Do Your Sites Need More Visitors Without Hire any SEO Pro?

I really want someone who can guide me with ranking. I've done everything I could possibly do. And I can't hire any SEO Professionals as I can't afford to hire any one. 😢
Can any one suggest me what I can do to get more visitors to my site? Just tell me what I should do and I'll do the rest. Is there any one who could just tell me where I'm doing wrong and what to correct (Only if that's possible and you can suggest without excepting any money in return because I can't really pay) 😭 I can help in other ways though.
Please don't laugh if you find it silly. I really want someone to help me. 🥺
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inbox me ur link, lets see what can be done (out of charge)

Elliot ✍️ » Zobaer
Thank you so much. I'll message you but I really expect you don't feel or think of writing similar content as me as I can no way in years rank higher than you.
I can no way get more rankings if ever you feel to outrank me cause I won't a stand with you.

What type of site is it?

Elliot ✍️ » Gossage
It is a site on Tech. It is just a site where I blog on how to's, lists and stiff. I don't post frequently but I do plan do so if I can get some suggestions.
Jason » Elliot
sounds too broad. You should target a specific niche or sub-niche related to this industry as opposed to being a general tech blog that's not as focused to target a specific subset of this market.
Elliot ✍️ » Jason
It sounds broad but I'm not targeting competitive keywords. I am targeting keywords with very low keyword density (KD)~13
Is there any possible way you can look into it and give me possible suggestions?
How is your internal linking? Without looking at your site, I'd say have a look at what search terms are getting decent visits/impressions in Google Search Console (GSC) and use those queries for the anchor text
Jason » Elliot
sure, I can set aside some time today to take a look at it and share some guidance to improve it.
Send me a PM with the details and I will check it out.
Elliot ✍️ » Gossage
I tried doing some internal linking few months back and ended up with nothing. I wrote an article on one keyword and placed a link with the keyword I was targeting in another post. After doing this, the article I inter linked ranked for the article I targetted in the new post

I can help however in return can you scrap together an email list for me. I can tell you more details in the chat box.

Elliot ✍️ » Ricky
I can do the scraping thing if you teach me the way how to do that.
But I really want you not to start writing on the same topic as I write cause I will never stand a chance against you. I will never get my rankings intact if you SEO Pro will ever think of outranking me. 😭😭😭
Ricky » Elliot
not interested in your niche. I have my hands full right now. Not to mention that is an unethical act to do.
Elliot ✍️ » Ricky
Keywords I am targeting in my niche has very low KD. I checked in UberSuggest it says it has an SEO difficulty of 13.
I'm sorry if I said something that made you angry or feel bad. 😭
Isn't there any way you can help me?

You need more content. That's all. Many people (and SEOs) make the same mistake, they think a lot about SEO, but they don't think about people, who read this content.

Elliot ✍️ » Buth
Can you help me with what I am doing wrong? I really want someone to help me out to advice me so that I can start doing something that will help me rank higher.

Why did you name yourself as same as the French hacker Elliot Aldersson?

an imaginary student of harvard univ

Just make your site looks good & post or provide stuff with good manners which can help a user.
Second : Do the on-page SEO stuff on your own , just read about those thing which make your website good for users & what's impact most for Search engine.
Third: Now you already have a good site so you can proudly promote it for free on social media (like: make a page on fb invite your friends to like the page always post what new on your website, but the good stuff) .
Fourth: If you are confident about your site , if it's look legit then reach out some small website owners ask them for backlink if possible from any post from their website to a good stuff to your website.
You are done: look This sound very basic , but this way you can gain some traffics and small ranking to earn some and later invest them for some good SEO stuff . 🙂.

