How to Improve Organic Keyword Quality to Increase Rank?

Hey all, thank you for accepting me. I've built, managed, and eventually delve into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for my own site. One thing that I am still perplexed by is taking action to improve organic keyword quality to increase rank. How is this done? I am using site checker and I have 100 site health score for my site and some keywords I monitor are moving In the right direction, but how do I nurture this growth over time? How do I feed it? Appreciate any advice. Thank you


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Content! To avoid keyword stuffing on your site produce some content centered around your keyword. Increasing the keyword presence organically and should increase rankings from traffic you bring in! You got this!

O'Phun ✍️ » Gabe
Okay so I've designated the keywords in the Metadata and I have included the keywords in the content so like for example the keyword is carpet cleaning and my content would include something like "we offer carpet cleaning services in this area"
Scott » O'Phun
You're on the right track my dude! We are assuming you have a Google My Business (GMB) listing for this business set up too, right? When you do a search in your back yard, does your GMB appear? Does your website? I think the next step in your journey is claiming and building your directory listings. Over time, you should see improvements. Now there's a lot that's not being covered but this is just my quick tip to help out. Keep asking questions in this group and you'll get all the perspectives of what to do. Good luck!
Gabe » O'Phun
Awesome man! If you're doing a service like make sure you've built out some location pages too to help with near me searches. But seems like you know wheat you're doing! Keep making content and generating back links!
O'Phun ✍️ » Scott
Yeah I do have a Google my business which I work on frequently. However when I search it from my Google it never comes up but a lot of people claim to find us through it and I do get some queries through it
Catalina » Gabe
How you make locations pages 😬?
Gabe » O'Phun
I see, use those insights in Google My Business (GMB) to see which queries they are. Head over to Google Search Console (GSC) and check your performance there as well. You'll find a commonality
Gabe » Catalina
You would just create pages on your site that include your service as well as targeted location. So "carpet-cleaning-(target city)". Build a page using this structure for every location you want. Cheers!
Catalina » O'Phun
Sorry for my ignorance; creating a page is creating a new website? Or adding a page on the website, I already have? I appreciate your help.
O'Phun ✍️ » Catalina
Creating a new page would be adding an additional page to your website. So for example you could have one page that states carpet cleaning and within that page you could list all the areas you service and those areas would be links to other pages in your website that are almost exact copies of each other but the only difference is the areas that the service so for example Carpet cleaning services Denver and another page would be carpet cleaning services Johannesburg
Catalina » O'Phun
Thank you 🙏

Here's what you need to do. Figure out who your competitors are and analyze why their ahead of you. Then do what they do. Which is most likely due to their backlinks. Good luck

O'Phun ✍️ » Tye
Thanks for the advice, how can I generate quality baclinks myself though? Most of the businesses I have listed my business on are considered "directories " and from what I've been told they aren't considered quality back links
Tye » O'Phun
What you've heard is definitely true to a good extent. Directories at one point were a great way to get links, now their good for citations.
I'm order to get "good" backlinks, either you pay for them, provide quality to a site (as a guest post), and do a lot of outreach in hopes that you can get a link for free.
There's obviously a lot of strategy and ways you can create links. One way which still works is just by creating and maintaining your own Private Blog Network (PBN). It's just about how "natural" it looks to Google.

More keyword optimized content plus interlinking will help. Remember, websites don't rank, pages do.

O'Phun ✍️ » Solita
How do I incorporate interlinking? What is that?
Linking related keywords to related pages. Google crawls your site and treats things as entities. Find and build url anchors to additional related pages on your website. Some people have a formula for percentage of interlinks, I just do whatever reads/feels natural for the user.
Example: Page about carpet cleaning you may talk about the best vacuum to clean with. If you create a page strictly about "the best vacuum" and why/how it's the best, I would interlink the "best vacuum" keywords from the carpet cleaning page to the page strictly about the vacuum.
Here is a Yoast article that provides some more info:
Internal linking for SEO: Why and how?
O'Phun ✍️ » Solita
Thanks bud. Funny enough my business is a carpet cleaning business 🤣
You dropped a hint in the comments above 😉, careful don't reveal too much tho because you will have competitors.

A lot of these comments above Chris are rather advanced on what you likely require at the moment. It also serves to submerge you in more questions than answers which may have a negative effect of taking action.
It's all well saying go check your competitions backlinks on expensive platforms that you may not have or need.
I suggest thinking about your customer and what they need.
I know nothing about your industry but as I potential ‘hypothetical' customer what kind of questions would I have if I was to seek your business.
This can be found very easily these days by even using Google search bar. As you type in a query it auto populates searches people have entered before. That's one idea.
You could look the bottom of that page and it will suggest related searches. That's a second idea.
You could invest a tiny amount in keywords everywhere $10 (chrome extension) and that would give you even more keywords to target. Idea number 3.
From all this info I would then create pages or posts on answering these queries with content. Don't be put off by the zero search long tail keywords. In fact I suggest going for them first.
That should keep you busy for a while and will be a great first step at beefing up your site with minimal cost and only a bit of time/effort.
As you progress on your SEO journey you'll naturally find ways to add to your efforts but I'd start here. HTH


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