I Want My Writers Are Rich In Research Before Writing

Not an SEO problem, but one major issue I face with content writers is – they lack the depth and research.
Is there a way to train them to be research oriented. Or maybe something I can do to make them actually research instead just writing what is on their mind?
I can give proper instructions by myself, but they'll again limit themselves there and never go ahead with the research part. Also, I'm looking forward to doing it at a scale, I need to work on 15 articles/day.
I do have content managers but all they do is check for Copyscape, take and assign work to the writers, add images, links, etc. Is there something I can do to help them research well before writing?
One way is to hire better writers, but last time I hired someone he did give me a few good samples and then got all the work done from his agency workers, that's why hiring a freelance writer isn't a reliable option for me.
What do you guys do or suggest?


Hire better writer = spend more.👍4

Subham ✍️ » Benji
I don't mind spending a bit extra, but I can't trust the guys from groups anymore, have had two guys fool me by giving good samples and then give me articles written by their agency guys.👍😢2
Hire freelance writers and have them work on an assignment basis. You only pay them if the article is good enough and you plan to publish it. You also have to pay them properly for their time, especially if you want in depth researching. Giving them the tools to find relevant research etc also helps.
I usually go two routes, as I work in tech.. 1) I look at medium.com or other platforms for those who are already writing well and hire them. 2) hire professional editors/writers who are journalists from the editor association and who are freelancers. All expensive choices, but you get what you pay for and peace of mind.
Medium – Get smarter about what matters to you.

Don't hire freelancers then. Pay more and get a real company to do the hard work. Its really that simple.👍1

Subham ✍️ » Cody
I do have hired a few writers at my office, they're writing well, all they lack is getting into the depth.
Well then train them better lol. I don't know what answer you want me. My team has 2 layers of research on content and usually two people on each article to make sure it all lines up. I had to build that team to source for clients and it takes time.💗1
Subham ✍️ » Cody
makes sense, any tools you use to help them with research?
Ahrefs / Semrush / Surfer is what the team uses.👍1

It's extremely difficult to find high-quality generalist writers. You need writers with specialisms, or even better, approach the writers of existing pieces of content that you rate highly, or subject-matter experts that may not even consider themselves "writers"👍2

Subham ✍️ » Quail
, I can relate to it, in the beginning I did hire random writers with no knowledge about the industry and the results did suck. I can relate to what you've said, what do you suggest as a solution? How do I find guys who subject-matter experts?

If you want to provide quality you have to pay for quality. If you want to have a budget for quality, you need to be a better salesperson. It really is that simple.

Subham ✍️ » Tristan
I totally get you're point, is there some marketplace where I can find quality writers?


how much do U pay? I'm trying to pay not per words, but per article – and giving test order to 20-30 writers, proofread articles and than just 1 or 2 go to the "long term" list. I giving them 20-30 links for research for every article but almost nobody do research 🙁.

Subham ✍️ » Alexander
Considering all the expenses, every single 4000 word article costs around $150-200 and sometimes even more.👍1
Cody » Subham
well ya…..$150 is cheap for 4000 words and you want it that detailed and researched. You are getting exactly what your paying for man.👍🤭4
Subham ✍️ » Cody
I totally have no issues with the grammar, it's just their perspectives and their research abilities. Also, what do you think should I be spending?
Alexander » Cody
$50 per 1000 words is cheap? Philippines writers taking $10 per 1000. And lot's of them making good articles. For 50 U can hire experienced editor.
Well Alexander you just complained about giving a bunch of people tasks that they can't seem to handle.
if you are a consistent buyer my team could work out an arrangement with you.👍2
Yuvraj » Subham
these are entry level prices for native writers. Even if you find Indian writers who have amazing English, it is simply not possible be a subject matter expert in a lot of niches. Also, what is their incentive to write better if it does not improve their word count? The only solution is discuss each assignment upfront, give detailed guidelines, and have either subject matter experts on board or available to discuss stuff. You have to invest the money and time with the right people if you want great content.👍2

I have a professional and experience team of content writers. who can write unique, SEO optimized and in depth article. if any one wish inbox me. you can start with test article.👍1

Subham ✍️ » Ovais
Nope! No hard feelings buddy, but I don't trust agency work anymore. Really sorry!
Ovais » Subham
it's your choice. but I am working with so many international clients who are satisfied.


Just a few months ago, I was looking for a writer and I posted the same in 2-3 groups. I received more than 100 messages, took me a while but I replied to each and every one of them. As I also work as a designer with my clients I know communication plays an important role. About 20% of those writers had no professionalism so I immediately rejected them.
To the rest, I asked them to write a sample article of 250 words based on a topic. I gave them 5 topics to choose from. Here are the results:.
1. Out of that 80%, about 30% didn't send any message again.
2. About 5 writers only passed the Grammarly and the Plagiarism test.
3. The rest could not even pass the above test.
4. Many of them started abusing when I shared with the screenshot of the plagiarism report.
My conclusion was simple, groups are full of English speaking people who think they are writers but in reality, they can't even write a good sample.
Coming to your issue, it's hard to find a good writer who can do research, knows SEO, doesn't copy and write a quality article. The solution could be a research person whose responsibility is to create an outline of the article and pass it to the writer.
I know a few good writers but again they need direction. I just put my friend in between the writers and me and they all work fine. I give instructions to my friend who creates an outline of the articles and then passes the project to the writers.👍3

Lyon » Rishabh
I’ve seen horrible content on page one.
If you look even closer in terms of relative phrasing to match keywords you will find average writers ranking often and particularly the analysis of research you will see a lot of curation as most writers jumble what they find quickly.
The best writers have a style that’s attractive because it sounds like your listening to someone who’s speaking to you like a friend.
(Hard to find).
The whole idea of needing super great content is way overhyped as honestly you will never find a perfect content writer. (Waste of time).
I rely on 3 thing’s that basically ranks semi-ok content consistently.
1. Low competition key words. (With intent to push a button).
2. Allintitle: Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR).
3. Writers with good grammar.

Don’t leave the product selection to writers. Have the person doing keyword research find the products to be reviewed in a guide and then add them to the brief they give to the writers.👍1

Horsman » Mohit
good suggestion! There are people on UpWork who specialize in product reviews.
What I like to do is have someone who is specializes in product reviews find the best ones following a certain guideline.
They then record all the info i.e. specs, benefits, etc and then give that over to my write who actually knows the niche, and he writes more about it.👍1

Raut » Hello,
First of all you should not Hire those who can write on any topic.
Find out people who are already working/ writing about your niche.
In this way not only they will produce high quality content but will add up to date on going trends in the niche/ industry.
You have to create 1 blog template on & share with them for a proper flow.
Add major points such as adding FAQ / Original Resources etcetera.
Its hard process to totally depend upon writer, even after paying $50 per article, I still have to add or remove unwanted part.
Hire writers who only take on certain jobs and aren't just writing volume. The problem with so many non-native content writers is that their rate per word is low so they just churn it out. Look for native writers who will put in the requisite research.

Agreed! That's why if you want quality, avoid content mills.


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