Getting a Backlink from a Zero Traffic Page Versus getting one from a PBN Post

What's the difference between getting a link from a new site that doesn't get traffic, vs getting one from a Private Blog Network (PBN)? 🤔 Both usually don't get traffic, what makes the PBN link more effective?
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Technically speaking if its a privately owned PBN that is only used for a few sites, it has more link juice. It has more power, the more it links to other domains, the lesser juice it provides. Home page links are always the most powerful ones. Personally, I would rather pick a well designed and well metric PBN over a guestpost (in most cases and each link isn't the same, you would need to do your due diligence for each site.)
In most cases, guestposts are new posts from a site (lacks age, authority and such, practically speaking its a lowered version of link juice coming from home page)
While PBN you have utter control over it, that is why, it is always best to make a network of your own if you really want to be a serious baller in the field of SEO 🙂
Im not downplaying content, on page and technical mind you. I'm just stating that with the help of PBN it will always give you an upper hand, given you know what you are doing.

Umar ✍️
Does the PBN network have to be in the same niche? Or can it be multiple relevant niche sites.
Enoy » Umar
to maximize the PBN's link juice, relevance is the key. From its link profile, anchors, niche, how its designed in theme and the slug url.
Well me personally, I always eye RELEVANCE over authority any time of the day. (but again do your own due diligence first.)
So practically speaking, I treat every link that way. Not only for PBN's, all types of links really from insertions, guestpost, PBN's, tiered so on and so forth.

Public PBNs are trash. If you're buying links from Private Blog Networks (PBNs), you're wasting your money.
Getting links from new websites worth it. Eventually, they'll get traffic.

Over 90% of websites get no traffic so not exactly true. Though I agree that most PBNs sold publicly are trash.
Cadman » Saif
hmmm it's a huge gamble and it will provide no traffic, so it's a lose, lose situation. Best to spend more time creating good link-bait content

Because even though some people think only traffic matters for links, the way PBNs manipulate and redirect preexisting backlinks is extremely powerful. Of course traffic would make it better, but I don't look for traffic in PBN links as that's not their purpose.

Umar ✍️
So do you go for public PBN links? Because they usually don't have traffic.
Chris » Umar
We have our own network 😎 Whether you get links from a PBN provider vs building your own network really comes down to your budget/time/experience etc. Building your own is usually better if you know what you're doing, but most people don't… or choose not to due to the risks/costs/time associated with maintaining it.
Umar ✍️
How much do you charge per link? If someone wants to buy. And what niche are your PBNs in.

PBN links are from homepage and homepage is the strongest page in terms of link equity so a link from a PBN homepage with DR 20 can be stronger than a internal link from a DR 40 site. Thats what makes PBN links so effective

Marcus » Ravi
links from homepages (especially stronger ones) are often (not always) sooo easy to be identified as unnatural
Ravi » Marcus
Thats true. So need to tread bit carefully when using PBNs. Normally these links move to inner pages over time. It comes down to the theme used and how you setup the PBNs.
Cemper » Ravi
link from homepage is not always the strongest.
Ravi » Cemper
Its all subjective bud. I used the word "Can" in my second line.
Yes but we are talking hypothetical here mate. My agency does over 5000 links month so i do understand your point. I have over 300 PBN sites and i know what those links can do compared to Niche edits or GPs that have no incoming links. Just link equiyof interlinking does not always make the cut. I am not promoting wither over the other as both sort of links have there place in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Plus your point has validated my point aswell. If you know the metrics, you will know which sort of link has more power. So it can be a homepage PBN or a inner page link insert. That's exactly what i said in my original message. " A homepage link from DR 20 can be stronger than a inner link from DR 40 site" based on the URl rating/strength.
Not sure what your fuss is all about. If you feel an answer is not relevant, maybe next time focus on giving a relevant answer yourself rather than spewing shit with others. That will be more productive for you. Take this as a coaching lesson from me.


PBN's (usually, when properly built on expired domains) have backlinks, so they have authority to pass. New site doesn't have any backlinks – therefore doesn't pass authority. Traffic doesn't have much to do with that.

What does one have to do with the other?
What do you mean? Are you asking what backlinks have to do with passing authority?

what makes the PBN link more effective?
Well, who says? Who can prove that?
PBNs can quickly improve visibility of pages and you will get bots traffic. It is good for reports, but it is bad for site. I prefer to use new sites and blogs.
You get link from home page on a PBN, AND PBN site has reffering domains pointing to it.
Don't waste your time on public PBNs. I recommend that you build PBN on your own. You can get relevant links and also avoid penalty if it is done properly.
Also it's much less time taking and cost effective if you buy guest posts from good websites.

Umar ✍️
I'll try to hold my real money sites in a niche, so I have a kind of a PBN of my own.
Kunal » Umar
yes, you do. Remember always take links that look natural. I usually don't take more than one dofollow from a single domain. Also you can build more sites around the niche and start farming them if it is a big project. There are a lot of people offering such services maybe you can give it a try.
Hey Kunal, Can you give a ballpark number of sites for a private PBNs? Also, what are the costs for such network? Thanks!
Kunal » Dũng
let's talk in pm.
Abbas » Kunal
where do find sellers for such guestposts and what is your criteria?
Kunal Gupta on LinkedIn: #Backlink #SEO #backlinks
Kunal » Abbas
check this link.
Abbas » Kunal
thank you, I checked that but It didn't mention that where to find sellers for guest post. I know about googling and reaching out to blog owners.
Kunal » Abbas
this depends on your niche. I usually use fb groups and manual outreach.
Abbas » Kunal
I see. I am looking for traveling niche.
Kunal » Abbas
I have a few websites. Come pm.
Umar ✍️ » Kunal
Check inbox, I messaged you as well.

If a PBN service provider selling their links in open market to everyone, it's not good for you. Try to make Private Blog Network (PBN) on your own, carefully hide your footprint. Alternatively, buy PBN from a responsible seller who knows how to hide the footprint and who is selective in his selling. Definitely PBN is a powerful tool but it is not your usual everyday weapon, there's always risk involved. On the other hand a new blog site will gain authority and traffic after sometime, and always safe, helpful, and secure.

Umar ✍️
I'm not sure what it means by hiding footprints. Why would someone hide footprints in their real money sites? Because I was thinking of making a network of real money sites in a big niche, maybe like in Tech niche.
Nipun » Umar
Hiding footprints of the PBN. It's not hiding your site.


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