If You Have No Budget to Buy a Contextual Backlink

I built a website and decided to promote it myself as I have no money to pay for promotion.
After a thorough investigation, I saw that links from quality blog sites are the strongest link since I have no budget for these expenses.
What types of links can I do myself to get site traffic?
I really appreciate your help, but don't offer me any promotional services because I have no budget for that 🙂
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You can share your articles on some blog sharing sites, social bookmarking sites, submit your website into any directory submission site which has a good domain authority.

Horvitz ✍️
Can you give me an example link in the details for each of your explanations
Mike » Prabin
you could try bloggerWebservice.com low prices, one time fee, blogs stay online for lifetime, have a lot good quality connected blog sites
Saq » Mike
how do these types of blogging services work. Do they let you choose which blogs you publish too? Just wondered if they’re worth using for a new site just to get some links pointed to it. Thanks.
Mike » Saq
yes it works and you choose yourself on what site you want to publish, it works good for new and older sites. This way of linkbuilding is a win win situation because you get links to your site so it improve your site power + the article itself will attract people and will create traffic to your site.

How about just learning to publish high quality content with some external and internal links first in your own articles and growing traffic organically that way?
You're wasting your time on hoping to generate links from other sites while any worthy site owner won't even touch yours until you show a certain authority rank or decent traffic. You can ask your buddies with similar unqualified sites to exchange links but that might actually hurt you.
I don't get why people get obsessed with generating links before providing real valuable content. Give first. Take after. Not the other way around.
I've had sites generating 10k unique monthly visitors just on 10 published articles. And that's without reaching out to other sites for link building. Just pure high quality content, proper keyword strategy and on-page SEO. 👍🏽💟8

Afolabi » Lera
You have spoken well! Thank goodness I read your content.
Please if I may ask do you write your contents yourself or you outsource it?
Lera » Afolabi
I am a writer myself so yes, I have that advantage but I also hire outsourced copywriters when needed and just manage and guide them. If you can't afford hiring, then you can find some free course or YouTube tutorials on SEO copywriting and start writing yourself based on the topics of interest related to your project. Time=money but content building will help to position you for long-term traffic growth. Don't expect fast results though. 👍🏽💟3
Afolabi » Lera
Sure thank you.You are an inspiration .I'll learn more about "SEO copywriting " now 💟1
Lera » Afolabi
rule of thumb = for every 100-150 words of text, insert your chosen keyword. But don't overspam and make the article flow naturally. Make sure to put your 1st main keyword in the 1st paragraph of your text. As close to the beginning as possible. 👍🏽💟4
Afolabi » Lera
Wow..I will pay so much attention to this .What is your website about ,may I check anyone ?

Stop thinking about links. Build your authority instead. Branding is your ticket to high relevant links. 👍🏽1

Horvitz ✍️
How to build authority ?
Rienzi » Mckayla
You mean how to establish branding? Well start with writing useful content that serve’s a query. Engage thought leaders in your niche
Horvitz ✍️ » Rienzi
I do not write great articles, is there a tool that can help me write?
Rienzi » Mckayla
do videos then
If your articles are not great why would anybody want to give them a link? I am asked to link to other sites all the time and would only consider it if the content was exceptional and genuinely of benefit to my visitors.
I haven’t found any tools, time helps. You will improve with time and experience.

Something not so good to do is making profiles on sites that you can link back to your website. Yeah, it's not ideal but it gives a bit of value. You can create citation links as well if you have a local location. Other than that you'll have to bargain with other sites to get a free guest posting or create a really valueble article that can potentially get free links (focus on topics that area high value for your niche and go from there) 👍🏽1
Take some baby steps( sharing it on social media, etc) then go for outsourcing ( skyscrapper and many more)
after that, you will be able to acquire some good links.

Horvitz ✍️
I didn't understand your answer
Ali » Horvitz
well either you need to learn it ( by taking 1 year) or want someone else to do it.

Promoting the website is the easier part, you can do some outreach and bring potential visitors to the site. The difficult part is building a kick ass website (read: content) so that traffic converts. Do the latter first, the former will follow suit.
That said, if you already have high quality content and your potential audience is dying to fill up the forms, and all you need is some visibility: try Help a Reporter Out (HARO), reach out to other popular sites in your industry requesting some sort of collaboration.
Hope that helps.


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