Elliot ✍️ » Barma
I have done everything except the Fourth. I have no experience in Guest Posting but I am looking for the best thing to getting started with it
Dipen » Elliot
For guest post create a list of relevant sites and email them about adding link of your website. There are plenty of online tutorials for the same. Also please note the SEO will take time to generate traffic and ranking. If your traffic is constantly increasing you are good enough. Also spend some time on question answer sites like Quora or Reddit.
Elliot ✍️ » Dipen
Thanks I'll see some videos on YT on it as well
Again off-site SEO is very important. Ensure you do guest posting and earn enough inbound links. They will greatly push your domain authority up

You can't afford to hire SEO but "Check-In" in 2 different countries and cities in the month of November?
Seriously! Pakistani or Indian?
an imaginary student of harvard univ

Elliot ✍️ » Nathan
Omg. I'm neither Pakistani nor Indian
Nathan » Elliot
Lol 😂Yeah yeah. There is no shame in being either of them. The group members will still help you regardless of your nationality.
Elliot ✍️ » Nathan
Ik. That's why I'm here. Actually I'm a student I really can't afford to hire SEO Pro's cause I've seen many posts how good SEO costs. I can't pay $2000 monthly

Keep posting frequently , consistency is key here. Don't forget you are competing with established companies as well. Keep pumping content and give it time. There is no shortcut to outranking big firms unless your article goes viral . Also create a flipboard account and flip your content there , , make sure your site has amp for posts only as well as majority users are on mobile devices. Get your content out there basically. Stay active on social media , refer your blog to upcoming tech you tubers who could use your blog as a reference and add a back link to your site .
As long as your review is informative and helpful, you are on a winning track .
Rediscover the Internet
Rediscover the Internet
Rediscover the Internet

Elliot ✍️ » Samir
I've done all of those but I'm so very lazy. I am not consistent but I believe I can write well written articles.
Thank you so much, I'll take your suggestions in mind. Thanks a lot
Bryce » Elliot
you can't be lazy AND cheap and succeed, unfortunately. Some of my clients are one, some are the other. Both are ok in a sense, but not at once. You won't succeed no matter what. (Unfortunately).
Elliot ✍️ » Bryce
I am just writing content. They are really good with images and links that helps users navigate and see properly. Only thing I can't seem to do properly is link building and social thing.
I think I really can't succeed
Bryce » Elliot
link building is a grind of a practice. That's all I mean. I run a podcast and I know it won't explode until I do some PR (which has some similarities to organic link building). But I just don't have hours and hours or a ton of money to pay for outreach help. It's a tough game. I genuinely feel you.
Elliot ✍️ » Bryce
I've done no guest posts, no email outreach. I see I have backlinks from a very low standard sites. I never built any one except the nofollow comment backlinks. And I'm really crying thinking I cannot build any links.
I tried disavowing bad links and ended up losing the 2nd position on SERP. I really can't understand what I'm doing and what shoud I do.
Bryce » Elliot
just Google link outreach strategies and start there. Tons of articles on the subject which should be relatively step-by-step.
If your articles are good , folks will link back to you.
Plus you cannot be lazy and expect results to be provided bruh. If you serious about this . Get into it , eventually you'll be able to add amazon affiliate links to products you review for example as your traffic grows .
Can you post one of your blog articles here perhaps.
Read this article about Mashable :…/mashable-marketing…/
How Mashable Got Its First 2M Readers Within Just 18 Months

Don't think much about SEO. Find a competitor in your niche. Jus model that site. Model in the sense not copy pasting content. Make a list of topics the site covered. Write content for the same topic. Content s wat required.

Elliot ✍️ » Kumar
Thanks I'll do this.

"Can any one suggest me what I can do to get more visitors to my site? " If you are tight on cash, the easiest way is to add more content to your site, you can write it your self. As your Traffic Increase, the authority of your site will naturally rank over time (Note this is not an overnight get me rich scheme, it will take a while). Once your authority level is higher, google will naturally rank all your past content naturally. I hope that helps. This will cost you $0.00 , an easy way to get traffic to your new post, is map out the content in your old post, and add a link or a phrase telling the reader that they can read more related topic by clicking <blank> here. Example: If you have a Make Money Online niche, you can have 1 post about getting free SEO Traffic, then while folks are reading that content, You can easily write a short sentence describing about how the reader can get instant traffic by using paid traffic sources, click here to learn about the Top 5 Best Paid Traffic sources. This will bring traffic over to your new content, and reduce your bounce rate naturally. Once the dwell time increases, and your return visitor goes up. Google will naturally move you up. I hope that makes sense.

Elliot ✍️ » Taylor
I'll do that now. Thanks 😁

This may satisfy you: SEO Assistant | What should You look for When looking for an SEO Assistant?

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