Amazon, Affiliate Program, Adsense Setup: Finding Suitable Products, Keywords, Traffic

Amazon & AdSense Tutorials for Beginners

These thread was prompted by the incessant request of some redditors here who compelled me to shed light into how to make money from AdSense and Amazon/Affiliate Program.

I'm going to go straight to the point and hit the nail on the head. Here is the summarising and basics. If you are a beginner or haven't gotten it right in the Internet business realm then this is your chance.

Step 1: Niche or Product Finding: In AdSense you find niche while in Amazon and other affiliate program you find a profitable product to promote.

AdSense: Find a niche that has a collective 80k monthly traffic on Google Keyword Planner. The niche should be low competition or medium term competition for easy and quick traffic. You need atleast 80k monthly traffic niche because you are only going to get about 30%+ of that when fully ranked to make a decent income online.

Amazon: Find products on Amazon that you want to promote. Products with minimum of 4% commission rate and tagged at $150+. Same as the AdSense, find a product with a collective estimated monthly traffic of 70 – 80k. You can find your products from

Note, I can also go for lesser commission rate if the traffic is very high (150k) as well as broadly related traffic for a product of $500+. There is no one size fit.. You just have to understand the rational behind the whole thing.

Step 2: Keyword Research: Use Google Keyword Tool to get an idea of what you intended market or product traffic look like. This tool helps you find out if your product or niche have the appropriate amount of monthly traffic mentioned in step one.


Search your niche or products on Google Keyword Tool and compile a list of collective keywords that can generate you a minimum of 80k monthly traffic. Usually, you can't find that in one keyword so you need to need put together a group of keywords that are closely related. E.g, smartphone, mobile phone, handset and the likes. Don't settle for anything less than 3k monthly traffic per keyword unless they are "buying keywords". So you are eventually going to end up with 3 to 15 keywords or more to give you that collective 80k estimated monthly traffic.

In Amazon and affiliate program you can take it further by finding product name e.g iPhone, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and the likes instead of a broad term like Smartphones, mobile phones. In product name you have what we call buying keywords which have a very high conversion rate because the visitors knows what they are looking for and have researched it.

While with AdSense you need keywords with $1+ Cost Per Click. Again, it's not a one size fit all, I can go for less Cost Per Click (CPC) if the keyword generate over 5k monthly traffic. In AdSense you can also target other languages and countries which makes it easier to get tons of traffic and start picking up income if you understand how to go about exploiting niches in countries like Italy, France, Netherlands, Germany, Russia and the likes.

In AdSense, you can use Global Monthly Traffic unless when you are focusing on a local niche while in Amazon you should focus on Local Monthly traffic and preferably U.S as that's where majority of our buyers are.

Compile your list in an excel sheet. You are going to need them for your website.

I'm sorry am mixing this up, am just writing and typing on my mobile and don't have time to edit or arrange them in order of sequence but it's all good.

Estimated Earnings:

Here we are going to look at the estimated earnings of both business opportunities.

With an estimated 80k monthly traffic, your site should receive atleast 1/4 of the total traffic from search engine because of the presence of your competitors on the front page of Google (10+ sites)

1/4 of 80k is 20k traffic monthly.

AdSense site has a higher click through rate (CTR) of 5 to 15% or more when the site is built in accordance. Lets say you have an estimated 5% CTR of estimated 20k traffic and CPC of $1. That means you should earn an estimated $33.3 daily and $1,000+ monthly. If the traffic and CTR/CPC is higher, you earn more and you earn less when it's lower. The reason why people fail to make money from AdSense is because they have issues picking the right niche, keywords and providing the right kind of traffic to their site.

Let's go back to Amazon. Normally, Amazon has a better conversion rate than other affiliate programs out there because it's a popular and trusted brand. The conversion rate can be over 1.20%. With an estimated monthly traffic of 20k, conversion rate of 1.20% and product value of $150 and commission rate of 4% you should generate $48 daily and approximately $1,440 monthly.

Step 3: Web Creation:

The easiest way to build a site is through WordPress platform. Anything outside that will cost you over a thousand bucks to build like a static HTML site. However, WordPress offers the opportunity for blogging which is essential in both AdSense and Amazon business model. With a blog, you update your content, promote new products and generate new traffic.

Just pick a theme you love that offers you good functionalities and easy to navigate.

If you are promoting any other affiliate programs other than Amazon then I strongly recommend you install an autoresponder. You can use gestresponse, awber or mailchimp. You can buy prewritten messages for follow ups. The opt in alone can cost up thousands to setup and email series written. The money is in the list. Once you have an opt in, you can build your list over the years and have a great list of potential clients you can promote your product to and make quick sales. If you have an active list, you can never be broke.

You will need to create your pages for the respective keywords and optimise them individually. Design your site to your taste, the most important thing is, the site should be used friendly, easy to navigate and have a blog installed.

Step 4: Content:

Get your content written or outsourced if you are not a good write like me:) or a first English speaking person. If you are focusing on a localised language for AdSense then you must find an article writer in that language. Do not forget to optimise the site and content for your keywords.

You can get review content for Amazon products particularly the ones you were able to find a product name with good market value for.

Also, get some excess articles written for blogging on your site. Ensure the content is 100% unique.

Step 5: Add Ads or Affiliate Links

Pick a 2 to 3 different ads style on AdSense that flows with your site style and get them to display on your site. I prefer to play around with the Text and Display Ads Unit. Same with Amazon, get some banners ads inserted on your site and placed in strategic locations.

The efficiency of your ads will greatly determine your conversion rates.

Step 6: Traffic source

AdSense best traffic sources are search engines!

AdSense ads perform way better when your traffic is from search engines. Also interest-based advertising might not perform very well if you are getting more direct traffic instead traffic from search engines. Many people complain about low CPC and low Adsense income even though they generate millions of impressions per month. This is mostly due to a low CPC and bad traffic sources. Start targeting your traffic from countries like the U.S.A, Canada, United Kingdom, germany. This results in getting a higher and better cost per click (CPC) rate which is increasing your total earning.

Something i still hear often is the myth that image or display ads convert better. By blocking a certain ad type or ad category you decrease the competition on your ads. As a result this also decreases the CPI (cost per impressions) and the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) of your ads and you will earn with every click. So i prefer to use both ad types on every page \- text & display ads together.

On the other hand, Amazon affiliate works with a wide rank of traffic. So long as the traffic is targeted, genuine and from real human you can make some decent sales. I have great result with organic traffic and prefers to stick with that since at the long run my SEO effort becomes free after the investment in search engine traffic. Other traffic source you may want to consider here is blogging, banner ads, PPC (adword & Microsoft advertising), Videos, PopAds, FB and more. They all need a learning a curve and not something that can be discussed here.

Step 7: Ranking on First Page of Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not something that can be thought in one sitting. So am going to wrap things up and allow you to figure things out yourself or ask a few questions and hopefully, I will respond when I can.
• Guest blogging
• Directories
• Private Blog Networks
• Rich Site Summary (RSS) Feeds & Blogging
• Link pyramid
• Blogging The key thing when it comes to SEO is Quality, Authority Links, Unique content and Low Outbound Links site.

You can make things pretty much easier for yourself if you can spy on your competitors backlinks profile and get links from there sources as well to boost your ranking over theirs.

Mind the errors too, just typing non stop.

I may let you have my ebook on Amazon and AdSense for those that want to take it further.

You can ask questions and will respond when I can.

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