consideration the vertical and the site I'm building links for/to.
Happy to go through some of the examples privately with you mate, if it's any interest. 🙂

yes. exactly 0.73245 worth of ranking.

Emem ✍️
So what's your advice? I need help because I'm running mad please.
don't stress DA. if it's a backlink that you think somebody might actually click on, then it's worth getting.
Roger » Ryan
, my standards are even "lower." 🤜🤓
As long as the page is relevant and the site does not link to low quality affiliate sites or appears to sell links then it's gold for me.
To the OP, I have never worried about PageRank (when the data was available) and managed to rank pages just fine. And jeez, DA is of zero concern for me. Zero.
What MATTERS are the inlinks to the site you want a link from and what their outlinks looks like.
DA should not be a consideration.
DA is NOT important. I say that not because I'm idiosyncratic but because I've been building links for almost 20 years and I've done extensive reading on patents and research papers about it.
I know a little something about how links actually affect rankings.
Way back around 2004 Google kicked the affiliate world's ass with that Florida update and in 2005 revealed they were using statistical analysis. I was there when they announced statistical analysis, at PubCon New Orleans.
(Update Florida and statistical analysis may or may not be connected. I tend to believe they are).
Google's come a long way since then.
DA measures statistics that correlate with sites that tend to rank well (and incorporates some spam type metrics). But that's correlation and it means nothing about a site likely to have a good influence on Google because what DA measures and how Google ranks websites are two different things.
Here's a good example: Sites that tend to rank well have a lot of Facebook likes. But Facebook likes are not ranking factors or indicators that a site is high quality. There are thousands of low quality Facebook pages that have high likes.
DA contains correlation metrics and are not meant to be used as a PREDICTOR of whether a site is good for ranking purposes. It's meant to be used to compare one site to another with a single baseline called DA.
It's like a yard stick that everyone can agree to measure one site relative to another. That's all. Totally disconnected from what, why and how a site is ranked by Google.
Serrano » Roger
so based on the info you shared, ANY backlink is good? I just looked up one of my competitors (top 5 positions) and he has over 100k backlinks … I'm nowhere near that. Any reliable service you'd recommend where I can buy backlinks?
Roger » Serrano
No. I did not say that any backlink is good. Some backlinks are better than others but not because of PageRank or the amount of inbound links.
The link graph is divided by niche topics, with seed sites representing authoritative sites. This minimizes big sites having too much influence because when you divide the web into topical slices, even a small but authoritative site can be a seed site. That democratizes link influence.
That way Google can retrieve a relevant site that might not have a lot of inlinks, based not just on pure link power but on topical relevance.
Google's algo isn't perfect and I think there are loopholes. But it's good to understand what the algo is doing because it will help you make better decisions.
Reduced Link Graph…/263357/
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Roger » Serrano
Paid links tend to have a short term effect, depending on the kind of link you're buying.
I kind of don't want to discuss the kinds of links that tend to last longer, paid or otherwise, because that's just the way things are.
Serrano » Roger
I'm only involved in the legal industry, local market!! I don't do any business outside CA. Where can I find quality backlink sources for my niche? I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

Similar keyword rankings on google is the best indicator that the site or page backlink can push you up. Otherwise organic traffic is the next nearest indicator.
DA/DR doesn't matter. Having a bunch of legit sites with negligible organic traffic can still push up your site.
In low competition keywords, I see my rankings going up by 1-3 whenever I get a few low traffic sites linking to me.
Personally, don't only go for powerful backlinks only. If the site you're getting a strong backlink from goes under, your ranking will suffer as well. Diversify your backlinks with both high and low traffic sites for stable rankings in the long term.


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