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Noor Alam
Hello everyone,
Please look at the picture, I'm Ranking in some places, But I want to get everywhere.
What should I do in this case?
I will be very happy if you help me with the correct answer.
*What I did:
#Frequently post on Google My Business (GMB)
#According to keyword published an Article on the website

my GMB is ranking in some places but i want to rank in everywhere google my business GMB

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According to Sebastian's report, you're Defense Home & Roofing, correct? If so, I'm not seeing the same problems his audit is reporting. I see the proper keywords in your title, and roofing contractor is set as the main category. Am I missing something?
To address your question, proximity is a b1tch, excuse my language, to beat. I actually like that this company's address is listed in a residential area. That's where most people search. To get found elsewhere, you need to show Google you are relevant in those areas. I recommend you post in Google My Business (GMB) and in your blog jobs you've done in those areas. That will give you an opportunity to reference those locations. You can also run some Facebook and/or Google ads in those zip codes that link to your GMB page to get activity on your GMB.
I'm also not seeing any schema on your site. You should take advantage of that.
And, this may or may not relate to your proximity question, but I think the business may be too strongly targeting veterans. I love that they do that, but when I look at the site, it honestly looks like that's all you serve. If others feel the same way, that will affect your engagement and that affects your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So without getting in too deep here, I think this company has a branding problem. I think there's a better way to show you support our veterans. And even if that's really all you serve, I still think there's a branding issue. It's not clear at a 2 second glance which is all you really get to get across that you're a roofing company and convince your website visitors they're in the right place. So before you start worrying about traffic, I think the website needs work.

Noor Alam ✍️ » Kathy
Schema mark up, do you have to do it separately for each page? Or only submit head section on the website?
Kathy » Noor Alam
That should be sufficient. Someone recently though created a video on using schema for building entity relations. For example, on a city page, instead of that list of local attractions you have, they could be included in the schema as such. I'll see if I can find that video for you. However, I'm not sure it's worth the trouble. I gave it a try recently and didn't notice any change, but too little and too soon to tell.
Actually I just checked. Client moved up 3 notches, so, hmmm. Was it that? Maybe. ADDENDUM: Oops. Wrong page. That one didn't move.
Neil » Kathy
Congrats. can you share the video if you find it?
Kathy » Noor Alam » Neil Here are the links I used to create the schema. Turns out it was for the knowledge graph, but entities definitely play a role here too: You have to create an account.
Are you in #Google #knowledgegraph? Here's a great tool that will tell you!
Kathy » Neil
Dang it. I was looking at the wrong page. The page I put this schema on didn't move at all. It's been a month and that's all I did to the page to isolate it. But, again, this is just one page. Not enough data to draw conclusions. If you try it, let me know what your result is.

How long is your grid size? anyway, strictly focus on your keywords + add some location names around 10 – 15 miles that you wanted to rank for,, like "keywords + location" and focus it on the posts. Not only GMB posts, we are doing Facebook posts, GMB posts and currently we are testing Pinterest.
when you create the posts, use city,near me, location,cid, citations links with the posts.
Get some quality citations and brand links that must focus your main keywords. And make sure all the links are indexed. As soon as you index all the links you will see movements though.
Add photos on the Google My Business (GMB) and the very important part is your on-page optimization. Audit your website structure and make sure its strong siloing. Mainly your service pages should link back to the GMB + follow all the on-page metrics specially for local.
Meta title and description
maps, images, page copy, internal external links etc should be focused your targeted local keywords. also you should create some support page to boost your main service pages. Use the same metrics as the main pages.
And some general suggestion:
Follow Tim's guide
Create a website
Add all the service pages how many products/services you have. Put 500 – 700 words of content on each service page.
Do on-page optimization. Mainly titles, schema, internal linking etc. For better solution hire someone expert.
Create a Google my business profile
Add business address, phone number, website properly
Fill all the options in it
Create daily GMB posts
Add some photos that captured from the store, location etc
Add your services in the GMB service option
Use the GMB mini-site and add a well-written description in it.
Add your business to the local listing sites like yelp, manta, etc. You can use the text list.
Create the brand social profiles
Create regular social media posts especially Facebook posts.
Before do these all activities, research some keywords. I mean at least focus on 10 different keywords. And all the contents, posts focus on those keywords.
Do these all, watch some YouTube videos, and research on google. And ask more questions and keep optimize your website + Google My Business (GMB). I guarantee you will see a massive improvement in the next few months. This is what we do for our 170+ local business clients. good luck.


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