Is It Necessary to Run Google Ads to Rank a Website Faster for Desirable Keywords?

Hello, I have a few questions for SEO specialists.
Recently we had a conversation with local SEO specialists.
1. One of them said that Google does not like updates to the main page of the site. Is it true? Does Google penalize site rankings for frequent content updates? Or does this only apply to the home page?
2. Also, is it necessary to run Google ads to select better keywords for our website optimization? Or this information is false and it is enough to use just Google Search Console and Keyword Planner?
3. As well is it true that Google blocks ads that remind of pain, like medical devices?
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1: I doubt it, News and Content sites update by the hour.
2: You don't have to, it can help if you are really setup properly to analyze the data, otherwise for most it would be a waste.
3: First I have heard of that, I know Facebook doesn't like ads that make people feel bad, or have a neg spin on them, Maybe Google is headed the same way, but not for legit medical devices.
Overall I would say you need to get your SEO advice from someone else.

Dovilė ✍️
Thank you for your answer, I have the same thoughts… somehow it looked suspicious for me… the things that they talked about …

I would say that maybe there was misunderstanding but maybe not.
1) home page.
I wouldn't be deleting content off it to replace it with updates (such as business events) but in the end I highly doubt Google penalizes a site for updating its homepage. I believe there's probably a better way to do whatever it is you're doing though.
2) Google ads.
Google ads are helpful but within Google ads is a free tool that helps you understand your keywords with traffic behind them, more important though is the keywords with intent and revenue driving ability behind them. You find these (as an SEO/digital marketer) by having a conversation with the business and understanding their needs and offerings

Dovilė ✍️ » Jonathan
Thanks for the reply, maybe there was a misunderstanding, but all weekend I was looking for information on what they said, and I can't find any official confirmation on these topics
Jonathan » Dovilė
it's just odd. If it was me talking to you I would ask why you're updating the homepage so much (it might make perfect sense) and I'd either say fair enough makes sense mate or recommend best practice solution.
Feel free to message your website (up to you) and I'll be able to understand it a bit more. :):)

None of this is true. Your home page usually has the most PR, Chei, 2D rank, etc, etc unless you are doing a lot of viral and skyscraper stuff in which case, who cares about your home page because it's just your digital business card. If this is true then people hit your home page because they saw is somewhere, linked from social media, an actual business card, your logo link, etc so again – it should be your best sales pitch in the form of a layer cake design.

Dovilė ✍️ » Diego
Thank you for the reply. Well at the moment our home page has no textual information. Only company contacts, search string, list of product categories (which are: medical equipment and devices, massage equipment and supplies, health care, nursing and rehabilitation products… From medical couches to essential oils), news banner, most popular product catalog, new product catalog, and links to other pages such as "about us" "contacts" "articles" etc. From what we understood, we were advised to supplement the homepage with textual information with keywords. But they also said we shouldn't often change the homepage textual information (with our keywords) on your homepage because Google doesn't like it. They even showed us their home page where they said they hadn't changed the textual information in a few years and as a result Google shows them on the first page when we type in "Search Engine Optimization | SEO services" in Google search in our country.
Keywords are for the pages where they belong. Anchors on the home page.


1. False. Google likes fresh content
2. Not necessary at all. There's many other ways of getting better keywords. Search console tool for starter
3. Only if you are trying to sell something that's a scam. However, you can work your way around. Though I'm not an expert of Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

Diego » Riyad
Google has many rules and they are incredibly strict and unforgiving. They will throw you in the bad batch for no reason based just on key words. The best bet is to get the ad and lander approved then tweak it
Riyad » Diego
Maybe. You'd know better about PPC. I'm yet to master that skill, just beginning to scratch the surface

1) What do they mean by update? Is it an update that makes major changes on main page or is it just adding a simple blog post?
If update means making big changes on your main page, Google doesn't penalize you for that. But, your traffic may decrease for a while.

Dovilė ✍️ » Ahmet
Thank you for a reply. Currently, our home page has no text and isn't optimized. On the main page we have contact data, a search string, product categories, products, and links to other pages such as articles.
As we understand, updating means frequently changing the SE optimization titles, tags, descriptions on the home page. The SEO specialist that we spoke to urged us to add descriptions and optimize the landing page with the keywords. And added that frequent landing page SE optimization updates aren't good, and lowers the rankings.
Because we carry a very wide range of products, as I understand it, if we optimize the home page our first page would be cannibalized with keywords. Because we sell medical equipment and furniture, massage goods, nursing goods, rehabilitation equipment, health care goods and so on.
Ahmet » Dovilė
Yes, your product range is wide. But why would you have additional descriptions for your products on your home page when you have descriptions on other pages?
Probably, meta descriptions? Like just brief articles that sums up the product in 2 or 3 sentences? Maybe the SEO specialist that you've talked to meant that.
I understand your concern though, there will be too many keywords.
However, if you keep it user friendly, you shouldn't have any problem. At the end of the day, that's what Google asks; user-friendly content.

Genc » Dovilė
let me answer your questions:
1) i don't know your industry/niche but if it is not a news/portal website i wouldn't suggest to make changes often to the home page, unless you are testing to find the correct usage of keywords and content on that page. If you keep changing it often, you may change the h1 subheadings, keyword position and so on, which may affect your rankings.
2) I think that they told you that because with paid, you see exactly how many impressions and searches per month a keyword gets, but that is not necessary for the Keyword Research process.
3) i don't know whats the product about, but if it is a legit medical product, you wouldn't have any issues.

Dovilė ✍️ » Genc
Thank you for answering. We sell medical equipment and furniture, rehabilitation equipment, massage equipment and furniture, nursing equipment, health care goods and so on.
Currently, our homepage is completely not optimized, but SEO specialist has recommended optimization. And added that frequent updates on the main page are not good like changing descriptions, titles and tags.
Genc » Dovilė
he is right about that, you need to wait and see the results and changing them frequently will affect your results.
What i would suggest to optimize your home-page and see the results, remember that if competition is strong, you will also need backlinks to be on top.
Regarding ads, you will be able to use Google Ads to sell your products, there won't be any problem about it.
Dovilė ✍️ » Genc
I see, well right now we have no SEO at all. We worked with one company, but they did nothing… Our business is based and operating in Lithuanian market. Right now we are looking for are SEO company that could write us or at least help us to write SEO content on the website. Plus work with the external SEO.


I would only change or add to the home page if it's ranking badly. If it's okay leave it. Google crawls for fresh content and rewards you for frequent updates but for new pages or posts. I'd tend to agree to leave the main page once you have it where you want. AdWords is a quick but potentially expensive fix while you build your SEO organically. But it can be super successful. Depends on profit. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the Long game to replace PPC which you can use on the meantime. I have sites I use PPC on the keywords I'm not ranking for. And I've got first spot position on other keywords which I obviously don't use PPC for. Then I work SEO on the ones not on page one yet so I can gradually get rid of the PPC. SEO is such a long drawn out process if done properly. Don't churn and burn your website by trying to fast track it. Google will suss it eventually, even if you get fast results initially, it won't last if you black hat it.
Fresh new relevant quality content always helps. If you have your blog post automatically snippet to you homepage it will help.
Until you throw money at something and test, you are doing best guesses. That is why I like to throw a couple hundred bucks on Adwords and find which keyword is actually being searched that is getting me traffic. Then I optimize for those keywords and create content for those keywords.
Facebook is more likely to block ads that make people feel bad about themselves or remind them how much their life sucks until they buy your solution.
1. That's a bunch of shit. Change what you want to change, but if you're already say spot 1, why change it?
2. I think something got confused here. Choose whatever keywords you want for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There's a bunch of tools you can use and none of them require you to do ppc. If you do and this is where I think some confusion came from is you want what you're bidding in your ppc campaigns to be related to what's in the ad. It's called quality score. Just use landing pages.
3. Your ads will have to get approved. As long as it's legit and you're not selling something illegal you'll be fine. Generally speaking Google doesn't like things like guns, p0rn, and drugs.
Your specialist wasn't a specialist
You better not spend any money on your website for a while. You have no idea what is going on. At this point, no matter what you choose to do, it will be the wrong decision. My recommendation: slow down your decision making process, take your time to read everything you can about SEO and watch videos from reputed SEO experts. Learn about keywords. In 6 months, you might be ready to blow some cash on your website.
There genuinely are some different regulations for marketing medical product's. I don't have much in the way of industry related experience but went for a role recently in the medical profession and they mentioned that the ad regilatiins were a bit different and could be a bit of a head ache. I'm thinking your SEO guy ain't so good bro to fair, having read the post looks a bit like he's trying to pull the wool over your eyes, by getting you to pay for the ads he's going to try to mislead you with his reporting by bending the results off that into claiming how well he's doing for you. Key word planning is so easy. Get a list of your top 10 competitors m, go to Google ads, tools, keyword planing, enter website address Download Keywords for website in csv, highlight them and give the block of keywords a unique colour, repeat process with all competitors, copy all of the blocks in to 2 spreadsheet, data sort them And you will get a clear picture of what keyword hold the value, what your competitors are going for.

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